TIK TOKS that are actually good
tik tok has taken over the globe.. watch as a bored lazarbeam looks at tik toks
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  • LazarBeam

    already copyrighted GG we had a good run

    • Mini Matrix
      Mini Matrix


    • Noobies King :D
      Noobies King :D


    • acetube1

      U did lazerbeem

    • acetube1

      U did lazerbeem

    • Shannon Blevins
      Shannon Blevins

      I remember when this first came out. I feel old now and I’m 13

  • That Pomeranian
    That Pomeranian

    oh no women arent better than men its = bro stop its =

  • JackPlayz

    me friend said "Use code Lazar in the item shop" on my school speaker

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez

    Not going to lie

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez

    I am terrified of her as well laser beam

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez

    The first one was super funny

  • Edson Pineda
    Edson Pineda

    Reason #1 why women live longer than men. Me trying to plug in a cord while the water is on

  • Rip Gabe
    Rip Gabe

    when i saw the tail i already knew

  • Calvin Warner
    Calvin Warner

    6:58 broc my heart i watched it over and over

  • Ald Kadriu
    Ald Kadriu


  • Pine_Arken4845

    I agree with lannan 3:50

  • Thund3r 2345
    Thund3r 2345

    Hi I’m from the future Charlie vapes btw

  • Lisa Bage
    Lisa Bage

    Hi bored 😂

  • Jazmin Hall
    Jazmin Hall

    It won’t let me type the password to the computer I’m on iPad

  • Angel Trujillo
    Angel Trujillo

    When he used to be demonized a lot

  • Christ All mighty
    Christ All mighty

    3:30 so funny haha i love that hahahahahahahah!!!!!!???!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!

  • Lily Dittenhafer
    Lily Dittenhafer

    Loved it

  • Lily Dittenhafer
    Lily Dittenhafer

    So funny

  • qlcwinq

    You got this for me?.. I like it *cries*

  • Sharon

    Wow 36 mill views

  • Birdz_cool

    Oh my god it’s been one year of being bored with lazarbeam

  • Ethan_gamer234

    3:49 what the living hell


    I love the part were marge showed up and bob the builder

  • Leo Stafford
    Leo Stafford

    Sub 2 lazar click the 👍 on the comment and vid

  • RxbloxLxvender

    "bullying is against the guidlines, we love everyone and we support everyone and their choices, we love them. dont we guys- dont we comment section?" -lazarbeam

  • Clay Backlund
    Clay Backlund

    I am bored

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User

    "Women are too smart" and other jokes

  • lito0726

    9:13 no

  • Arien Salih
    Arien Salih


  • Shiny Charmander
    Shiny Charmander

    Woah, it's already been a year?

  • T W
    T W

    one time i opened my laptop and one of your vids came up and played🤣

  • Jeffy Nelmes
    Jeffy Nelmes

    Add me

  • nathan serrano
    nathan serrano

    Charlie is a woman lazar beam proceeds to call her a king

  • SE Clipzy
    SE Clipzy


  • Tim Kimmys
    Tim Kimmys

    I once drowned in a pool and the life guard did not care

  • Tim Kimmys
    Tim Kimmys

    i will kill myself if I have a crush on a furry

  • ARegularPokémonCollector CollectorKid
    ARegularPokémonCollector CollectorKid

    5:07 nice

  • Lukas Gensburger
    Lukas Gensburger

    6:10 just like baby birds must learn to fly

  • Raabia Rasheed
    Raabia Rasheed

    lazerbeam loves saying yeet so he has it on his arm

  • Fortnitegamerr 666
    Fortnitegamerr 666

    My friend be like my mum said no electronics at the dinner table so I turned off her life support :me :0

  • BelowNull

    reason#37 got me

  • Jana Januchova
    Jana Januchova

    Me:I’m bore- *Lazer beam notification new video* me going as fast as i can.Then when the video starts and you say “Ways to cure boredom”.Me:this is just what I need and this is going to be good.

  • Jack Taleman
    Jack Taleman

    The kid was cute

  • SeasonalSnow 1
    SeasonalSnow 1

    DAMN they bought a 6 year olds an IPHONE. I DON'T EVEN HAVE A PHONE!!!

