I Played Minecraft BABY MODE
minecraft has returned this is sooo cool
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    Can I do this In a world

  • George Rawlinson
    George Rawlinson

    And illumina beats this record random seed glitchless lol

  • KazaK Eagle
    KazaK Eagle


    • KazaK Eagle
      KazaK Eagle


  • Harry Spinner
    Harry Spinner

    Imagine dream on baby mode

  • Timothy Koale
    Timothy Koale


  • Art_Kage

    Ayo dream had more subs than lannan

  • adyn miller
    adyn miller

    GG I beat it

  • fishey boy
    fishey boy


    • fishey boy
      fishey boy

      He ate meat

  • mila turturice
    mila turturice

    People don’t understand I don’t know how to get baby mode I’m on iPad

  • Leah Calvert
    Leah Calvert


  • isaac lawal
    isaac lawal

    fundy is not a ferry im not a sand

  • ANART 2021
    ANART 2021

    Well it’s not 20 mil but at least it’s 8 mil

  • ryan melville
    ryan melville

    give me mods

  • Wik Stan
    Wik Stan

    U may as well play creative 😂

  • niall osullivan
    niall osullivan

    Omg he is so God he beat the rec

  • niall osullivan
    niall osullivan

    I feel bad :/ because idk he is just sad and he will be in stress :()

  • yeet-a -roonie
    yeet-a -roonie

    dream cheats in his speed runs

  • Karen Dorman
    Karen Dorman

    can you cut your hair

  • L p g _ S
    L p g _ S


  • h j
    h j

    I'ts not a mod , it's a datapack

  • Tarekplayz

    Hey laser beam did you get banned on fortnite or it is fack news

  • Blake Sandifur
    Blake Sandifur

    I love you

  • G L U G
    G L U G

    God and Jesus love you guys!

  • Itz-ARDAYT

    But your vegan you cant eat meat

  • RunYewUp -
    RunYewUp -

    Come back to your series

  • Ian and Michael Hayes
    Ian and Michael Hayes


  • caius guerrero
    caius guerrero

    Watch the video "Minecraft Speedruns Are Like" And see how he speedruns minecraft. (Takes him like 5 minutes)

  • Samuel Cole
    Samuel Cole

    and i thought you were vegan hmmm HOW DARE YOU

  • Dav 101
    Dav 101


  • Harsh singhal
    Harsh singhal

    Yessmartiepie has broken your record

  • Harryboiii

    Wtf lazeebean your the best

  • Ian Lam
    Ian Lam


  • iloveglyn 123
    iloveglyn 123

    me tryna do my swimming lesson the teacher: heres a boat instead

  • William wood
    William wood

    Play VR

  • jjweb84


  • Vxsualz Sanic
    Vxsualz Sanic

    I thought he was vegan ?

  • Mr Standard Guy
    Mr Standard Guy


  • SumiFatSumoCat

    World Record: biggest disappointment

  • Alex_gamercy

    Your a savage btw your the best too😘

  • Li dog The gamer
    Li dog The gamer

    More Minecraft please

  • Gnome Warlord712
    Gnome Warlord712

    Dream: *not on comment section cuz to sad that he lost* Lazarbeam: your still the best minecraft speed runner

  • Ranger Gamer
    Ranger Gamer

    I thought he was a vegan

  • King dingaling dudez
    King dingaling dudez

    Lavarbeam your the best youtuber ever

  • MC Ventura
    MC Ventura

    Ban lazar beam ISnets channel because he's saying cuss words

  • Gabriel Winterowd
    Gabriel Winterowd

    your vids suck

  • Familien Leong
    Familien Leong

    How do you get baby mode

  • Elie Barrett
    Elie Barrett

    1:55 i am shit at minecraft🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tegan E
    Tegan E

    You went past the portal room

  • sam gulaid
    sam gulaid

    lazer beam the whole video:here is a feature I did not tell you about

  • Twinkie

    Fundy is proud.

