5 DRUMGUNS at once is overpowered
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  • ChefZack X
    ChefZack X

    This is opposite day. Lannan is carrying Fresh.

  • sub plz
    sub plz

    6:14 u want mine?

  • The GamerMonkey
    The GamerMonkey

    watching cause fortnite is downloading and it may not work but hope it will Im bored

  • Christophe Bouillaud
    Christophe Bouillaud

    fresh is a bot

  • Jaxson Wiser
    Jaxson Wiser

    What is wrong with LAZARBEAM sometimes

  • Fitzy

    Two years ago? Already? Where has the time gone?

  • Keyonia Hardy
    Keyonia Hardy

    Lannan need to play like he used to nowadays he gets carried

  • Doge


  • Anxiety -_-X
    Anxiety -_-X

    1:14 u can see a llama near his face cam

  • Christopher Kecskes
    Christopher Kecskes

    4:37 meh

  • Family Family
    Family Family

    I missed the event because I was in another event whilst playing under the sheets

  • Tony Briglia
    Tony Briglia

    Nice job

  • SLAYER 101
    SLAYER 101


  • Jasper Mignardi
    Jasper Mignardi

    that was KadeAU

  • Avinoam-Gaming

    1:15 llama near his head

  • DarkvViperEU

    5:03 blaph

  • Murkle123

    4:34 I read them

  • Murkle123

    0:21 I voted drum gun I spray everything even ttv

  • billbolio

    4:39 me

  • sparkyBG

    This video is like the ones ceeday did when new weapons came out

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason

    Please call it a Thompson. It has been through hell and back respect The Thompson with the drum magazine.

  • DEVEL 99
    DEVEL 99

    2:02 lazar:alr the fbi are coming for me Me:you are the fbi detective are fbi bruh!

  • Griffiths Kids
    Griffiths Kids

    there was a lama 1:13 on a hill

  • lol

    6:01 wait.... That's stream sniper is Kade!!!

  • Pikächū

    Fresh to Lazarbeam: choo!! chho!! here comes the little kill Drumgun to Lazarbeam: Snap ur fingers in kills with me m8.

  • Fabian

    You haven’t done a video lately if I want five of them .

  • Luten_ XD
    Luten_ XD

    the only thing i heard were fast thuds, lol

  • Ryan Ness
    Ryan Ness

    0:30 he roasted himself

  • Jesus CruzSimon
    Jesus CruzSimon


  • Lisa Murray
    Lisa Murray

    You should call it God house

  • Ferraridude

    4:51 cough

  • Ferraridude

    4:51 cough

  • Chandler Ball
    Chandler Ball

    its crazy to think its been 2 years since this has happen time goes by fast

  • Jose A
    Jose A

    I saw a llama

  • Michael Robb
    Michael Robb

    Lazarbeem when he gets gf I. WoNt FivE oF thEM

  • Zach Morelos
    Zach Morelos


  • Yolo Bro
    Yolo Bro

    Am I the only one that noticed the llama at 1:14

  • A world of fun
    A world of fun

    Lazarbeam who reads these Me mE

  • Ciobanica Ion
    Ciobanica Ion

    Can we just talk about how lannan got 18 kills and HE carried fresh Last game

  • Hi Hub
    Hi Hub

    Damn good ol days 😂

  • Ellis Farrow
    Ellis Farrow

    i like where he says "everyone voted for the drum un to be unvolted, WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE!?

  • Nalam Pradham
    Nalam Pradham

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Lazarbeam: missing update night everytime

  • Alex Japhet
    Alex Japhet

    Drum gun beat sweats

  • Matthew king
    Matthew king


  • Landen Larabel
    Landen Larabel


  • JAHAN Fatakia
    JAHAN Fatakia

    There was a Lama right next to retail

  • distorted Craig
    distorted Craig

    the one vid where he carries fresh

  • Andy Fsfgr
    Andy Fsfgr

    Why is no one talking about 2:34? Wtf happened there?

