I Pretended To Be MARVEL BOSSES in Fortnite
fortnite and marvel are cooool
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  • Brayan Miguel Perez Liquidano
    Brayan Miguel Perez Liquidano

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  • GamingwithJustCar

    The way he said "medical supplies"!

  • Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop
    Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop


  • Keithan and mason
    Keithan and mason

    I miss this season :(

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson

    Your way better than fresh at fortnite

  • Declan McCrory
    Declan McCrory

    its the guy from fortnite 🧜‍♂️

  • Truthh_FN

    i like how he made that noise at 0:00

    • Truthh_FN


  • Simon Tran
    Simon Tran

    0:00 me when i have too wake up for school

  • Maricela Acosta
    Maricela Acosta


  • Rajni Jain
    Rajni Jain

    Bro your videos they are awsome

  • Jeziah Corona
    Jeziah Corona

    You are cool

  • GameOn !
    GameOn !

    How u do the henchman thing?

  • Whittylikesfortnite Boyfriend sad
    Whittylikesfortnite Boyfriend sad

    Fortnight x marvel

  • Rameez Riaz
    Rameez Riaz

    i know my comments late but the bots are litteraly storm troopers they cant kill

  • Steve Edmonds
    Steve Edmonds


  • Justin games and stuff
    Justin games and stuff

    Lazarbeam has 449k prayers that he wont die

  • Guld idioterne
    Guld idioterne

    O K???

  • Jordan McLinn
    Jordan McLinn

    Ironman was a mythic boss when he made this video

  • Emmah Njeri
    Emmah Njeri

    hi i have a vid idia do a locker tour in fortnite

  • Toon meowscles
    Toon meowscles


  • Laura Randle
    Laura Randle

    Wow why does it say 26 lol

  • Joe Gull
    Joe Gull

    your the best at roleplay

  • Joe Gull
    Joe Gull


  • Joe Gull
    Joe Gull


  • Victoria Maleki
    Victoria Maleki

    I support you and ❤️ you I don’t care thx for making epic videos

  • DC - 02BN 902553 Castlemore PS
    DC - 02BN 902553 Castlemore PS

    There is a iron man boss

  • Mirudi Disterheft
    Mirudi Disterheft

    4:06 where is the yeet?

  • Royce Dutch Jr.
    Royce Dutch Jr.

    Rockets shooting 3s be like: 0:02

  • CalvinEvelyns Review
    CalvinEvelyns Review

    What ? 9:17

  • Niecey Anderson
    Niecey Anderson

    Spiderman in fortnite

  • Niecey Anderson
    Niecey Anderson


  • Niecey Anderson
    Niecey Anderson

    I miss black panther

  • You U
    You U

    Go stark industries

  • vicci gilbey
    vicci gilbey

    There scared of ypyr needle

  • HQ_Dima

    R.I.P Chadwick Bosemen you will never be forgotten

  • Jase Shields
    Jase Shields

    I love your videos

  • Jase Shields
    Jase Shields

    I'm big fin and I you're video. Im5. My name jase

  • E-dog Gaming
    E-dog Gaming


  • Kim Hey
    Kim Hey

    Doctor doom gave dead pools powers

  • Kyle Urstadt
    Kyle Urstadt

    iron man and wolveran in the game

  • Mina Mohammady
    Mina Mohammady

    Once I’ve done this and I win

  • zahi zaib
    zahi zaib

    Your so good at it

  • zahi zaib
    zahi zaib

    Hi lazarbeam i subscribed your

  • SteviaSTM

    I don’t think victor knows what the Hippocratic oath means..

  • The Wild Wearwolf
    The Wild Wearwolf

    Can you friend me on Fortnite

  • Quinn Trechter
    Quinn Trechter

    Rip lazar

  • Mr. Pancakes
    Mr. Pancakes

    Congrats LAZAR, you have 447 thousand prayers that you wont die 27 times in a row in fortninte.

