I Played Minecraft BABY MODE
minecraft has returned this is sooo cool
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  • Flamingo

    Hey I’m laser beam don’t believe him he record the perfect camera recoding.

  • mettalica playz
    mettalica playz

    Ur record is broken by yessmartypie

  • Kweli Brice
    Kweli Brice

    Who remembers when lazar was a vegan


    just realized this was on my birthday...

  • Sathyaraj Damodaran
    Sathyaraj Damodaran

    Meanwhile: Sizzler beating Minecraft under 12 minutes LOL

  • Ellie Grace
    Ellie Grace

    Me: I wanna beat dream Dream: you can’t beat me Me: yes I can Dream: no bc you will die Me: no you Dream: *dies*

  • Seema Odedara
    Seema Odedara

    This was made on Tuesday

  • Crystal Fanjoy
    Crystal Fanjoy

    I thought he was vegan

  • Asher Collins
    Asher Collins

    You’re welcome for being World Record holder by the way.

  • Rajeswari B
    Rajeswari B

    He just missed two shipwrecks

  • Felipe Medeiros Resende Dutra
    Felipe Medeiros Resende Dutra

    Minecraft lazar mode 😂


    You know what an youtuber name is yesmartypie has made a world record less minutes than you and you cheat with baby mode

  • Bullet吉


  • Sadettin Akbas
    Sadettin Akbas

    I always call you Lazarfeam

  • Quinton Stam
    Quinton Stam

    we need more mincraft

  • Game Plays Gaming
    Game Plays Gaming

    New speedeunner


    Everyones logic if they submitted a cheated speedrun : 1:51

  • Cat gamer Youtube
    Cat gamer Youtube

    You are good at baby mode Minecraft better than Corbin

  • Asher Johnson
    Asher Johnson

    Hiwer21zxc is not a problem with the new year

  • Imirami Khanirami
    Imirami Khanirami

    now the wr is sub 10... gl lazarbeam

  • Warmachine096

    funny thing is that dream has now surpassed lazarbeam in subs

  • River La
    River La

    The attempt 1 bit is foreshadowing

  • nate

    Dream has been very quiet since this video came out...

  • IamJoseph.B


  • abdal 270
    abdal 270

    Wadzee did dis chelenges before lazerbeam

  • Paxton Power
    Paxton Power



    someone send this video to dream

  • Jcp 302
    Jcp 302

    I love how he thinks staring at the tree is faster but punching it is faster

  • Muhammed Mahomed
    Muhammed Mahomed


  • Shaikh Gamer
    Shaikh Gamer

    To beat minecraft u don’t need o be great at minecraft , minecraft needs to easy 😂

  • jahir

    The fact that someone broke this world record

  • Raheed Iftekhar
    Raheed Iftekhar

    i thought u were invincible why do u need food thats just a waste of time

  • Raheed Iftekhar
    Raheed Iftekhar

    i have one power thats fake lol but i was doing online class as soon as my class is done it autamaticly leaves the meeting

  • Konstantin Sijakovic
    Konstantin Sijakovic

    My brother beat this in 3 hours soooooooo im not sure if this Helers him

  • Cameron Privette
    Cameron Privette

    Well Dream is good and I am absolute shit -LazarBeam 20 how ever old this is

  • Spencer Rawlins
    Spencer Rawlins

    Crainer would love the infinite boats thing

  • Smart

    i have the exact mod in minecraft bedrock like the exact mod and its so hard to use it on bedrock because when an animal takes damage it makes another one and then when im coming to the surface after mining I HAVE SO MANY FREAKING ANIMALS CRASHING MY GAME AND I PLAY ON XBOX

  • Guff_is_good_and_epic

    I beat minecraft in 5 minutes I did not totally use creative cough cough I did cough cough

  • charmspelled

    I thought it said - Baby yoda

  • Peggy Williams
    Peggy Williams

    Tommyinnit suck

  • Elin Haslestad
    Elin Haslestad


  • Matthew Naziri
    Matthew Naziri

    lol he forgot the egg in the end😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Social Tennis
    Social Tennis

    I love u

  • Ashraf Mohamed
    Ashraf Mohamed


  • Project Zorgo
    Project Zorgo

    • Project Zorgo
      Project Zorgo


    • Project Zorgo
      Project Zorgo

    • Project Zorgo
      Project Zorgo

    • Project Zorgo
      Project Zorgo


    • Project Zorgo
      Project Zorgo

  • Project Zorgo
    Project Zorgo

  • Project Zorgo
    Project Zorgo

  • Project Zorgo
    Project Zorgo

  • Bball C
    Bball C

    Arent you a vegan?