  • Jim Donnelly
    Jim Donnelly

    Dream holds the wold record know

  • ssnavyblue Myers
    ssnavyblue Myers

    Please don’t tell me he thought about the evaporation is part of photosynthesis

  • Felicia Fernandez
    Felicia Fernandez

    I win Minecraft

    • Felicia Fernandez
      Felicia Fernandez

      If you guys think is cool Thank you

  • Fearcefully ꨄ
    Fearcefully ꨄ

    R.I.P mullet

  • Ikonik pro
    Ikonik pro

    this is the best mod for lazarbeam coz he is a Biiiiig BABY

  • Dead Maz
    Dead Maz


  • Cshackell

    He could have done a lot quicker by just saying I would sure love some ender pearls straight away and then did the best comeback of all time

  • Maybe Jesse
    Maybe Jesse

    Hi fundy

  • Marianne Simpson
    Marianne Simpson

    use kode lazar if not u are lossres

  • Kathleen Jones
    Kathleen Jones

    I love you

  • Unafe Raptor
    Unafe Raptor

    What’s funny is that the console world record is already done by now LoL 😂

  • Augie Hunter
    Augie Hunter

    We just got a puppy


    This video has been recommended to me so many times and it’s so annoying 0/10 worst vid ever

  • Sikuni

    Bruh looking back lanan looks like fuse from apex

  • The Eagle
    The Eagle


  • Ken Hike
    Ken Hike


    • Ken Hike
      Ken Hike


    • Ken Hike
      Ken Hike

      O crap

  • Arsenal 18
    Arsenal 18


  • Henry Moore
    Henry Moore

    No one gonna mention how he got a 4 eye portal at 8:37?

  • Cat with frog hat
    Cat with frog hat

    I’m subscribed

  • dave trap
    dave trap

    Isn't lazar vegan 3:34

  • charlie white
    charlie white

    Does it actually count as the world record for beating minecraft???

  • Nixolas Sosa
    Nixolas Sosa

    The End is called the end not the nether

  • Anderson Perez Huezo
    Anderson Perez Huezo

    Mom can we have minecraft No we have minecraft at home Minecraft at home:

  • Arda Turgut
    Arda Turgut

    Omg you hit 18 mil

  • Lyrics


  • Martin Rodriguez
    Martin Rodriguez

    He acualy got 4 min the 1 was to make it not look fake (sorry can't spell)

  • Jolene Feist
    Jolene Feist


  • Gamer green
    Gamer green

    Copy cater some people already did this

  • 채련

    The violet fedelini postsurgically bang because priest optionally detect amongst a fearful fearless father. abashed, magnificent chick

  • fn-kaiden-TTv

    You should of just of put “I wish I beat the ender dragon lol

  • Brandi Sabato
    Brandi Sabato

    You need to do a miraculous crack hecka funny

    • Brandi Sabato
      Brandi Sabato

      Every time I go on his videos I check my voice Ethan key lights at Arcane think he's and he said he talked to a mine

    • Brandi Sabato
      Brandi Sabato

      I'm using my mom's phone that way and name is yeah

    • Brandi Sabato
      Brandi Sabato

      I like lesbian videos he's funny acting my brothers showed me him I was watching he's lazarbeam will always be my first met you to be happy finish times day lazarbeam I hope you have a good holiday from alli

  • Bec Ware
    Bec Ware

    He killed the ender dragon with toxicity

  • Ice Beme
    Ice Beme

    I was eating food when i watching this The part where he says no U made me choke but i didint die thankfully

  • I Hate Among us
    I Hate Among us

    The record is now 13:43 SO NO MORE SHIT

  • Chau Lam
    Chau Lam


  • Joanie Capalupo
    Joanie Capalupo

    Yeet yeet yeet


    can i play fortnite or minecraft with you


      @The blood god maybe he will say yes

    • The blood god
      The blood god

      No lol

  • Ica Basic
    Ica Basic

    Mom can we have dream?

  • Oliver Howells
    Oliver Howells

    Your awesome at minecraft bro

  • James Martin
    James Martin

    Lazarbeam:I’m vegan Also lazarbeam:kills cow for food

  • Jack Marston
    Jack Marston

    Hay fundy in jojo u are named Fundero

  • Noah Youkhanna
    Noah Youkhanna


  • Tom Robb
    Tom Robb

    Falling into the void

  • Gadi Abu Shkara
    Gadi Abu Shkara

    lmao lazar is so underratted

  • omar

    Alternate title: minecraft survival but creative

  • Davids Berdikovs
    Davids Berdikovs

    U are the best

  • Cloud ツ
    Cloud ツ

    1:28 nope

  • Beautyis_sinful l
    Beautyis_sinful l


  • watson family
    watson family

    lanan ur dream

  • Ryan Rowell
    Ryan Rowell

    This mode fits Him perfectly