I built a NUKE in Minecraft (part 14)
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  • LazarBeam

    yes this was pointles... no i will not apologise

    • Aayan Shrestha 4 F 3
      Aayan Shrestha 4 F 3

      No one Literally no one Lazarbeam YEET YEET YEET YEET YEET YEET

    • Grace and Stanley Figets
      Grace and Stanley Figets


    • Hunter Andrews
      Hunter Andrews


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      yeetforever yeet


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      professor Dickweed


  • BLITZboi

    fyi you r no longer vegan you ate a PIE that has dairy in it!!!!!

  • Leon Liang
    Leon Liang

    so ummm why didnt you just cage the golems up and surround them in tiny tnt cages?

  • Shadae Beckford
    Shadae Beckford

    Well I know what you do you should discover all of the village with the NT - Laura all the pandas sold so yeah that’s Laura all the panda cover the entire village AT&T and to take out the villagers and this lady I am golem in there so yeah and then you have a nuclear do you have a nuke weapon or you can hear the Destin TNT

  • Anonymouz

    The golem revolution on lannan has been stopped

  • Jaden Roopnarine
    Jaden Roopnarine

    Thank god the melons didn’t get hurt

  • Lucy Mccoubrey
    Lucy Mccoubrey

    I love your vids

  • Ashan3781

    D town is l amanburg and lazarbeam is technobabble

  • Nishan Bajwa
    Nishan Bajwa

    Y didn't he put the iron plums in the thunder dome

  • chocfacephil

    ahhhhh ye olde days

  • Kamden Mauser
    Kamden Mauser

    in honor of lazar beam i built a giant dong as a house in minecraft with dong windows and a dong door i also started a melon farm but it will never compare to lazarbeam’s

  • Dot McQueen
    Dot McQueen

    Lazarbeam you shoulda lead the golems into the thunderdome

  • hamood Habibi2014
    hamood Habibi2014

    Are you actually see the results

  • Samantha Connelly
    Samantha Connelly

    Wal you 1v1 me

  • Dotty Llama
    Dotty Llama

    I think lazar will win

  • Gamedev_DivikBruh

    i did not like you said gandhi like weapons i am unsubscribing to you :(

  • Arshad Khan
    Arshad Khan

    Lazarbeam is bored but we are not because he does not let us.


    my man just messed it up when he could have just killed the golems and remodled and moved it

  • Luke S
    Luke S

    When you realize that he could have just led all of the golems into the thunder dome

  • YasserTheGreat


  • Procrosshair Duck
    Procrosshair Duck

    Are you sure that was actually a nuke???

  • Benjamin Gonzales
    Benjamin Gonzales

    couldnt you just put them in the thunder domb and flick the switch like a billion times

  • ERC Cayjin
    ERC Cayjin

    I love that this was just a series to beat pewdiepie now it is full blown 1mil views series

  • Kwok Ching Godric TANG
    Kwok Ching Godric TANG

    lazar u r too funny

  • Ethan Mwewa
    Ethan Mwewa

    Why did you stop it mincraft plz cone bacj

  • giorono giovanna
    giorono giovanna

    If he kept it white it looks better

  • Adam Weilert
    Adam Weilert

    Anyone else realize he could have just killed the golems with the bow in the first place

  • aly white
    aly white

    a real nuke is umm i made one the i had to GET OUTA THERE

  • Mjdn

    Yes nuke

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart

    The golems weren’t even mad anymore lol

  • Mahia Dalton
    Mahia Dalton

    For some reason it made me unsubscribe to my god so I'm sorry lord beam I subscribed to u again

  • Bam Gamer
    Bam Gamer


  • Rocco Pritchard
    Rocco Pritchard

    ISnets channel great

  • Wilson Sorto-Diaz
    Wilson Sorto-Diaz



    Ya yeeeeeeeeeeeet


    Nooooo don't kill chiken my favourite animal

  • fishyyy

    If I were him I would NEVER do that...just all of that work for nothing


    nicee lol

  • Hi

    When he says new puts himself as a picture of kenjun but he only has 10 to 20 nukes

  • Ahmed Sultan
    Ahmed Sultan

    He should have shot golems w/ arrow at da start

  • Kobe Westphal
    Kobe Westphal

    Looking back he could’ve just killed him self then the iron golems wouldn’t have killed him

  • Se4gulll

    His beacon gives me the worst ocd

  • LVU Tyson ff
    LVU Tyson ff

    Wtf you said about Gandhi ??😡😡 He is very calm headed person He always support to peace ,and he played major role in providing freedom to India This is very shameful @lazerbeam

