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  • LazarBeam

    WhErE iS fOrTnItE Btw I learnt about a lot of stuff I can do in this game that I wasn’t originally aware of. Sorry for being basic af :)

    • rolysonic 123
      rolysonic 123

      the momoth and the minotor are not fighting YEET


      is this game free?

    • Reed Van Hoof
      Reed Van Hoof

      Hi use code lazar

    • RyanPlayz YT
      RyanPlayz YT

      I Hope Everyone Seeing This Comment Stays Safe In This Annoying Pandemic,I Really Wanna Hit 1k And I'm Asking Y'all For A Sub So That I Can Reach My Goal (I'm Not A Bot :)

    • wyeet

      It's ok

  • Just Denzel
    Just Denzel

    8.31 oh that guy got lunch


    I like how halflings can’t beat a mammoth but can kill a god.

  • Iain White
    Iain White

    red king stab peanus

  • The Dude Arlo
    The Dude Arlo


  • Dennis Abides
    Dennis Abides

    There were headbutters back in the prehistoric time??? Huh must have missed that part

  • Channing Bros
    Channing Bros

    Minotaur against mammoths minotaur ate kids

  • Mark Bolotov
    Mark Bolotov

    3:54 red king is doing blue king gender ghanging surgery


    Anyone see the code lazar

  • Memeries

    Kingdom: The Game

  • Doge Dude
    Doge Dude


  • DestructoKid 952
    DestructoKid 952

    2:38 What a way to advertise your creator code, LOL

  • Sankalp Karki
    Sankalp Karki

    2:36 lol

  • Ben Westhoff
    Ben Westhoff

    fucking werid games you play

  • Omar S
    Omar S


  • velcheetah

    The zeuses kept zapping each other back to life

  • FxNext PH
    FxNext PH


  • Haza Boi
    Haza Boi

    I saw code lazar with the head butters,I agree with them

  • Caolan Mulrooney
    Caolan Mulrooney

    I wish he did zeus vs minotuar

  • Maris Zarins
    Maris Zarins

    plai agen pliz


    he canging the titals

  • Vlad PG3D
    Vlad PG3D

    2:37 code lazar lol

  • Nevin Kanna
    Nevin Kanna

    This is what you call content

  • Yohan Robles
    Yohan Robles

    no it's not dumb hahahaa

  • Irfan Shorts
    Irfan Shorts

    U are the funniest guy i ever seeen 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dominic Ferolito
    Dominic Ferolito

    Play more tabs


    that game is free?

  • Gabriel Berrios
    Gabriel Berrios

    The abhorrent office molecularly peck because blinker interspecifically cross per a cold accountant. dark, four frail frown

  • Toady is Simping For Tsu
    Toady is Simping For Tsu

    Tabs or as I like to call it totally accurate yeet simulator

  • Game. exe
    Game. exe

    One of lazarbeams last quality videos. Now it’s only Fortnite and Tik Tok. I miss it

  • Questionable

    The slide show was fantastic

  • xd Moffy
    xd Moffy

    Lannan: we will play god (Places Zeus the god of gods) Me: maybe Lazar’s Roman

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams

    lifted in the part that am not gonna talk about

  • Ollie Skapillini
    Ollie Skapillini

    Good days

  • Raptor pack zack attack
    Raptor pack zack attack

    Hey um please sub to my ISnets Chanel it’s raptor pack zack attack

  • pamela amnbh
    pamela amnbh

    The repulsive pantry inadvertently flood because click peroperativly kneel sans a bored century. happy, adorable marimba

  • karl Stokes
    karl Stokes

    In the new arm in Roby tabs unit creator Zeus is really weak in the normal game but well Indian you I mean the unit creator update is actually making the Zeus Zeus god of Thunder you don't know how I damaged the normal game but in the new game was going to be no more gaming yeah he's fairly weeks so you can just a strong army against also there's a chance of Zeus killing his self make a hoop around around

  • karl Stokes
    karl Stokes

    How long is a game tabs there's going to be in 2021 it going to be is white a new update to text counts Peter is absent the Beta version of the Earth do all that stuff yeah no believe it's going to be awesome always remember in 2021 is the year of x Munich prayer keep that in mind

  • karl Stokes
    karl Stokes

    Hi lazarbeam are you get the Earth DLC DLC DLC tabs yeah it's kind of priests good yards while you can do whatever you want something you can change people to have ethernet life you can tell you can make flying units all units flying