  • Jwetz

    “If anything’s on fire, slap it with your stick” -LazarBeam 2020

  • Claire Brennan
    Claire Brennan

    He does have a skin in a few days in dat season

  • Shadow Kage 53
    Shadow Kage 53

    dr doom is villain docter who wants to kill fantastic 4

  • Yvonne Kasiya
    Yvonne Kasiya


  • Debbie Falwasser
    Debbie Falwasser

    He is so onst

  • grinchyclaus15 M
    grinchyclaus15 M

    Lazarbeam I think doctor doom is a doctor of death me his name is doctor doom

  • Fluffy gaming Squad
    Fluffy gaming Squad

    so funny lazer lol you died so many times better luck next time.

  • Noah Allan
    Noah Allan

    He dead

  • Ruth Brennan
    Ruth Brennan

    Sasen. 6. Tomorrow 🎉🎉🎉

  • mildsa nakove
    mildsa nakove

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  • VenomousBr3ath23

    1:27: MY skrEeN iS shAKiNg it’S tHE KRakEn!!

  • Sgt. Tipod
    Sgt. Tipod


  • Kamrul987 Richard linda987**
    Kamrul987 Richard linda987**

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  • Angela Torres
    Angela Torres

    Bots always kill me

  • Mordecai & Rigby & Baby Ducks ©️
    Mordecai & Rigby & Baby Ducks ©️

    Fortnite: These skins dose not grantee you any advantages LazarBeam:

  • Suzanne Tapia
    Suzanne Tapia

    noice u got 445k prayers

  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza

    I used code Lazar in the item shop

  • salma ashraf
    salma ashraf


  • Tim Jeffery
    Tim Jeffery

    Iron man is a mythic boss

  • Ashok Kaliaperumal
    Ashok Kaliaperumal


  • Brandon Tran
    Brandon Tran

    code fresh code fresh code fresh for life

  • Rifty…will you Mary me?
    Rifty…will you Mary me?

    Ahhhh good times

  • Alberts Gūtmanis
    Alberts Gūtmanis

    and your'e my favourite youtuber

  • Alberts Gūtmanis
    Alberts Gūtmanis

    you made this video in my birthday

  • adrien graham
    adrien graham

    Whoever is watching this on 2021 is a bloody legend

  • duck

    Got Any Oil

  • Ayush bansode
    Ayush bansode

    When de died he always comes with fresh

  • Sawyeboi

    I haven’t won a game in 3months

  • Jerrol Parson
    Jerrol Parson

    lol dr.doom is a bad guy

  • Robert castro
    Robert castro

    The yellow attempt broadly milk because reduction italy empty a a languid dust. fuzzy , lovely hardcover

  • Lily f12
    Lily f12

    i love how lazar beam never rages but when he does he makes it a joke

  • Red


  • Saffiya Aqrabawi
    Saffiya Aqrabawi


  • King Colton18
    King Colton18

    Congrats on your skin

  • Zelna van Rooyen
    Zelna van Rooyen

    Hi Lazar Beam a am a big fan a am 10

  • Aliceplayz

    Ya doctor doom totally gives people new noses

  • CAC TV channel
    CAC TV channel

    Fresh said a bad word

  • Dexter JAREMENKO
    Dexter JAREMENKO

    I made the biggest sky base on fortnite LOOSER

  • Briceson Merriweather
    Briceson Merriweather


  • Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne Smith

    Love your vids♥️

  • Skyz

    I’m a big fan

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    Alexander Gaskin


  • Elizabeth Nelms
    Elizabeth Nelms

    You are nice you said use my code or someone else. Good Job

  • tshepo walakira
    tshepo walakira


  • Daniel Armstrong
    Daniel Armstrong

    Lazerbeam I use you code

  • Nazik Yatine
    Nazik Yatine

    He is a bloody dam legend he is the reason we all exist 👏👏

    • Gaming With Watermelon
      Gaming With Watermelon

      Yes he is 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • KMULAA347

    missing season 4

  • Jayden Drudge
    Jayden Drudge

    Lazar we are the only gingers!

  • dragonslair699 dragon
    dragonslair699 dragon


  • Cathy Kelly
    Cathy Kelly

    Lazarbeam is better cursing and more funy

  • Foxy


  • Brandon Tao
    Brandon Tao

    LAZAR pls 1v1 me on the weekend user: SuperGong369

  • Rage King
    Rage King

    When a bot is better then LazarBeam