Heroic AMBULANCE CHALLENGE in Fortnite Battle Royale
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  • Jason Asbury
    Jason Asbury

    lazarbeam i do that to all my teammates

  • RyDeR MaYeR
    RyDeR MaYeR

    Google is fat

  • Kitty Gamer
    Kitty Gamer

    I once tried this

  • Sand handed Kid tube
    Sand handed Kid tube

    Work for meme nhs

  • Jeffy Nelmes
    Jeffy Nelmes

    Add me lazar

  • Jeffy Nelmes
    Jeffy Nelmes

    Yes they do

  • Anything Edits
    Anything Edits

    I can't even count how many times I've watched this one video

  • Conner Hall
    Conner Hall


  • Monster

    7:16 OMG he just went OFF.

  • Gaming Dude
    Gaming Dude

    Back when Fortnite was good

  • Mr. Stupid
    Mr. Stupid

    "this is america kid" *proceeds to shoot child 4 times in the back of the head* -Lazarbeam, 2018

  • The Electric kid
    The Electric kid

    Laser is so foucesed on saving life’s so heric

  • Japh

    Hell yea

  • Tiaki NZ
    Tiaki NZ

    If u are watching this in 2021 ur a god

  • 9E_24 _Rayhan Ahmed
    9E_24 _Rayhan Ahmed

    " Its really the end of an era "

  • b n
    b n

    Who had this in there recommended in like two years

  • Dash Unglaub
    Dash Unglaub

    0:20 did anyone else notice he started heading straight for a rock?

  • Theresa Voska
    Theresa Voska

    Time went fast!

  • lit OLDyeller
    lit OLDyeller

    this was the very first Lazar Beam vid I ever watched and it's still one of the best 😌

  • DrewPlayz YT
    DrewPlayz YT


  • Bebe Rexha
    Bebe Rexha

    Who’s watching this in 2021

  • Gian Harvey Arizabal
    Gian Harvey Arizabal


  • Little Pollito
    Little Pollito

    These old default memes could be used as a metaphor of racism, and sexism

  • Little Pollito
    Little Pollito

    This is the first beam video I watched like 3 years ago

  • Jayden Moore
    Jayden Moore

    ladden was a hero to the nacion

  • K Doherty
    K Doherty

    I love this chanel

  • Skeletron Prime
    Skeletron Prime

    This is why I want 50v50 back

  • JamoJamo144


  • Ava Villalba
    Ava Villalba

    2 years ago!!!

  • Fakez

    After 2 years, why is this now on everyone's recommended page?

    • Pythonlegend123

      I blocked this guy so he can’t comment like a bot oh he already is a bot by getting sub bots and actually stop it

    • Julius Nordermeer
      Julius Nordermeer

      but i did this before lazarbeam even made a video on saving people from the storm, just it was season 4 and i was using shopping karts which could only hold 1 other person so i was like lazarbeam but 15x slower due to the technology of the time, tough times where you could bearly outrun the storm on a shopping kart

    • Julius Nordermeer
      Julius Nordermeer

      not mine I just searched it up cause i remember when this video came out and it was one of my favourites because i ended up doing the same thing lazarbeam did and i saved so many people from the storm

    • Thomas Wythes
      Thomas Wythes

      why are you commenting on every video saying the exact same thing?

  • Dr Salamander
    Dr Salamander

    why when he saved the people from the storm they were shooting him

  • Brenden Jones
    Brenden Jones

    lazarbeam: " were going to be saving lives" also lazarbeam: *kills more people than he can save*

  • Krista Cantwell
    Krista Cantwell

    Laserbeam when I grow up I’ll be a ISnets or and I’ll do the same I am is Dr. video as you

  • KukuCrew

    What a hero....

  • Hot Gucci Boii2
    Hot Gucci Boii2

    the good days

  • Spectre Gaming
    Spectre Gaming

    "knock knock ambulance time to die"

