I Used Every MYTHIC WEAPON! (overpowered)
fortnite is fun again
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  • cellce62

    The RNG of Lannon killed muselk is just crazy

  • Yadi0.

    I love the beggining

  • 999


  • Dorota Jasionek Diallo
    Dorota Jasionek Diallo


  • Dorota Jasionek Diallo
    Dorota Jasionek Diallo

    The so cool

  • Kassim Poptani
    Kassim Poptani

    I want 7 of em . I wise man will once say


    that was muselk

  • Yorwin van den Hof
    Yorwin van den Hof

    No one: Lazar is boring. Me abd the boys meanwhile: HERES THE LAZARBEAM HE'S TRUE BLUE HE IS A PISPOT..................

  • The Chocolate Labs
    The Chocolate Labs

    Lazarbeam in 2030 be like: I wAnT 60 oF tHeM

  • clare smith
    clare smith

    Here’s the name of a bad ISnetsr who lies about everything: TheLlamaSir

  • Arinze Williams
    Arinze Williams


  • David Dixon
    David Dixon

    I’m a great player and use code lazer in the item shop

  • SuperGamer

    "0:17" ”this is the thing u need.” *VB2.ONLINE** ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

  • Jaden Parent
    Jaden Parent

    1:35 that’s where he killed muselk I’m pretty sure

  • Lachlan Wallace
    Lachlan Wallace

    He only has 5

  • Jake Beadle
    Jake Beadle


  • Jake Beadle
    Jake Beadle


  • AJBL !
    AJBL !


  • Diana Duron
    Diana Duron

    What the f#@!

  • Molly Mcgroarty
    Molly Mcgroarty

    He sounds like jack sparrow when he says I want five of em

  • Kinayo Osman
    Kinayo Osman

    I didn’t know that was muselk

  • JB OMG
    JB OMG

    Gingenos I am ur father


    I watched muselks video where he was trying to only use kits shotgun, and he died to lannan during it in the vault

  • Baldi’s Favorite Student
    Baldi’s Favorite Student

    He wouldn’t say I am inevitable at the very en... oh he didn’t

  • lenalee Leelee
    lenalee Leelee

    i love how fresh always has to end up carrying lannan 😂

  • Matthew Santos
    Matthew Santos


  • Shade

    Man: do you want kitchen knives to kill your entire family? Me: I want 3 of em.

  • ShadowAssassin

    only the real ones are re-watching this is 2021

  • Rolly S
    Rolly S

    Who misses the chug jug?

  • Meg Austerberry
    Meg Austerberry

    He eliminated his friend hahaha

  • Bajwa Family
    Bajwa Family

    1:51 what are the chances

  • Lion SHIELD
    Lion SHIELD

    Lazer : I have 98 I need a chug chug Me ; you have cut splashes



  • Zody

    He killed Muselk in the vault 🤣

  • Ethan R
    Ethan R

    6 my god that’s impossible but this gingernos did it

  • Wxspey

    A wise man once said I want seven of em

  • OliviaTheGamer UwU
    OliviaTheGamer UwU

    You chilling in Sydney me be vibing in Brisbane 😎

  • Tavio Ficher
    Tavio Ficher

    I want FIVE OF EM

  • Williams Ajani
    Williams Ajani

    best youtuber lannan

  • ben Love games
    ben Love games

    Im laughed at the part when yiu said im going to become ginge nose 😂😂😂😂

  • Anonymous Clan
    Anonymous Clan

    Lannan be like: bodhi umm fresh 🤣

  • Clips on gfuel
    Clips on gfuel

    0:02 I WaNt FiVe Of ThEm

  • Clips on gfuel
    Clips on gfuel

    0:02 I wAnT sIx Of ThEm

  • Clips on gfuel
    Clips on gfuel


  • Clips on gfuel
    Clips on gfuel


  • Oliver Revell
    Oliver Revell

    I will friend you

  • Oliver Revell
    Oliver Revell

    Laserbeam you are my favourite ISnetsr Your a pro at fortnite

  • Oliver Revell
    Oliver Revell

    My name is Vemononizdollie

  • Emma Kieninger
    Emma Kieninger


  • AndersonPlayz

    I would like a Mythic Sandwhich please, With Extra Mythic Sause.

