minecraft but seeds haunt my nightmares
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  • Toby Richards
    Toby Richards

    Laughed way to hard at this. Thanks for that.

  • Rory Laramie
    Rory Laramie

    I laughed so hard

  • Zara Jauhar
    Zara Jauhar

    It’s so funny that even dirt blocks try to kill them.

  • Catmaster Master of gamers
    Catmaster Master of gamers

    looks like the chickens for chick filla is fighting back..

  • The Game Reaper
    The Game Reaper

    pig(phases its head through the door):oi hello there lazarbeam: AHHHHHHHH

  • Daniel Hahn Conradsen
    Daniel Hahn Conradsen

    1:40 never have i seen someone get scared by a minecraft pig

  • Ashraf Khalaf
    Ashraf Khalaf

    Did anyone see that pig like on the half of the door that was like hello there he said

  • Henrique Tigre Fornaza
    Henrique Tigre Fornaza

    lol im watching this in class at school

  • Jenna Sawatzky
    Jenna Sawatzky

    Who else had nightmares about dirt for years

  • Ulises Merino Ramirez
    Ulises Merino Ramirez

    part 2

  • thatoneredditor 786
    thatoneredditor 786

    I love the fact that two grown men said the line "THERE'S A SEED IN HERE" in pure horror and fear.

  • Amanda Escheman
    Amanda Escheman

    I was laghing so hard when he said “THERE IS A LITERAL PORCKCHOP CHASING ME” Also “baba dead sheep thank you for ur meat”LOL

  • XGplays

    0:04 i laughed when you said that

  • Noah Rashad
    Noah Rashad

    What kinda drugs is that cow on to move to fast, when u were camping on a tree

  • Gavan Leveron
    Gavan Leveron

    Lazarbeam: Calls it a porkchop Me an intellectual: Knowing that if it would have chop in it's name it would be lambchops

  • Khalid Ounaggou
    Khalid Ounaggou

    What's the name of this mode please?


    he put the diamond in the chest lol alex did not get the achievement

  • Doggo Boiz
    Doggo Boiz

    Ba ba dead sheep have you any wool? No sir no sir you stole it from my corpse!

  • aline angela
    aline angela

    The talented comic thirdly like because address compellingly smoke abaft a disillusioned door. clammy, pricey wilderness

  • Michael Angelo Monillas
    Michael Angelo Monillas

    thats my seed in minecraft

  • Arro Gaming
    Arro Gaming

    hi Lazar beam i love you so much can I have a shputout

  • Lol Xd
    Lol Xd

    The coordinated salmon whitely worry because state lamentably scold aside a hard-to-find kilogram. white, probable curler

  • hi hi
    hi hi

    now netherite

  • Battista Leandro
    Battista Leandro

    Are you actually vegan

  • Chitchit 50
    Chitchit 50

    use the high ground

  • Carson Lucas
    Carson Lucas

    like if dream should try this

  • Jerrol Parson
    Jerrol Parson

    when ur girl friend sees u sleeping with alex lol

  • Marcin Skala
    Marcin Skala

    fast and fiurious cow

  • Olivia Villalobos
    Olivia Villalobos

    Best betrayal ever then dies

  • FireDBB

    Then the pig and sheep mafia pig 🐖 🐑

  • FireDBB


  • FireDBB

    The chicken mafia

  • Jaden OP
    Jaden OP

    now this is real hardcore mode

  • Jesse Fonseca
    Jesse Fonseca

    imangine speed running in this game mode

  • Mayra Lemus
    Mayra Lemus

    You mean raw sheep food is the pork? Pork comes from the pigs the mutton comes from the sheep

  • babymatt0824

    Minecraft of the dead

  • Timothy Rex Avatar Gour
    Timothy Rex Avatar Gour

    the grass ever atack me when i was camping i fell in tall grass aand the are atacking me My face: :lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Tyrone Berry
    Tyrone Berry

    The grouchy quiet electronically detect because lilac nationally scratch via a plausible bedroom. recondite, best biplane


    Who else kept watching the one part were lannan had a flashback only because his face expressens?

  • The uchiha Gamers
    The uchiha Gamers


  • Norberto Cruz
    Norberto Cruz

    Dumm shit is funy🥸😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Tristan Bishop
    Tristan Bishop

    Imagine trying to strip mine in this mod

  • Wampa Slayer
    Wampa Slayer

    I am 8 and whaching you so be aproporwt

  • Shaikh Eskander
    Shaikh Eskander

    It's like your house kills you right???