  • tim beens
    tim beens

    Please do this in season 6

  • UltraHazard


  • Olivia Jerome
    Olivia Jerome

    But I still like your accent

  • Olivia Jerome
    Olivia Jerome

    In the hell do you have to swear

  • Sam Killman
    Sam Killman

    1 the cussing asltralian

  • Gunjan Rastogi
    Gunjan Rastogi

    Dumb lives matter

  • Zac Parker
    Zac Parker

    Rip bots but now bots get revived

  • Mr Smile
    Mr Smile

    It’s like a movie

  • Yellow jacket sweat Fortnite
    Yellow jacket sweat Fortnite


  • Jed Clark
    Jed Clark

    5:22 I wish fortnite was now 😢

  • Alex Villa
    Alex Villa

    The defaults grown up as sweats am proud of them 😢

  • Luis FRC
    Luis FRC


  • ASAPgringos

    When you can actually have fun in the game

  • Donny Adauto
    Donny Adauto

    old lazarbeam is try hard:0

  • Tom and john
    Tom and john

    That grind on the wood on at 1:50 2nd attempt was EPIC

  • Ke'Ondey Begay
    Ke'Ondey Begay


  • AstroAsylum

    0:54 he predicted karens

  • Achutha Viswanathan
    Achutha Viswanathan


  • Jordan Conde
    Jordan Conde


  • Cooper Johnson
    Cooper Johnson

    at 5:58 i think i was that wingman skin

  • Joe Marranca
    Joe Marranca

    When fortnite didnt suck

  • camster

    Sad noises 🥺

  • epitzbrickwall

    pov you are here in 2021

  • Sam Butcher
    Sam Butcher

    1:56 get out my way boy second later I might die am I daddy I am I die I am I die I am I die I might die

  • KieranclanC

    Fun Fact: You've watched this more than once.

  • bruv

    Nice thumbnail

  • Toaster god
    Toaster god

    defaults: collet them all

  • น้องโปร-น้องปราบ ครับผม
    น้องโปร-น้องปราบ ครับผม

    i like the i need a hero sonh

  • Life Crystal
    Life Crystal

    Your challenge is kind of like for fnaf except you only die by one of the animatronics if you don’t do your challenge!

  • Houngerovo Blbosti Cz
    Houngerovo Blbosti Cz

    When fortnite was fun :(

  • Adeetion.-.

    Still can’t believe this was two years ago. Time really flies by 🙂

    • Toaster god
      Toaster god


  • Judah Beyda
    Judah Beyda

    This is the first lazarbeam vid I ever watched

  • B Panther
    B Panther


  • Leon Webster
    Leon Webster

    Do you spend all your ISnets money on beans

  • William reyes
    William reyes


  • The Raffills
    The Raffills

    I like the old default skin

  • Bored._.weirdo._

    Is it just me but when i go in team rumble im always team blue never red and i always think the red team are bots??

  • M4dzz

    Bring back 50v50 instead of team rumble

  • pro fortnite gamer Carvalho
    pro fortnite gamer Carvalho

    Is God laser

  • Cruicalrexy Rexy
    Cruicalrexy Rexy

    My childhood

  • Popcorn King
    Popcorn King

    I did not know that was yours I was the bunny

  • Tryhard Playz
    Tryhard Playz

    Lazerbeams a simp °_• he should be arrested lol

  • omnipotent watermelon king
    omnipotent watermelon king

    When fortnite used to be simple, fun and 0 12yo-toxic kids battle royale game

  • Jonathan’s Lab
    Jonathan’s Lab


  • William reyes
    William reyes


  • Autumn Lewis
    Autumn Lewis


  • Gian Wurzbacher
    Gian Wurzbacher

    You cool

  • TT - 05HR 803998 Brisdale PS
    TT - 05HR 803998 Brisdale PS

    4:26 we have a hero.

    • TT - 05HR 803998 Brisdale PS
      TT - 05HR 803998 Brisdale PS

      Super laser saves the day. 7:20

  • Thomas Park
    Thomas Park

    when you realize that the one time you were in a lazarbeam vid

  • Maggie Rainho
    Maggie Rainho

    Hi laden


    This not your first time, welcome back

  • Izwan Syahmi
    Izwan Syahmi


  • TheMobileMan

    Who watching in chapter 2 season 6

  • Melony Johnson
    Melony Johnson


  • FFrrostty

    this was in my recomadionts

  • Olivier Van Suchtelen
    Olivier Van Suchtelen

    When Fortnite was at its peak


    Im crying because this is when fortnite was actually fun and good



    • Toki

      Same😭 i started Season 3 and miss is so freaking much

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme

    "Combat" medic to a whole new level

    • CRAIGE Oh no no
      CRAIGE Oh no no

      Yea :)

  • Icey

    Who else keeps watching the video over and over again.

  • PRTMTaim Playz
    PRTMTaim Playz

    when Lazar beam was actually funny and wasn't a streamer

  • Top Enderman2k
    Top Enderman2k


  • abcd

    that guy stole your cart and then it gave you your thank you for reviving him HE GAVE U A WIN mate he the bloody legend Like yoU

  • Adam Kohalmi
    Adam Kohalmi

    Poor gingy 😞😔

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming

    thats true