minecrafts most offensive base (part 3)
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  • LazarBeam

    I’ve confirmed putting demonetised in the title hurts views

    • The Sweaty BOIIS
      The Sweaty BOIIS

      Aww I am sorry buddy

    • Frosted Curros
      Frosted Curros

      13:13 what were you eating lol

    • Dylan O toole
      Dylan O toole


    • Dgcgamer 3
      Dgcgamer 3

      He says he gonna get animals hmmmmmmmm is this getting animals LOL

    • DandelionWall

      Why is horse armor braking rules

  • ChancyChannel

    Loverfella put part of this in his Minecraft fails video

  • Early Night4056
    Early Night4056

    Your base is just an upside down T, what is so offensive about it.

  • Adam Joseph
    Adam Joseph

    the way he the thought he was fine after hitting mining down the temple hole

  • TIGGY_da_ frog
    TIGGY_da_ frog

    If vegans are stronger than iron man are vegetarians stronger than captain America?

  • Bear and David
    Bear and David

    He fell in a trap that’s how big a bot he is

  • Kids Watson
    Kids Watson

    It is my 10th time watching

  • Chris John Chua
    Chris John Chua

    dude the axe have 9 damage but if u only reach the full little sword in the middle sword only 7 damage

  • Virago ツ
    Virago ツ

    Do a hardcore series

  • Typical Grinder
    Typical Grinder

    I’m 8 and I love the base

    • Flo 265
      Flo 265

      8 years old... Why did you have to address that, you couldve just said i like the base.

  • Harry Nolan
    Harry Nolan

    Go lazarbeam Australia is better then sweetish people and I’m Australian

    • Flo 265
      Flo 265


  • DropIt YT
    DropIt YT

    He kept the saddles but not the horse armour lol

  • Josiah Zhang
    Josiah Zhang

    drink milk it getts rid of the axe piliger efect

    • Josiah Zhang
      Josiah Zhang

      @Flo 265 sorry one of my brothers got on my PC

    • Flo 265
      Flo 265

      Thanks for telling him that a year later

  • Declan Antkowiak
    Declan Antkowiak

    Ikea sucks

  • Kidpool 2.0
    Kidpool 2.0

    Im 8 I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS your my favorite ISnetsr keep making THE BBBEEEESSSSSTTTT ISnets VIDEOS ON THE PLANET

  • Brenley Hiers
    Brenley Hiers

    This is real CONTENT

  • LouStxff

    Bro I luv this minecraft series keep it up

  • Cameron gaming tv
    Cameron gaming tv


  • Tõnu Õnnis
    Tõnu Õnnis

    Me watching Lannan burn all the horse armor: **INTENSE SWEATING**

  • Daiwiik Harihar
    Daiwiik Harihar

    Lazarbeam and melons-an undying love story 😂😂


    Its funny that lazar started the raid beacuse he had bad omen

  • Charlie Daniells
    Charlie Daniells

    No lazar wasn’t lyin I had melons in my minecraft world and irl I got hit by a bike

  • Phonephet Chantharas
    Phonephet Chantharas

    You ate meat in the first part lier

  • Trace Kmyta
    Trace Kmyta

    before puberty and after puberty

  • Fakez

    After 1 year, why is this now on everyone's recommended page?

    • Flo 265
      Flo 265

      Shut the fck up

    • Sam O'Connell
      Sam O'Connell

      Wow I’ve never seen this type of comment before. It’ll get so many likes due to its sheer originality!

    • ThijzzZ

      Shut up bot

  • JACOB Allen
    JACOB Allen

    I'm so smart it shouldn't be called the word its looks like a castle so call it a castle

  • Samuel Yt
    Samuel Yt

    Bro i from sweden

  • Paypal Account
    Paypal Account

    The young hallway inferiorly fail because oboe histomorphometrically marry below a panoramic stepdaughter. idiotic, dramatic leather

  • lidia Georgieva
    lidia Georgieva


  • Aron Wesly
    Aron Wesly

    Melons more

  • Tom Masloroff
    Tom Masloroff


  • Dwayner Germino
    Dwayner Germino

    Lazarbeam if you rude a horse and get out of that and back ride to it and the horse will love you

  • anthony Baker
    anthony Baker

    Good work lazarbeam

  • Om Gandhi
    Om Gandhi


  • Melon Lord
    Melon Lord

    Me a swedish boi: How could you.

  • Rebecca Treadway
    Rebecca Treadway

    a pinus

  • The Osmont Pack
    The Osmont Pack

    Did u actually adopted fresh

  • Sam Schneider
    Sam Schneider

    is he eating veggieshite

  • TN - 04CG 836637 Northwood PS
    TN - 04CG 836637 Northwood PS

    I’m watching all parts one time

  • Ajjaja Anjajaha
    Ajjaja Anjajaha

    You didn’t even have a shield didn’t even know it is the punches in the door that’s who want to keep my phone is who wanna say so self

