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  • Helen Burgess
    Helen Burgess

    That fucked up man is junya

  • Calloway Crew
    Calloway Crew

    Not me u now me so yea

  • Quinn O’Brien
    Quinn O’Brien

    Oh no the Titanic hit an iceberg, Alia intro be like: my time to shine😏😏😏

  • Hockey Gaming
    Hockey Gaming

    I love how I laughed at nothing but Lannan’s commentary

  • Emma Harris
    Emma Harris

    i love you

  • Robert Carroll
    Robert Carroll


  • Robert Carroll
    Robert Carroll

    Best content ever

  • Bob Cashman
    Bob Cashman

    5:19 Me when I meet a celeb

  • Jason Torres
    Jason Torres

    i feel like if i watch this im savage gansta

  • Bob Cashman
    Bob Cashman

    3:55 My Teacher asking us a question

  • Carol Douglas
    Carol Douglas

    alaska says hi

  • Travis Tindle
    Travis Tindle


  • Travis Tindle
    Travis Tindle

    Well shit

  • DriftTheRift

    “I have a phobia of rodents” WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN

  • Neworu

    I was drinking water are i almost choked on that water watching this vid

  • Christian Shirley
    Christian Shirley

    your gay jk joking best youtubers

  • Bradley Heckman
    Bradley Heckman

    i have a fobeu of insecsess

  • Riley Bunney
    Riley Bunney

    Donald trump caught in 4K

  • Isabela Bifulk
    Isabela Bifulk

    iron man: I......AM Lazerbeam: BOReD

  • Bob and Emily Boyle
    Bob and Emily Boyle


  • Bellsklure Gaming
    Bellsklure Gaming

    Who is still dying of boredom

  • Felix Fitzpatrick
    Felix Fitzpatrick


  • Alan Brew
    Alan Brew

    When he hit him self with a bullet

  • ElPidioYTChannel

    One day your son you should add anything to that I watch him and he’s better than you

  • jekahn turua
    jekahn turua

    Lannan lied No one can beat his kill record

  • Jxst Foxxy
    Jxst Foxxy

    Is it good i have the same phobia of lazar

  • Em_Emerald Em
    Em_Emerald Em

    Lazarbeam are you scared at Guinea pigs cause they are rodents ? And I have two guinea pigs

  • Hi jinx
    Hi jinx

    4:20 he is a dang Moran sent me laughing

    • NotDemonYT

      420 lol

  • Get More Chase
    Get More Chase

    im seven years old and my kill reckord is 23

  • Austin Schilling
    Austin Schilling

    6:37 am i the only who felt that pain

    • Ruben Olivares
      Ruben Olivares


  • Elisha Morgan
    Elisha Morgan

    Ali A won no way that’s not funny

  • Reece jr Moz
    Reece jr Moz

    Sry trump can't say the same

  • Hooky Booky
    Hooky Booky

    im bored

  • Hooky Booky
    Hooky Booky

    im bored

  • Hooky Booky
    Hooky Booky

    im bored

  • Hooky Booky
    Hooky Booky

    im bored

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet

    Come on lets get this man to 20 million subs!!!!!!!

  • Hot Potato
    Hot Potato

    4:35 It’s WALTER!!!

  • Pony Toy Review by Lovella
    Pony Toy Review by Lovella

    Watch anime

  • cash2930 cash2930
    cash2930 cash2930

    Classic AliA

  • Ayo its ya boi
    Ayo its ya boi

    I.. am.......boredddd

  • Z tralier
    Z tralier

    You change

  • lefti galvez
    lefti galvez

    "this person made a popcorn with a fart" -larzar beam

  • Chastity Ryan
    Chastity Ryan

    My kill recorded is 16

  • syndicate 03
    syndicate 03

    I respect how much lazarbeam loves star wars

  • Lucky And jack pepper 2
    Lucky And jack pepper 2

    I can relate to that every man learns it because of him how are you learn mine I was sledgehammering at work with my grandfather and I hit my nuts and Wala

