You Laugh You Lose - AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Edition
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  • RASHHAD Yusuf
    RASHHAD Yusuf


  • Void Levi
    Void Levi

    Are u sure u are

  • Abitameem Murtuza
    Abitameem Murtuza

    Quick like the video

  • Michael galvin
    Michael galvin


  • crestel clone
    crestel clone

    Fuck you

  • Rory Brault
    Rory Brault

    what the fuck

  • Carson Official ?
    Carson Official ?

    Every body dies

  • Dom Tallent
    Dom Tallent

    Lazarbeam: “I will spoil the whole movie.” Me: I’m doing it for you. Iron man dies.

  • lilian jones
    lilian jones

    You just don’t have to woch the video.

  • Kelly Criscitiello
    Kelly Criscitiello

    2018 be like: sPOil THe whOlE MoVIE 2021 be like: bruh

  • EG Spectre
    EG Spectre

    5:21 b-but it’s just a ball python

  • [Content Deleted]
    [Content Deleted]

    bro i swear the first clip is wilbur soot

  • Brandon Doran
    Brandon Doran

    The avengers lose: the 3 words that were gonna ruin society

  • Kierran Swinney
    Kierran Swinney

    You’re the best laserbeam what time of day do you live could I meet you one-day

  • Tyler Foote
    Tyler Foote

    Lazar is the goat

  • Harlo Sleigh
    Harlo Sleigh

    no yur mum

  • R Malec
    R Malec

    Me too I’ve also seen av avengers endgame and Wanda vision falcon and the winter soldier and spider man far from home

  • Campbell_Delaney9

    Lazarbeam: I can ruin humanity with 3 words Me in 2021: is it “thanos tried again”

  • Jordan Queen
    Jordan Queen

    Technically he was right about hulk did betray iron man by not coming out

  • Ized_bear

    HOW DO YOU KNOW what yodas ballsack looks like?

  • luka luka
    luka luka

    are you pepa pig

  • webbyevening wrinkle
    webbyevening wrinkle

    why would i still not care if he spoiled it

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    All most every one die

  • Gavin Mead
    Gavin Mead

    you are my itle :/

  • Bluekib

    Me instantly checking the like count while it’s 2021

  • Veema Moonoosawmy
    Veema Moonoosawmy


  • ThoseGuysCubing

    The Mario one got me

  • Paulo Amaro
    Paulo Amaro

    that was poland not rusia

  • limeanaid nade
    limeanaid nade

    im offically russian

  • Eric Orbesen
    Eric Orbesen

    My name is thor

  • Jack Blye
    Jack Blye


  • Banana

    Spoil it you wont

  • Dr.J3ky11シ

    Little bit over 10k likes then

  • Xaviyar Vallani
    Xaviyar Vallani

    His favorite word yeet

  • lil Big Bob
    lil Big Bob

    Russia that was nederlands

  • Ana Nodia
    Ana Nodia

    what i think of when he says three words when ive seen the movie: WARNING SAD- iron man dies

  • Cedro DODO
    Cedro DODO

    u knew ur chair is Qc

  • Gonzo PL
    Gonzo PL

    That millitary tests was in Poland not Russia

  • Stu Brown
    Stu Brown

    Just me watching this in 2021 with flipping cove I’d never going lol

  • kaksu21 21
    kaksu21 21

    4:12 its poland!

  • Tatonma

    7:53 you forgot to put out inbetween eatin and by

  • Joaco Unzueta
    Joaco Unzueta

    when you see this in 2021 3 years later

  • Catgaming-cat


    • Catgaming-cat

      Yes I commented on my one comment

  • Charlie Monaghan
    Charlie Monaghan

    I am Daddy

  • ntr group
    ntr group

    Me watching it now bru I watched endgame and infinity war

  • Lyra_ Darth Punkd
    Lyra_ Darth Punkd

    Not me wondering y the dude singing isn’t the bus ain’t wearing a mask lol

  • Karim Sherif
    Karim Sherif

    Ys 1,000 likes nt 5.6

  • Anthony Urbanek
    Anthony Urbanek

    For the Yoda hulk one, Yoda should have said I am your father hulk, star wars fans would know

  • yaboiRyan

    I sereosly hate you lazarbeam

  • Vítek gameplayes ps4 5
    Vítek gameplayes ps4 5

    4:19 bruh look at the"war" that Is going on between the czech republic and Russia

  • Aphrem Sebastian
    Aphrem Sebastian

    you cat hurt aanyone who has unlimeted powere covid

  • TheEndWrld

    Hulk kid still the best

  • Dylan Baker
    Dylan Baker

    Lazerbeam: I can spoil the entire movie Me in 2021: attack was weak



  • Michal Markiewicz
    Michal Markiewicz

    LazarBeam uploaded this video the day the rest of the world gets to see Endgame

  • River Westerman
    River Westerman


  • TheFakeTroydan

    I’m Serb :(

  • Kingston Ukawilu
    Kingston Ukawilu


  • Sandra Wielenga
    Sandra Wielenga

    Im gonna call de cops

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    0:13, but have you seen endgame hmmm?