  • Evin Muniz
    Evin Muniz

    Who's here in 2021

  • Swiggle

    You know you killed kade

  • Donna R. Dodge
    Donna R. Dodge

    The slippery ounce intradurally influence because flock contextually sign aside a grubby gruesome cloudy. aggressive, beneficial explanation

  • Gustavo RP
    Gustavo RP

    Every video i see fresh needs to be in it

  • Alex is the best 2009
    Alex is the best 2009

    I love l Leave beam

  • Alex is the best 2009
    Alex is the best 2009

    I want 6 of them

  • GabeStar19

    When your crush liked you back. 2:00

  • Dillon McLaughlin
    Dillon McLaughlin

    Fresh got carried

  • Tania Viflyaeva
    Tania Viflyaeva

    My g

  • Zean’s gaming and reviews The coolest gamer
    Zean’s gaming and reviews The coolest gamer

    I want five of em!!!

  • Mores Bell
    Mores Bell


  • Speedcuber Nate
    Speedcuber Nate

    what sucks is that lannan keeps inulting himself for sucking at fortnite and then i play and realize that lannan is *SO* much better then me

  • Rory, Maebel and Kristen Gaming
    Rory, Maebel and Kristen Gaming

    I read all of the transitions first one is “let’s get carried” then “Fresh a bot” then “who reads these” then “we in endgame now”

  • stratos fragkis
    stratos fragkis

    I WANT 5 OF EM

  • Max Kenyon
    Max Kenyon

    Hey who is watching this in 2021?👍🏻

  • pappnase041 pappnase117
    pappnase041 pappnase117

    Who reads these I do

  • krustykrab pizza
    krustykrab pizza

    1:14 lyama on left

  • Envy Clan Official
    Envy Clan Official

    The stream sniper was the same guy that killed him in the start

  • Noodle VibeS
    Noodle VibeS

    I want five of em

  • Tammy

    they should have named the update for lazarlazar

  • Faze Icce
    Faze Icce


  • Ebrahim AMIN
    Ebrahim AMIN

    ya dumb

  • Mason Burzuik
    Mason Burzuik

    4:38 Me I read them :)

  • The mole
    The mole

    Fresh:any last words Mully:a great man Once said “i WAnT FIVe oF eM” Fresh:wait wasn’t that laz- credit to original creator @jim kerly

  • mxrider429

    Ajmo fatpalačinke 😂

  • far amen
    far amen

    The rabid border bodily rot because wine clinically remove below a dead geese. polite, spectacular invoice

  • Thomas Keating
    Thomas Keating

    3 out of 5 drumguns. “ don’t worry I’m 30% of the way” 😂 America explain

  • Trent Worts
    Trent Worts


  • Temier Williams
    Temier Williams

    ummmmmm I was there and I voted for the gomgun do I need to die?

  • TobiasM

    7:30 same guy that killed you before 😂😂😂

  • i play minecraft
    i play minecraft

    2:21 i think this is the reason why i always remembered thanos having 5 infinity stones

  • Karthikeya P
    Karthikeya P

    2:34 I don't understand how he lost health but not shield It looked like he was getting *shot* Maybe a hacker idk

  • fish man777
    fish man777


  • Tamás Dupcsák
    Tamás Dupcsák

    *Midas wants to know your location*

  • Subby & Games
    Subby & Games


  • Dinko 10
    Dinko 10

    Lazar: who reads this. Me: offcorse i know him, it's me

  • Alex Jonathan
    Alex Jonathan

    1:14 anyone else see the llama

  • Vinayak S
    Vinayak S

    You knew that it is broken when lannan carries Fresh

  • Kiran Sarfaraz
    Kiran Sarfaraz

    Lazarbeam: I need one more now Fresh: you want mine

  • Willpuff

    Hey lazarbeam uploaded this video on the same day and month as my birthday!🥳😉😃

  • Chi Ho
    Chi Ho

    Bruh even lannan is good now

  • stefan9629


  • Mr.MystCMW

    I’m watching this for the like millionth time and in the beginning of the vid I just now noticed a lama and lannan didnt notice it

  • Saedris

    every video lazar or fresh has always has kadeAU or Kanga.

  • Kadon

    any body else see that Kanga . was in his game 2 times after the game he died is xd

  • NicolasTheBeast

    Years agoLAZARBEAM:LAZARR POWEEER FRESH:I'M A BOT NOW LazarBeam:I'm a bot Mann yeeet Fresh:dang it i already have to carry you

  • ZyL0GoaT

    There bad now

  • stefan9629


  • stefan9629


  • The Superstars
    The Superstars

    Lazarbeam wants to be a gangsta Also lazarbeam: puts on detective skin

  • Bama Animations
    Bama Animations

    He wanted 5 of em, he got 5 of em

  • Brayden's life
    Brayden's life

    Damn I miss the drumgun