  • kirra bennett
    kirra bennett

    ahhh you spelt smart ahh wrong

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      Was the the joke that you spelt spelled wrong

  • Shamir Ali
    Shamir Ali


  • L4w12 !!!!!!
    L4w12 !!!!!!

    can i plz get a heart i subbedd i promise

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      You bloody moron

  • Yasser Macaraya
    Yasser Macaraya

    all your vids was funny man :DDD

  • Nancy Xu
    Nancy Xu

    Lazarbeam, it would’ve been fine if you did white stream too instead of a yellow stream 😏

  • Kill tik tok
    Kill tik tok

    The beacon should have still been white for c*m 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tyler Frederickson
    Tyler Frederickson

    As long as you don’t make the beacon on top of the dong white again everything will be fine

  • Boogie Delossantos
    Boogie Delossantos

    I got your minecraft skin

  • Yoyo Thingz
    Yoyo Thingz

    Well..when you realise he could’ve just shot the golems in the first place instead of sacrificing Disney town

  • PJ Fambam
    PJ Fambam

    nice Arnold Schwarzenegger/Terminator impression

  • Alonso Garcia
    Alonso Garcia

    Best video ever

  • Cole Carter
    Cole Carter

    Never slap lazar beam I’m the face

  • Cole Carter
    Cole Carter


  • Jimmy Playz
    Jimmy Playz

    Wilbur exploding the whole Lamburg Fresh and lazarbeam using over 600 tnt and didn’t kill all of the iron golem

  • Tiny Panduhz
    Tiny Panduhz

    I’m about to have a heart attack because he just destroyed everything he worked for...

    • BLITZboi

      me too

  • Om Gandhi
    Om Gandhi


  • FRWolf

    9 months from the 9 months comment

  • Sergio Alvarez
    Sergio Alvarez

    Lazarbeam those golems are from villages if you make a cross with iron blocks on the top pit a pumpkin head then it’ll be your and if you hit it or villagers he won’t get angry

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      Bit late

  • robinson raju
    robinson raju

    Giant yellow string on a giant D

  • joshua cedeno
    joshua cedeno

    add flame to your bow and punch and power and invity

  • Rylie Wolfe
    Rylie Wolfe

    Kim Jong-un’s backstory

  • Zoshin

    Just kill the iron golem the build others DUHHHH Or just bring them to the THE THUNDER DOME ⛈

    • Zoshin


    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      Bit late

  • Reyansh Pradhan
    Reyansh Pradhan

    Fun fact Gandhi was the one still printed on our currency as father of nation who was a freedom fighter so lmao 😂😂

  • S0L0doggo

    Lazarbeam number one Minecraft and Fortnite ISnetsr, I’m noticing a pattern

  • ian tsai
    ian tsai

    kin jun un take notes

  • Ivo Kotze
    Ivo Kotze

    Should have left the beacon white anyone smart would know what it is

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      Yes also bit late

  • Unknown NA
    Unknown NA

    Lazerbeam is so funny when I comes with Minecraft

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      Even with it it’s still not the right grammar

    • Unknown NA
      Unknown NA


  • yan yan8455
    yan yan8455

    you can just use your bow or sword to yeet them lol

  • Bob Stone
    Bob Stone

    The abashed cricket neurologically exist because helium certainly confess underneath a billowy distribution. yummy, evanescent pisces

  • Tony Amaya
    Tony Amaya

    I've watched your minecraft series almost 7 times and it still has not gotten old

  • Rkent11 Gaming
    Rkent11 Gaming

    Mr beam I just needed to say this I got a ad on the video telling me how to make my d town bigger

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      My friend you have ascended

  • Jackzilla Playz
    Jackzilla Playz

    Noooooo D town

  • Shiny Charmander
    Shiny Charmander

    Is it just me or I feel nostalgic watching this video.