  • Shotgun Bonnie
    Shotgun Bonnie


  • Junxia Tang
    Junxia Tang

    I’m seven and that’s not to much for me

    • Jessica Rios
      Jessica Rios

      You watch lazar xuse of his fortgay videos no wonder ur 6😂

  • Óliver Maack
    Óliver Maack

    pp po po

  • George Tupman
    George Tupman

    7:17 hes not gonna that fishing rod for much longer look at the enchant

  • Marissa Zang
    Marissa Zang

    Who else was here during Madden

  • Coco Beans
    Coco Beans

    Lazar has the guts to throw DIAMOND stuff into lava

  • Emma Murray
    Emma Murray

    Lazerbeam: burns the horse armor A few minutes later: were going to get horses

  • robertplayz2021


  • robertplayz2021


  • Chungo_hungry

    In the background when he was in the boat I think he found the strong hold

  • Affe Paffe
    Affe Paffe

    Im coming from sweden so now im sad becuese off you but why did you burn sweden

  • Super FAN
    Super FAN

    Fresh is not even looking at you at the end

  • Matthew Rocha-Saunders
    Matthew Rocha-Saunders


  • Tyrin Pillay
    Tyrin Pillay

    Is no one gonna notice how he said 9 stacks of melon instead of 7 and 3 quarters😂😂😂😂

  • Eevee Playz
    Eevee Playz

    Laser beam bad omen raids billiards

  • Aliceplayz

    Me:looking at the house he built and quickly turning off the video because I’m only 9

  • bee po
    bee po

    *adopted gremlin baby*

  • Cat Warior
    Cat Warior

    Man I miss these videos. I loved when lazerbeam was a noob

  • Grayson Johnson
    Grayson Johnson

    It’s a fucking L

  • poke poke purple
    poke poke purple

    The blue thing that kill you was a ravger witch is almost the most deadly mob plus you did no get never right


    Laser beam I think you need to come down a little bit

  • Hry 76
    Hry 76

    I got offensed because i am from Sweden

  • Disc Replacement
    Disc Replacement

    4:44 Me when there’s a big fight in school.

    • Maria Crancha
      Maria Crancha


  • OwenOJD

    pov: lazarbeam starts ww3 with sweden

  • Captain Oreo playz
    Captain Oreo playz

    Whos watching this at 2020-2021 cause of quarantine

  • Logano Blalock
    Logano Blalock

    Btw a lazerbeam you got a curse of vanishing fishing rod that’s bad

  • Itz_ savageryan
    Itz_ savageryan

    If you’ve watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, you know how powerful vegans can be.

  • Brandon Mac
    Brandon Mac

    I dont get what's so offensive, it's just an upside down T

  • Kill Switch360
    Kill Switch360

    its funny that your dog's name in Willeh, who has a willy and lives in a willy

  • Daniel Kaplan
    Daniel Kaplan


  • Judith Lonsdale
    Judith Lonsdale

    Lazar is hilarious 😂🤣

  • Snxw

    lazarbeam is awesome duh

  • Eviisen Tv
    Eviisen Tv

    0:35 Im from sweden haha


    DONT use the fishing rod it’s bad

  • unusualRYAN

    Lazar makes better Base than me ho plays minecraft 4yrs

  • EnderZippy

    Lazarbeam: a lot of people wants to steal our crap but nonononono Me: bro your on single player

  • Real Estate Videos
    Real Estate Videos

    he says secret tunnle and there is a GAPPING hole in the hill


    just make a shield

  • Nathan Todd
    Nathan Todd

    Mmmmm! See Lazarbeam burning all that good horse armor makes you feel pain.

  • A_ Spectator
    A_ Spectator

    it took over a month to understand what the base was

    • Jerry Chen
      Jerry Chen

      what is it

  • Jake

    not me re watching this series for the 3rd time bc no other youtubers do normal minecrat series

  • Alex Zanjani
    Alex Zanjani

    I once found a woodland mansion right next to a stronghold

    • Jerry Chen
      Jerry Chen


  • APRaPuu have nice days!
    APRaPuu have nice days!


  • Magdalena Öhgren
    Magdalena Öhgren

    I live in sweden

  • JJthegamer

    Who else noticed the stronghold brick at 1:00

  • Ayan Mouzzam
    Ayan Mouzzam

    You love pewdiepie

  • Meme_Lord

    iwas gonna make my house on me and my friends smp then they told me to watch this vid bc u have dis house

  • Great Big Jim
    Great Big Jim

    "AHHH SEA ZOMBIES" Well yes, but actually yes

    • Yee T
      Yee T

      Jesus loves u

  • John christy
    John christy

    wh4ere is your di\amons

  • Joelsy

    Anyone here in 2021 watching this

  • Rainbow Six Clips
    Rainbow Six Clips

    3 2

  • Koko Kashi
    Koko Kashi

    when lannan realizes Sweden made Minecraft:

  • Galactic Jacky
    Galactic Jacky

    vegan teacher watching this :)

  • BARN3S

    Ngl the underground base it actually insane

  • Sur cubing tutorials
    Sur cubing tutorials

    wadze has a bigger melon farm

  • rizveee ahmeds
    rizveee ahmeds

    The vulgar pelican temporarily stretch because speedboat whitely whirl besides a vigorous specialist. gigantic, overjoyed criminal

  • Theo Pover
    Theo Pover

    Lazarbeam being a vegan in this didn't age well

  • Kaelin Bonenfant
    Kaelin Bonenfant

    There’s about like 30 of the places you raided

  • I and N twins
    I and N twins

    The building was a d**k

  • Marlo Washington
    Marlo Washington

    It's funny how he said that he didnt want to go mining for diamond armor again cause he already mined for 5 hours, like bruh, it only took that long cause you kept falling in lava and losing your stuff, just be more careful🤣🤣🤣