  • Robbie Mallory
    Robbie Mallory

    Job I

  • Anna Byrd
    Anna Byrd


  • Martin Neal
    Martin Neal

    it hasn't been a year since this video was out and he already got 26 million veiws

  • romi ali
    romi ali

    7:13 most funniest part of the video

  • Western Wizzard
    Western Wizzard

    You fucked up iron mans last words

  • Amy Rodriguez
    Amy Rodriguez

    And I am the best youtuder in the world and my name is lazerbeam

  • Diamond Person
    Diamond Person

    At least trump don’t sniff kids

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson

    I felt that pain of hitting your head on a garage door when I head but a locker 8 times

  • Maxwell Kuhn
    Maxwell Kuhn

    Can I be the last comment

  • Alfie Thomas John Chadwick
    Alfie Thomas John Chadwick


  • Micaela Carino Garcia
    Micaela Carino Garcia


  • A.A.kangani2020 Kangani
    A.A.kangani2020 Kangani

    You made me do pi’s in me self

  • Jayden and Jordan
    Jayden and Jordan

    I'm bored I'm bored . Are you ready for some tiktoxs

  • Ultronhuman

    2:30 pls explain

  • odus


  • Roman Iuli
    Roman Iuli

    I shot myself in the eye with a Halo gun

  • Aiden James
    Aiden James

    How acculty belives trump??

  • Enrik Calja
    Enrik Calja

    That endgame reference was perfect

  • Brady Cruzen
    Brady Cruzen

    Not to flex or anything but I was exactly the 25,964,000th view

  • Dyland Lima
    Dyland Lima

    “I... am... bored” *snaps*

  • Haile JAmes
    Haile JAmes


  • Ty Blocker
    Ty Blocker

    that cry tho

  • Ty Blocker
    Ty Blocker

    love ur vids mate

  • Christine Carey
    Christine Carey

    Dogs can't see colour they can only see grey white red yellow blue green and black

  • Christine Carey
    Christine Carey

    I would rather make fun of a blind person more than a blind dog

  • Conner Hester
    Conner Hester


  • TheYeet Kid
    TheYeet Kid

    Yeet Bru

  • Lukas Klein
    Lukas Klein

    Why did i Predigt the i am Bord in the intro

  • Preston Givelas
    Preston Givelas

    I have 18

  • Boxed-by- Cold
    Boxed-by- Cold

    My kill record is 18

  • BillyGamez123

    Plot twist the dog wasn’t blind he wanted to get brain damage

  • Harsh Jaglan
    Harsh Jaglan


  • Mega gaming home
    Mega gaming home


  • Perry the Platypus
    Perry the Platypus


  • yeet man
    yeet man


  • James Small
    James Small

    you are the best

  • Owly 111
    Owly 111

    Glad i'm not the only one that says dollery doo's

  • Mason B
    Mason B


  • NinGamer8

    why would he do that with the legosss doooooooooooo

  • J.C. Kk
    J.C. Kk


  • mroof99

    Lol my kill record is 23 kills

  • Reese Mclennan
    Reese Mclennan

    I love the intro and when you said dollery do Idc if I spelled it wrong

  • Trevor Schell
    Trevor Schell

    Tik tok is trash

  • Ryan PotGieter
    Ryan PotGieter


    • Ryan PotGieter
      Ryan PotGieter


  • KissMeMagi

    what did you say lazarbeam a mouse got infront of the screen


    by the way alia is the captain of the ship


    If you’re seeing this, you’re the meme

  • Gael Santillanes
    Gael Santillanes

    What’s the name of the song 8:09

  • mindtrip142

    Why’s the ice burg so small but the titanic so big and it’d round

  • Maria Arellani
    Maria Arellani

    ho ever thru that papr your moms a houw

  • Nick Thody
    Nick Thody

    Why would a person shoot there balls with a gun

  • sebastian choncoa
    sebastian choncoa

    my life is GOD PLS HELP ME F