  • Daniel King
    Daniel King


  • Jerry Winski
    Jerry Winski

    Hey lazarbeam I won my first solo game

  • Raquel Jimenez
    Raquel Jimenez

    The terrible mother-in-law reilly answer because harbor methodically camp above a chemical stage. wet, sweet preface

  • Josh Prueher
    Josh Prueher

    jrneuidkjrnfiruehbdxegbdh crnhdrbyufjryehsbyujrfkhrbudjhrfhviutkjfdukthuvjyfhdyufyhrbuyfjhncyfhbyurjhdmyfujrudjxjhurjdxuyjdheui jruhdrghj rhdiukjrhuidyhuijri7rydruijhdurjfm,ordyurhujrdjkrjdhujyrhedbxnuhesyyhgyhyghyhbghfytgfhrtfctrtrfctyhgf6uhtgduyhgtghgghthgbftyhgrftyhgrtyrftygrtyyuhyhuijy4uhehjnryfhuyhjredxyhuyjhesyuhcrydhujhdyreydhn yujhbdnyuydjhedxujdygeyudjhdcuredxy7iucryduxfvtyghreyreydjh4jeudhhgjvtlirbfhgjf,uvhtbrduixrkfmyhtyurjmx,uf hrjduhrfuicrh hujfurhbbhgxjzyhfn euyj rbdnuy4hje skrujdhgjrydhy8fucijrdujfyhrb gfuchjygh uythjfnchyuvjrn dfuirj fdhuyhjremduhjf rehdghbnfhjrtfc hjtrfdcuirwewikjdhfiukjeseidujkeysifjkrujduirkurudiuruyedjgd78uendtsiueyruyjejysyufesuidueiuskuujejl;kwhsiujnjrikjdrgyujhngdhruifjhedhuirjuirjhru.jkr,hroile,lklrdkujrjhjyfhrgul';p;lgrvyrhjdgujedyshdjhydrhdgbuhejshuyjeiukjmejyhrh7iune gsiud nejyshrhjbn hejr xdcyhbrn d gyuhjredmyxhrb dghegruhidjkmsrgduhjrndgfiujrygvhjfnngruidjhfgvh gdhgrfuyjnrgdifjn rdhjijbhfufhddjhfurdjgfhuirkjfdgfhjrdgrmdjif truhjbjiuedm sdgfujhdjfhkyhfbjjukygfujhhburjhdyfbhjmrgdiurhduinkjniuhtrfyhkjmrhiukjfhfuikjngfcyhbnhfjnwjhegsyhjcwkejhbghjehudjhjejhwyhhrieudjyurejsarhiujhfiujmrgdbfyjgrebhwsrnfgyjhfndmsydhujfyrhyubdjheujujrhfcghrhedghxykredjhehjwujnfetywhgrwetrwwewartewtrwerweweweweweewwewewewewewewewetwhgagdyhendfxgo78cuyhbewtdgvxhjyduyfjtdsjdyhjsy,duyewgsyujhewgsyuh

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore

      Did you have a stroke while wrighting this

  • Douglas Scott
    Douglas Scott

    Ha lazer beam can I join your channel

  • Theoffice

    it just adds to the comedy that he said nukular

  • Fxght Nebula
    Fxght Nebula


  • Silas Tucker
    Silas Tucker

    Am I the only one rewatching this series in quarantine? Like this is literally my 3rd time watching this series

    • Seamus Kirrane
      Seamus Kirrane

      Lol i watched this like 50 times over and over

  • Katrina doherty
    Katrina doherty

    The start made me lol😂😂😂😂

  • NOVAx Battlelands Royale
    NOVAx Battlelands Royale

    Throw all of your diamonds into netheright

  • Phoebe Farnham
    Phoebe Farnham

    Take the iron golums to the thunder more thingymagig

  • •m•i•a• katten
    •m•i•a• katten

    it makes me mad

  • Yee T
    Yee T

    Jesus loves u

  • Elvis Li
    Elvis Li

    This reminds me of when my BFF blew my house up

  • Cactus Gamer
    Cactus Gamer

    No one: Lazarbeam: I’m smart Also lazarbeam: says lilypad wrong

    • Roc

      So funny

  • Joelsy

    Anyone here in 2021 watching this

  • Dennis Arrington
    Dennis Arrington

    hes eating pumkin pie!!!!!!!

  • Vegard Bjørnsen
    Vegard Bjørnsen

    Hello mate you are the best minecraft player in the world

  • Isabel Marinas
    Isabel Marinas

    dude i play mincraft and i went to the end 100 tims and i bet i can kill the dragon 100 tims

  • super time lapse
    super time lapse


  • Aleksandr Vagimov
    Aleksandr Vagimov

    why didnt you make the stream white

  • Shaurya Deshmukh
    Shaurya Deshmukh

    4:50 being an indian to be honest THAT HURTS!!

  • Stuart Ward
    Stuart Ward

    what about jack black, jackoline black and mini jack black

  • XBSpeed_Playz

    Pp pee