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  • LazarBeam

    I think the counter glitched in the video and its $100 short but ill make sure the proper amount is donated :)

    • Stefan the bets Stefan the best
      Stefan the bets Stefan the best

      You are the best ISnetsr Ever

    • Stefan the bets Stefan the best
      Stefan the bets Stefan the best

      You are the best ISnetsr Ever

    • Sec

      @I am subbbing to whoever who subs to me tik tok has spread over to ISnets oh no

    • Spooky Skelentons
      Spooky Skelentons


    • Elliot Buchan
      Elliot Buchan

      But you $

  • PR0G64M

    1.58 69 secoends

  • Fireblade

    I can’t be the only one that laughed at “ charity is gonna love me” and “ i’ve seen more dangerous Falls at children’s playground” and how he counts it when he was rickrolled

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

  • Emily F
    Emily F

    U look sad

  • Dillinger1103


  • venom_6172

  • Amy Avant
    Amy Avant

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    Brady Summer

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  • Shahriman Ab Kadir
    Shahriman Ab Kadir

    I remember those days when dan still made these vids

  • Richard Joseph
    Richard Joseph


  • mr soul of deaths
    mr soul of deaths

    ISnets: mmmmm weird @lazarbeam you dont like charity I NOTISED AT 2.3K HE GOES UP TO 2.4K BUT THEN SOME HOW GOES BACK DOWN EXPOOSED DOODEEOOOO DEMOINTIZES

  • Alfie peerless
    Alfie peerless


  • Alfie peerless
    Alfie peerless


  • Daniel Trinh
    Daniel Trinh

    i like this🤩🤩🤩

  • Silvia Rodriguez
    Silvia Rodriguez

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  • 준서수원

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  • ObEyToothless

    Mom: if you die you donate to charity Me: does it flawlessly

  • Frezy

    Hi lazar Adisifo here

  • Tuna Öztürk
    Tuna Öztürk

    Your merci beautifull

  • UnknownTwit


  • Noob Noob
    Noob Noob

    You should make another vid on this lol

  • James Vandruff
    James Vandruff

    What Bout doom

  • Farid Zeynalov
    Farid Zeynalov

    You kill a kid in happy wheels and You give charity for kids

  • Oretha Fudge
    Oretha Fudge

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  • Apollo Prassas
    Apollo Prassas

    your like I am alive but I am dead

  • Lil Jace
    Lil Jace

    Can you add me

  • Lil Jace
    Lil Jace


  • Remy Gaming
    Remy Gaming

    if mrbeast played he would die on purpose all the time

  • Oscar McDonnell
    Oscar McDonnell

    At 2:02 he finished in 69 seconds

  • Thomas Whale
    Thomas Whale

    I love this vid and that charity

  • Spongesus

    He changed 2.4 to 2.3

  • Zachary Elias
    Zachary Elias

    2:03 hehe 69

  • Justanormalinternetuser 123
    Justanormalinternetuser 123


  • Shadow_01

    Code lazar

  • pufferfish

    stairs of death finish time 69 seconds

  • Squidy Tf
    Squidy Tf

    Oh cool OK

  • Noël Rehn
    Noël Rehn

    that game where he got 69 was epic

  • purified king
    purified king

    Graystillplays completes all dis levels in 1 try

    • Buttermilkloo !
      Buttermilkloo !

      but hes not funny

  • Neymar Alvarado
    Neymar Alvarado

    You are good

  • Kayla Houck
    Kayla Houck

    From the beginning I already knew is it a lot of money was going to be going to charity

  • Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell

    Kids)So mum how did you meet dad mum)it's a long story

  • Dalas mi ídolo
    Dalas mi ídolo

    All that money to charity so good

  • Watermelon Yeet
    Watermelon Yeet

    "Happy wheels is the most brutal game" Mortal Kombat: :(

  • Robert Wilkins
    Robert Wilkins


  • Stephen Corrigan
    Stephen Corrigan

    Can you Play my level please laser beam you’re gonna laugh to death

  • Grayson Sisk
    Grayson Sisk


  • Alexandru Lucaci
    Alexandru Lucaci

    If you where mr,beast tou wiuld do 500 or 1000 every death.