  • Thomas Dore
    Thomas Dore

    Reason number 400,000,000 why women live longer then men they do not turn themselves into helicopters on hover boards

  • Killian TheGamer
    Killian TheGamer

    the girl who says shes single do be hot tough 9:02 9:10

  • Reka Turzo
    Reka Turzo


  • Reka Turzo
    Reka Turzo


  • ash Lindorff
    ash Lindorff

    Yo Lazar nice skin on fortnite I have it yeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttt

    • ash Lindorff
      ash Lindorff

      Irondan1 add me

    • ash Lindorff
      ash Lindorff

      Irondan1 add me

  • JohnKarl Playz
    JohnKarl Playz


  • d_ kingyo
    d_ kingyo

    When Pixar finally decides to make a live action movie 4:25

  • millennium fox
    millennium fox

    My Grandma has a farm with chickens and she feeds them bird seed with pieces of chicken in it and I told her is that chicken and she said yes what's the problem I told her what the problem was and she said that all farmers use this .is this true. My life is a lie

  • Llama Cherrys
    Llama Cherrys

    Did you know that iPhone use Samsung parts.... and that's why I hate iPhones

  • meliodas

    5:41 and 7:31

  • dinidinoca :3
    dinidinoca :3

    3:49 I'm scared... -_-

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky

    3:48 i love him :)

  • REDTRIP 1211
    REDTRIP 1211

    I love his nois

  • Corbin Dethloff
    Corbin Dethloff

    Aim very mortal combat

  • Poetic Robloxgamer
    Poetic Robloxgamer

    I liked the fortnite one

  • Reece Crowley
    Reece Crowley

    He or she looks like my pug

  • Reece Crowley
    Reece Crowley

    Mate lazarbeam I’m a big fan and I love the pug one

  • Orlando Beltran
    Orlando Beltran

    add megalovania to the skeleton and were good

  • fire FHD فاير فهد
    fire FHD فاير فهد

    7:32 why you gay

  • Justin Holloway
    Justin Holloway

    4:44 I laughed my mouth off thanks lazarbean your the best youtuber.



  • Death No sweat
    Death No sweat


  • Pop gas Gaming
    Pop gas Gaming

    Good job

  • Dense

    Bullying is against the community guidelines

  • Cole Dawson
    Cole Dawson

    Somebody died at my school

  • spot

    ? Mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Leigh Thomson
    Leigh Thomson

    that furry is my frend on tiktok

  • unknown he
    unknown he

    Sorry Im late to respond I love these videos

  • Justin Martinez
    Justin Martinez

    Shoot on I iPhone 116252726252

  • Amazonite

    dont lie you have been here more than once

  • Tlal Pokémon 123
    Tlal Pokémon 123


  • joe Suwannasing
    joe Suwannasing

    if you dont at least lath once in this video then u dont get it

  • joe Suwannasing
    joe Suwannasing

    3:48 so funny

  • joe Suwannasing
    joe Suwannasing

    3:34 ????? how dose this work

  • joe Suwannasing
    joe Suwannasing

    0:55- 1:16lol

  • Sam Tucker
    Sam Tucker

    I hate tiktock

  • Lion SHIELD
    Lion SHIELD

    Lazer ; you giving birth to a happy baby terqdactel Me : wft

  • Cyber Truck
    Cyber Truck

    1:14 he is so funny

  • Peter Harton
    Peter Harton

    0:01 he is very bored

  • Ananya K
    Ananya K

    yay! this was filmed on my bday!!

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker

    Hi lazarbeam I am a big huge fan🥰

  • Tex Lewis
    Tex Lewis

    The person who did his I love gummy bears he did the Kool-Aid one too


    is there a problem with furries i im a furry i don't see why you can easily laugh at us and our likings.

  • Brandon Moore
    Brandon Moore

    What people outside the UK expect of northen Brits during winter: Actual northen Brits during winter: 3:05 Or russians, but it still applies to northen Brits

  • Maz0n GreEnz
    Maz0n GreEnz

    Noooooo that chicken did not eat a chicken nugget did he

    • Boof

      He did

  • Nugget

    LazarBeam: im bored ima do vid of watching tik tok! 4 hours after editing: LazarBeam: IM BOOOOOOOOOORED IM BORED IM BORED ARE YOU READY FOR SOME TIK TOKS me: i dont like tik tok LazarBeam: throws a iPhone into my face

  • BTZGoblin

    3:50 your right this has gone to far

  • adam pegler
    adam pegler

    My ❤️

  • RF Lionshield44
    RF Lionshield44



    This video has more views than some of me beast’s videos

  • Paul French
    Paul French

    3:16 had me falling out of my chair. it had armrests so i almost broke my ribs

  • Average Bot
    Average Bot

    I'm a Furry

  • Best Answer!
    Best Answer!

    Everyone Watching this are LEGENDS 👍 👄👄🤩

  • The Muscat’s
    The Muscat’s

    Lannan the builder can he fix it

  • Nicole Engelman
    Nicole Engelman

    NUMBER 40: we make our heads big and explode with brain

  • treeking 123
    treeking 123

    that kid who got the iphone is so adorable