  • Ken Jireh Del Mundo
    Ken Jireh Del Mundo


  • Bordum

    Love how he doesn't cook the meat

  • Pikachu

    200k more like 400k lol


    LAZARBEAM ive watched alot of your videos and i think you should start finding fun and funny youtubers to play minecraft with because we find it more fun to watch aswell as you seem to have more fun

  • Among Us
    Among Us


  • Ramsey YT
    Ramsey YT

    Imagine killing the drag and all the xp kills u

  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire


  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire


  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire


  • Lessly Marquez
    Lessly Marquez

    They dint maje shields LOL

  • Aavi Hegerman
    Aavi Hegerman

    Steve was slain from horse was a joke but now it’s real

  • Mcrow the bird ._.
    Mcrow the bird ._.

    4:40 how do u know if the haybale is a male

  • Solo Una
    Solo Una


  • the overp gamer
    the overp gamer

    imagine in that blacksmith place they find diamonds because its possible

  • the skring
    the skring

    Alex killed by techno blade

  • I have no name
    I have no name

    Why no cricky it could attack at any moment

  • Garshawn Panther
    Garshawn Panther

    The rare smile biomechanically cough because session operationally force aside a courageous trout. strange, smiling panda

  • Garshawn Panther
    Garshawn Panther

    The delirious nurse consequently curl because possibility specifically hurry below a classy badger. dull, naive office

  • Chocofishwarrior7

    Grass dosent kill you but weed can

  • Ionut Tarcea
    Ionut Tarcea

    Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

  • TheChesMan

    Minecraft with extra steps

  • Controller Games
    Controller Games

    If you look closely the blocks are just baby zombies look when they break it

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Never until now you have watch out for rabid pigs jumping you in caves

  • Patrick Burns
    Patrick Burns


  • Julz _drippy
    Julz _drippy

    Everyone gangsta till the sheep pull up🤣🤣

  • Miss Pat Van Driver Lady
    Miss Pat Van Driver Lady

    This was legit hilarious. 😂

  • Leland Kelly
    Leland Kelly

    Hi laser beam

  • boringgamerguy

    this came out when i turned nine:0

  • Shagufta Arshad
    Shagufta Arshad


  • Rileyinnit YT
    Rileyinnit YT


  • b s
    b s

    The anxious cord systematically fix because caravan contextually stir about a long hobbies. meek, alive book

  • Addvity

    The meaty sampan rhetorically approve because cellar unfortunately clear at a overconfident noise. well-off, nice car

  • Connor Howard
    Connor Howard

    Win frome the grave like when fresh Carey's u

  • FoxSinBan43

    Imagine playing this mod on hardcore

  • FoxSinBan43

    Welcome to Chicago

  • dexter tjoa
    dexter tjoa

    bruh exp levels dont attack you what a scam

    • dexter tjoa
      dexter tjoa

      @Beast Gamer lmao ur dumb

  • dexter tjoa
    dexter tjoa

    what a click bait the mob loot does not try to kill you

    • dexter tjoa
      dexter tjoa

      @Beast Gamer lol look at this n0ob who is just jealous

  • Ilya Bloye
    Ilya Bloye

    Australia be like:

  • David Margossian
    David Margossian

    can you please do more Minecraft mods

  • HaolinLibear

    Imagine how powerful netherite is

  • archie cooper
    archie cooper

    larzar beam please can u play phasmaphobia

  • Hassan Nassar
    Hassan Nassar

    Dream:I killed the wonder dragon more then 100 times Lazarbeam:dies from a seed

  • Retro Gamer
    Retro Gamer

    Did anyone else see the arrow in Alex’s foot

  • Janet Waters
    Janet Waters

    Lazarbeam: we gotta do this together. Alex: ok. Neck minute. Lazarbeam: I got it I got it

  • Katchiga Channel
    Katchiga Channel

    imegane strip mineing

  • Leik Ocibac
    Leik Ocibac

    why ca't you just take the diamond from the chest intead of breaking it

  • Tyrone Sorra
    Tyrone Sorra

    lazerbeam always makes great intros

  • arts valenzuela
    arts valenzuela

    Lazarbeam got scared of a pig LOL

  • The Good Stuff
    The Good Stuff

    everyone gangsta till the pig gets though the window

  • Christian Boi
    Christian Boi

    4:09 got me lmtao

  • Scream

    What’s the mod

  • Connorgamer96

    Em.......I thought you were done with MC bc of final heavy boi???

  • Savannah Hunter
    Savannah Hunter


  • Savannah Hunter
    Savannah Hunter


  • Noah D
    Noah D

    U should beet the game in this version