  • Raiders Atlantic
    Raiders Atlantic

    5:49 he’s doing da worm

  • Maritess Abberfield
    Maritess Abberfield

    What do you know his seconds were 69.50

  • Thomas Hatton
    Thomas Hatton

    8:44 I like how he RKO’s his son and didn’t react

  • Rodrigo Berrellez
    Rodrigo Berrellez

    Why was i watching lazarbeams sisters fathers son when lazarbaeams father daghters ad popped up

  • Rana Ahammed
    Rana Ahammed

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  • Beckett Stelter
    Beckett Stelter

    That’s just his Willy, it’s ok😂😂

  • Renee Phillips
    Renee Phillips

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  • Jody Anderson
    Jody Anderson

    Hi lazar I broke my arm

    • Buttermilkloo !
      Buttermilkloo !


  • Gemmaydffzrv c card Gathercole
    Gemmaydffzrv c card Gathercole

    Lazar is a great player and he said he had 3PM

  • Vypxrr


  • Tabitha Tilton
    Tabitha Tilton

    So wholsome

  • sammycli1

    Me seeing the thumbnail *that’s about 100,000 at least

  • Peter Ryan
    Peter Ryan

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  • Peter Ryan
    Peter Ryan

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  • Yi Hua Mei
    Yi Hua Mei

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    I thought he was going to realize on the first one he completed he got 69 seconds 😏

  • jared wake
    jared wake

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  • CZER500

    5:20 was my favorite part

  • Algirdas Liepas
    Algirdas Liepas

    hate when that happens

  • Thomas Noonoan
    Thomas Noonoan

    Welp.... one thing we have learned is that fat people driving lawn mowers over other people makes a pretty damn fun game

  • jeffbenplayz

    of course its maccas charity

  • Jacque Duffy
    Jacque Duffy

    Today I donated 999,999,999,999,999,999,$to ce

    • Jacque Duffy
      Jacque Duffy

      ??????????????????????????? $

  • cvf jhk
    cvf jhk

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  • Shelby

    this was made on me brithday

  • Melissa Gaspar
    Melissa Gaspar


  • Zhuo Liu
    Zhuo Liu

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  • CravenCottageNewsround

    charity deserves it! You are doing something amazing and will help a lot of charities that will help people rapidly

  • Archie SEABERT
    Archie SEABERT

    69 seconds nice

  • Stacey Calhoun
    Stacey Calhoun


  • Xd clan Azim
    Xd clan Azim

    There’s a place called sas more like ball sacks

  • Dark Phantom
    Dark Phantom

    you shld do a you lose, you donate a $1 scizzorz deathrun fortnite(sorry if i made a spelling mistake in scizzorz)

  • ghost saiyan
    ghost saiyan

    this reminds me of jack (:

  • IamMyself

    This is sooooooo hilarious

  • Dylan K1228
    Dylan K1228

    Ok did anyone else just see his sister on a shadow legend ads 😭

  • Striker STR
    Striker STR

    4:46 I like this part

  • Ethan Dressel
    Ethan Dressel

    1796 722

  • Jaxson Dantz
    Jaxson Dantz


  • Graces Father
    Graces Father

    For my fellow Americans he has donated $2,713.30 USD to charity

  • Indominus Anims
    Indominus Anims

    “This is the most brutal game you’ll ever play” Mortal Kombat: am I a joke to you

  • El Matuch Gamer
    El Matuch Gamer

    i love him because even though he is a very funny streamer, he is also very caring and empathetic, i mean thats why you are my favourite youtuer. :) i love you lazar

  • Jaxson Action
    Jaxson Action

    This man is the Australian Version of Mr. Beast

  • Mason Bedell
    Mason Bedell

    i think the amount of seconds for the first level is 69.

  • seth bigsorrelhorse
    seth bigsorrelhorse

    4:49 the best one hahaha

  • jake hovland
    jake hovland

    Bruh u got so much money, could I get some? Cashapp $mainhovland

  • LEGO clone trooper
    LEGO clone trooper

    grey needs to do this

  • ツZEFIX


  • Lazar Popović
    Lazar Popović

    Wow my name is lazar 😂

  • Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson

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  • montages and clips
    montages and clips

    Your a good guy

  • The purple dragon
    The purple dragon

    Plz give me a shout out

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer

    $1M for every blood particle (no don’t you’ll be broke)

  • luka kwiatkowski
    luka kwiatkowski

    when you realise he made 10 grand off of this video