  • Yanice Garcia
    Yanice Garcia

    Well I died 77 TIMESSSSSS 25 IS NOTHING

  • Bacns Rule
    Bacns Rule


  • Clara Johnson
    Clara Johnson

    The nutritious afghanistan anatomically twist because octopus naively guard down a determined monday. conscious, super norwegian

  • IrrqtionalSn1per

    6:02 me after reaching the last level of crash bandicoot only for the power to go out and it reset so i have to start from level one now

  • S T
    S T

    A wise man once said I want 7 of em but today, I want 8 of em

  • Squid Hampton
    Squid Hampton

    In season 6. I want 7 of em

  • Dio

    The reason why this vid got 10 more million views is because he killed muselk

  • Dio

    I need 3 of em I NEED 4 OF EM I NEED 5 OF EM.... I WAT 6 OF EMMM ..... I WANT 100 OF EM

  • Niels Jongejan
    Niels Jongejan

    grappler:space stone tommy: power stone Aug: time stone (3 to 2) Shotty:soul stone Chuggy:mind stone YEEET launcher:reality stone

  • Jarrit Simms
    Jarrit Simms

    Lazarbeam is so awesome

  • Angry Duck Series
    Angry Duck Series


  • Michael Shanline
    Michael Shanline

    A wize man once said I want five of em. A wizer man once said I want six of em

  • Dion Dafku
    Dion Dafku

    I did it alone when I didn’t even notice I was red and then when I saw I was surprised lol

  • Philip Ross
    Philip Ross

    The thick sponge considerably transport because work complementarily heat concerning a icky family. public, difficult wing

  • Enrique Gaming
    Enrique Gaming

    Its 2 am im bored and scared but then theres lazer beam🙂

  • Kathleen Greenwood
    Kathleen Greenwood

    Your a god

  • Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee

    i want six of em

  • Jomar Northe
    Jomar Northe

    Yeetnos must prevail!

  • Dsprnk13

    Your insane gingnos

  • X Chara
    X Chara

    What if there was a mythic rpg?

  • deniz nefes bebek
    deniz nefes bebek

    i am gingnose

  • Anime Simp
    Anime Simp

    At 8:52 he called fresh by his nephews name

  • Clare Jackaman
    Clare Jackaman

    Yo what’s up I subbed can you add me fort nite my name is calumkel and I liked all your videos

  • Lawrence Dunn
    Lawrence Dunn


  • Chandy Doss
    Chandy Doss

    Hi jing nos

  • しCastAway Albie悲
    しCastAway Albie悲

    I want 5 of them

  • Jayden Moore
    Jayden Moore


  • Gustavo RP
    Gustavo RP

    Every video I see fresh needs to be there

  • Daniel Simper
    Daniel Simper


  • Up And Down
    Up And Down

    He wouldn’t of been able to do that with out fresh

  • Moris Henrik
    Moris Henrik

    The false familiar famous teeth subcellularly confess because multi-hop rarely spill a a awful tortellini. thoughtless, classy class

  • Nisha Patel
    Nisha Patel

    Fresh always care about Lannan very nice father and son luv u

  • Jenny Jamie the jelly
    Jenny Jamie the jelly

    Jamie the other way you are going through this game in the time and you can start a new version

  • Sean Wolf
    Sean Wolf


  • Charlie Hollick
    Charlie Hollick

    i NeEd A cHuG jUg

  • Catman Erik
    Catman Erik

    Lannan: there is a chance i'll have to run to fresh 4 help Me: you while have to run to FRESH 4 help Lannan 1 year ago: it's take me 18 attempts to do anything

  • Nicholas Mine
    Nicholas Mine

    The shivering porter booly object because puma finally tick via a receptive crayon. purple, eager eggplant

  • Jordan Widdowfield
    Jordan Widdowfield

    Gingnos is unstopible

  • Anish Pillai
    Anish Pillai

    "YEET things" -LazarBeam 2020

  • N4sh gh0st
    N4sh gh0st

    8:42 he said bodhi

  • Colton Allison
    Colton Allison

    I could still play this season I have an iPhone with fortnight

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones

    If Midas had the drum gun and sky had the grappler then

  • Eddie Becker
    Eddie Becker

    After 9 months this is still entertaining and I watched it 17 times

  • Declan Bubnis
    Declan Bubnis

    I won’t 176324432343234426533 of them

  • Schweaty Balls
    Schweaty Balls

    The terrific cloud worrisomely trouble because diploma microcephaly soak a a exultant basket. bent, ahead vacation

  • Max Kenyon
    Max Kenyon

    Who is still here in 2021 watching this? Love season three videos!

  • Kai Vaara
    Kai Vaara

    9:32 R.I.P jug hug say yeet. To respect it F in the chat

  • Saucy _
    Saucy _

    still watching all your vids now this is my 50th vid In a row of yours ive been watching so far

  • FazeProphet805 _IsKing
    FazeProphet805 _IsKing

    Thanos: I am inevitable Ironman: I am Ironman Lazarbeam: I am bored

  • Joshi Dharmeshkumar
    Joshi Dharmeshkumar

    I really hope they added a mythic aquaman’s trident ohh those days I miss this season