  • Christopher Alexander Vulaj
    Christopher Alexander Vulaj

    Only the real ogs of this game remember the chicken man man

  • 0mgBrick Owo
    0mgBrick Owo

    funiest thing ever

  • Roman Diazcruz
    Roman Diazcruz

    You said my name Roman

  • WirySauce

    Headbutters that use code lazar

  • XburpyX

    2:37 army of code lazer LOL hahaha

  • kyrian meehan
    kyrian meehan

    at time stamp 2:38 it said code lazar just DO IT

  • Christopher Paroulakis
    Christopher Paroulakis

    I’m watching this in 2021 and it’s night this is what medicine i need

  • Ryan Gilligan
    Ryan Gilligan

    POV you came back to this video so see if anyone has recently commented

  • Sp1ral

    Zeus vs the minator

  • The fortnite Beast
    The fortnite Beast

    Code lazar 2:37

  • Aaron Razey
    Aaron Razey

    8:13 close your eyes and listen... uh... I

  • Alexander Moutier
    Alexander Moutier

    also new secret units

  • Alexander Moutier
    Alexander Moutier

    do more tabs video's

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is me

    Bring back random crap Friday

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is me

    Mate I bloody love you

  • Layden Fox
    Layden Fox


  • TylerW._.

    So it’s pronounced as mineotaur

  • Lucas Likes bread
    Lucas Likes bread

    Lazarbeam: playing tabs today yt: playing fn

  • Jed & Jen
    Jed & Jen

    “Beans.” *he predicted among us*

  • diannac410

    Play more tabs

  • Pico plays
    Pico plays


  • nick ward
    nick ward

    I once found a five eyed hafling

  • Debra Pole
    Debra Pole

    Love the games you play.

  • 3liteEEY

    Lannan you need a pet snake

  • Pretakes Editz
    Pretakes Editz

    lannan play this game again please :) ily

  • Sanaa Abedine
    Sanaa Abedine


  • Dark slaughter
    Dark slaughter

    If it’s king v king it’s lazer v lazer

  • Sparky Boiii
    Sparky Boiii

    This game has had so many updates please play it again

  • Ole Salvesen
    Ole Salvesen

    Game name?

  • Kweku Faure
    Kweku Faure


  • Parrot

    This game is the only true therapeutic game

  • Jacob Fruean
    Jacob Fruean

    Lan- i mean Lazarbeam! There's a unit creator now! Please return to this game!

  • Power -X
    Power -X

    Play more tabs please

  • Clifford Welch
    Clifford Welch

    I'm starting to feel like I don't want to watch his streams because he never let's you type unless your a member like I understand every once and a while but all the time is like wtf

  • PotHatKid

    in totally accurate battle sim they should add blood and the ice age baby you know what i want to happen to the ice age baby


    Do you OG Memes

  • Rory O'Malley
    Rory O'Malley

    hello lazer lazer

  • muhammad irfan
    muhammad irfan

    whats up

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer

    Hey lanan if you put one king with a bunch of priests the king is more powerful

  • Gaming With Ozzie
    Gaming With Ozzie


  • aiden n
    aiden n

    you sad f**k

  • sudhin ps
    sudhin ps

    This is entertaining than fortnite

  • Hoodie boi And animation
    Hoodie boi And animation

    3:13 yeah just don’t say what it looks like keep your channel non demonetized

  • 真夜中のレーサー


  • Kyle Tardiff
    Kyle Tardiff

    Bards are for decoys right?

  • Mystic-Mess

    2:37 look closely at the red units

  • Felix Ortiz
    Felix Ortiz

    I no $#%@ knew there was going to be a Zeus vs. Halfling fight

  • xxSniperxx

    This is how many people want more tabs 🔻

  • Gamerz Spooderman
    Gamerz Spooderman

    Do this again lazarbum

  • Randy Ott
    Randy Ott

    The hay bales be like rebellion

  • 1833

    Yes TABS is awesome

  • wolfgamers123 fires
    wolfgamers123 fires

    There is a code Lazar spelled out

  • Anonymous Dingo
    Anonymous Dingo


  • scottyrobins

    Wollemamoth vs. Wollemamoth

  • Amy27 Uocp0
    Amy27 Uocp0

    8:28 me when the pizza rolls are done

  • Breyden Perez
    Breyden Perez

    im watching in 2020 and have watched this video at least 50 times and still find it hella funny

  • Doggie Bro123
    Doggie Bro123


  • OnTheRize_

    They need to make Titans

  • Aaron Birschbach
    Aaron Birschbach

    at 2:38 did anyone else see the code lazar

  • Ellis LaVallee
    Ellis LaVallee

    play more tabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol yt
    lol yt