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  • brilliant brushes
    brilliant brushes

    6:47 to 6:50 24x7=168 they say up to 240 hours

  • Foxie Crafty
    Foxie Crafty

    “I’m now going to bless this with 10 million views and 400k likes” gets twice the amount on both

  • bobby

    I LOVE SMASHING THINGs dont worry youtube im using protection ALWAYS USE PRTECTION

  • Landon Kuch
    Landon Kuch

    u for ramp? how long are your fingers

  • Eden Gaines
    Eden Gaines

    Hellloo ☹️🌈

  • Eden Gaines
    Eden Gaines

    I miss this season when we could be in the sand we had our normal weapons

  • Tucker Walker
    Tucker Walker


  • Have a good Day
    Have a good Day


  • Any Thing
    Any Thing

    You wer sweaty at the end

  • Sxint Brown
    Sxint Brown

    2:18 did he say the n word or brown backwards

  • Redneck Andrew
    Redneck Andrew

    what made me die of laughter “Holy fuck i exploded.” “The team fuckup merlin.”

  • Jackson Verbrigghe
    Jackson Verbrigghe


  • Ahsen Cakez
    Ahsen Cakez

    snake vs trex

  • Ahsen Cakez
    Ahsen Cakez

    snake vs trex

  • Iris the beast
    Iris the beast

    I’m Russian

  • MrBear

    0:07-0:13, tick-tock, im a clock, and I have a (CHICKEN NOISE), mate I'm a modern day m&m

  • Booboo Simpleton
    Booboo Simpleton

    I miss season 4, that season had fun mythics.

  • Romelia Hidalgo
    Romelia Hidalgo

    That does not look like a happy face it’s more like a depressed face

  • Hi'im Poop
    Hi'im Poop

    I am literal shit

  • Noah Ingram
    Noah Ingram

    Go back to minecraft!!!

  • Riley Oharney
    Riley Oharney

    You hold the record for the most Memes

  • Jude's Subway and Baseball
    Jude's Subway and Baseball

    3:53 I love that just cause I actually play baseball

  • Cynthia Kongsangobsakul
    Cynthia Kongsangobsakul


  • Lander Velez
    Lander Velez


  • Riley Oharney
    Riley Oharney


  • Dalson Eversole
    Dalson Eversole

    this girl in my class named Kimberly called my sister ugly and made fun of my dead dog

  • chrissy brannon
    chrissy brannon

    Yay yay yay yay yay yeah yeah yeah

  • Mohamed sharif
    Mohamed sharif

    you are such a bot you sound like when you flush your toilet

  • The Gaming Life of Noah!
    The Gaming Life of Noah!

    I'm a kid bruh

  • Vin Ortega Gaming
    Vin Ortega Gaming

    He had 11 million subscribers only 2 years ago😳

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays
    thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays

    Those are your own traps so they don't hurt you!

  • Gianni Suarez
    Gianni Suarez

    Lazar can you help me with a win on fortnight

  • Francis Cesta
    Francis Cesta

    I found one of these before and had no idea what it was and left it disappointed i didn't get a shotgun

  • Kirill KK
    Kirill KK


  • Eli Cain
    Eli Cain

    He grew three years is 2 fucking episodes

  • James nesbit
    James nesbit


  • Kaden Blank
    Kaden Blank

    Fun fact it’s very rare for a person to be able to cross only one eye. But I can do it without having to look at my finger

  • Barbara McManaman
    Barbara McManaman

    I love you

  • Alden Boulerice
    Alden Boulerice

    0:12 mate I am a modern day m&m/eminem

  • Ari Bell
    Ari Bell

    I almost unsubbed when i saw he was using twitch on light mode

  • Vicky Sandoval
    Vicky Sandoval

    out home Alabama 1.00

  • Julian Lemus
    Julian Lemus


  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori

    170 ping

  • Rick Smit
    Rick Smit

    Why do you swear a lot!!!

  • Phantomzz-Justin

    3:57 no

  • Jose De Guzman
    Jose De Guzman

    I play that im lvl 85

  • Jim Rajtora
    Jim Rajtora

    I have best weapons in destruction simulator

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White

    This is amazing

  • jackmanguy

    My biggest idel died from aids

  • kyleigh caracciolo
    kyleigh caracciolo


  • Truman Sanders
    Truman Sanders

    storm king sky base

  • kyleigh caracciolo
    kyleigh caracciolo


  • Shannon Elliott
    Shannon Elliott

    You spin me right round baby right round baby right round like a record baby round round round round not as good as we’re no strangers to love you know the rules and so do I a full commitment I’m thinking of you wouldn’t get this from any other guy gotta make you understand never gonna give you up never gonna let you down

    • Shannon Elliott
      Shannon Elliott

      I just wannatell you how I’m feeling gotta make you understand

  • batman

    OH MY GOD!!!!!

  • Liam Logan
    Liam Logan

    His face though when the cat thing happened😂😂😂😂

  • James Matthew
    James Matthew

    what the fuck 18 mill now

  • Kai Papa
    Kai Papa

    on fortnight

  • SirFartsalot37

    0:20 baguette in the chat

  • Jacob Scott
    Jacob Scott

    Lannan Eacott is Lazarbeams real name

  • Kai Papa
    Kai Papa

    laser beam you are the best youtuber ever you mey not read this but if you can do memes plese

  • Rodan Fire Ultimate 2004
    Rodan Fire Ultimate 2004

    Rip letuce squashed teared apart

  • The Gambler
    The Gambler

    I think God was playing this game

  • Kai Papa
    Kai Papa


  • joshua walker
    joshua walker

    Doc has seen better days more he has more apomints

  • Jon Bond
    Jon Bond

    Ninja is sooooooooooooooo bad

  • Jon Bond
    Jon Bond

    The most American thing I have seen is me

  • Matthew Bucci
    Matthew Bucci

    Use code lazar

  • Noah Lewis
    Noah Lewis

    1:14 I showed this to my dad he laughed so hard

  • Redo Gang
    Redo Gang


  • skylarr8864

    Hey lazarBeam

  • Kidgamergod

    wait u ugly u are my crush mate

  • Mandy Fischer
    Mandy Fischer


  • Kiley Dickens
    Kiley Dickens


  • tyler

    and did they?

  • Lane5467

    Anyone here from 2021

  • Jayden Moore
    Jayden Moore

    r.i.p letice

  • Draden Desper
    Draden Desper

    I miss skull town😭

  • CdogTheGreat

    Why do foods get cold but drinks get warm? Food is made from a hot base where the opposite is cold so over time it will go to room temperate at cold and vice versa with drinks

  • Kid Ducky
    Kid Ducky

    Jake the one you got first cheated with his wife so I think everyone is cheating on there wife’s and husbands

  • Julius Lomibao
    Julius Lomibao