  • Kaushik Mohammed
    Kaushik Mohammed

    The three words they all die

  • Kaushik Mohammed
    Kaushik Mohammed


  • mrfreshjojo

    You might spoil avengers infinity war but I’m stronger I will spoil avengers endgame

  • Anthony Perera
    Anthony Perera



    I can ruin your live with 3 words Iron man dies

  • Solomon Lawrence
    Solomon Lawrence

    ewsrxdctfhinoby8t7r6x5ex 7ds35Z[0ijmn0ij9 08hy8 4wAq2t54w8 p0[8h [ gufv w7f e068r 0[] 0 [k 454512w1ev 1 ]/m, FHYJT^£$1524nwe4i9-

  • Just Cole
    Just Cole

    And I saw avengers end game

  • Cameron Wilson
    Cameron Wilson

    that snake scared me

  • CottonGamer

    Wait which 3 words

  • Funny Kitten
    Funny Kitten

    Do you live in

  • BIGBOY Games2209
    BIGBOY Games2209

    On the trash one I thought that there was a kid in there

  • SolMaxiZ

    Three words. Thanos. Doesn't. Die

  • Llama Cherrys
    Llama Cherrys

    Me making a story in school: adds a Russian chicken bc why not

  • Loudog Games
    Loudog Games

    Who else is watching this after everyone has seen Endgame

  • Alijah Sanchez
    Alijah Sanchez

    Me talking to past lazar him I already saw avengers infinity war. Me who watch the whole franchise so far you dare challenge me mortal

  • TheMaskedJedi

    Lord Lazar do not spoil it. But as Konrad Faessler said, the whole world probably watched it

    • Olly Bl
      Olly Bl

      This was fucking 3 years ago what are you on about

  • R&S Racing
    R&S Racing

    The three words Iron Man died

  • Igor Lopandic
    Igor Lopandic

    2:37 you got something wrong about SERBIANS EGHHH SHES GORGEOUS

  • jamila hatake
    jamila hatake

    left a comment

  • Christian Cruz
    Christian Cruz

    your.... GAY

  • Aleksa Vučetić
    Aleksa Vučetić

    2:42 why Serbian?

  • The gaming Hermits 2.0
    The gaming Hermits 2.0

    I’m in 2021 you have no power over me peasant

  • E̷x̷o̷t̷i̷c̷

    LazarBeam: I Can spoil the entire movie me in 2021 you can't hurt me

  • The_Legend4242 Omni
    The_Legend4242 Omni

    what the vid\

  • Pineapple_Of_Doom

    Lazar: UNLIMITED POWAAAR 2021 Viewers: *Thats what she said-*

  • Pineapple_Of_Doom

    News for you bro, in 2021 everybody who's interested has already seen the flipping movie

  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf

    0:57 is is that lil wilbur soot?

  • rk

    Me now, Lazarbeam I have the high ground

  • jim-bob -1
    jim-bob -1

    Lazar beam :I can soil the entire movie Me:and I can spoil endgame Lazar beam:whaaaaaaaaa. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Sir Flipflop
    Sir Flipflop

    First clip was kid wilbur soot

  • mason sobbi
    mason sobbi

    I am iorn man

  • Basaac Fooper
    Basaac Fooper

    donut Drake 5:38

  • Cris P. Chicken
    Cris P. Chicken

    Just waiting for a mate

  • Deanna Fallon
    Deanna Fallon

    Like a glve

  • Denny Allum
    Denny Allum

    Good thing I have seen it already

    • Denny Allum
      Denny Allum

      Google i have seen Avengers infinity War

  • Sara Sneed
    Sara Sneed

    Im rushin and I,m proud to be ruhshin

  • Jokubas Kurmius
    Jokubas Kurmius

    I left a comment

  • Lily Boncroft
    Lily Boncroft

    Me in 2021 bro this is old school I’m going to spoil end game bro

  • Blitz on Controller
    Blitz on Controller

    i am iron man

  • Hauwhii Ye
    Hauwhii Ye

    Iron Man dies

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