  • Shannon Stevens
    Shannon Stevens

    Today the world record is 11 minutes on Java My god

  • Amber Grinnell
    Amber Grinnell


  • Lian Du Plessis
    Lian Du Plessis

    Your s#@$% in the game

  • Nagato

    btw can I say he can just chat and say he wants blaze rods and say he wants ender pearls and go and tell the dragon no u

  • light516planet k25
    light516planet k25

    How can i get the baby mode?

  • finlay letts
    finlay letts

    lannan at 6:01 eats meat me : wtf I thought you were vegan

  • Joe Killick
    Joe Killick

    Dream should actually try speed run this and he would probably get like 6 mins

  • Jack Dare
    Jack Dare

    I like how at the beginning he wastes a few seconds just sitting there playing around pretending to have telekinesis.

  • Matt Erickson
    Matt Erickson

    Laser beam I hope that you get a lot of subscribers

  • Monkeysmasher1

    At LEAST he didnt try to make a creafting table out of cobblestone.

  • Rebecca McGrorey
    Rebecca McGrorey

    clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap

    • Deku

      Your welcome

    • Rebecca McGrorey
      Rebecca McGrorey

      pls like me pls like me

  • Rebecca McGrorey
    Rebecca McGrorey

    good job bob o poop you you did not lose of ones good job lazar also you are a beam

  • ge7 force
    ge7 force

    lazarbeam is officialy dababy

  • Andres Perales
    Andres Perales


  • Henry Bastow
    Henry Bastow

    Lazar i use your fortnite code LaZar

  • Mickey Hyman
    Mickey Hyman


  • Mickey Hyman
    Mickey Hyman


  • Radical_Marshall Xxx
    Radical_Marshall Xxx

    Lazar:kills cow Cow:reaspawn Cow:you can never kill me:)

  • Radical_Marshall Xxx
    Radical_Marshall Xxx

    Omg he’s the best with 14mins and 37seconds he’s insane my dude

  • Justice Hall
    Justice Hall

    Use code Lazer

  • Justice Hall
    Justice Hall

    Use code lazer

  • Pikmin !
    Pikmin !

    Well you gotta play minecraft. WELL A LITTLE FEATURE I DIDNT TELL YOU ABOUT

  • Kristian Hallin
    Kristian Hallin

    Lazar is the best speed runner can’t you tell

  • Quinn Heskett
    Quinn Heskett

    Nice job at making the mod

    • Koddos

      He didn’t

  • Brandon Yih
    Brandon Yih

    Kinda embarrassing when a legit speedrunner beats you by 3 minutes

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith

    im vegan :)

  • Leanne Griffiths
    Leanne Griffiths

    Jk u are one of my favourite yt

  • Henry King
    Henry King

    Try to jump into the void in baby mode

  • TB Trippn
    TB Trippn

    Dream sucks Lazars way better

  • Fat daddy G
    Fat daddy G

    What does I’ll go to Tony dolphin

  • Ramesh Roopnarine
    Ramesh Roopnarine

    It is better he just play creative

  • lilhavoc 04
    lilhavoc 04

    "I think I have enough beef." With who Lazar

  • jeraold hemmer
    jeraold hemmer

    The hideous high peripheral outstandingly arrest because wash reassuringly poke around a evanescent condor. disagreeable, cheerful kick

  • David Price
    David Price

    he's playing baby mode because he is a baby

  • A_COMMIE15

    this is disappointing knowing that someone beat mc normally faster than lannan on easy

  • Chris Bucknall
    Chris Bucknall


  • Chris Bucknall
    Chris Bucknall

    you are the first person in the world at mine craft

  • Charlie Daniells
    Charlie Daniells

    Dream ur so trash

  • Helle Isabella
    Helle Isabella


  • Connor Where is your other friend
    Connor Where is your other friend

    Nice haircut

  • lilibeth 0289
    lilibeth 0289

    Boy just go super loot

  • Bachan Lal
    Bachan Lal

    Lazar made it in 14.37 in baby mode But but but..... Dream can do it in only 10 minutes in baby mode LOL 😅😅

  • Andrew Mackay
    Andrew Mackay


  • Andrew Mackay
    Andrew Mackay


  • Andrew Mackay
    Andrew Mackay


  • unspeakable

  • Saucy

    New world record holder? POG

  • andrei io V2
    andrei io V2

    Today speedruns take less then 12 minutes

  • Galactic Warrior gaming
    Galactic Warrior gaming

    Streamer btw

  • Jj Binx
    Jj Binx

    What is the speed run web site name

  • Chuwnn

    Is photosynthesis the right word when zombies "evaporate"?