MY 1000IQ MINECRAFT BASE! (part 15)
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  • Preston Gaither
    Preston Gaither

    Whille where is my dog whillie

  • Dyna Blevins
    Dyna Blevins

    Oooooh I get it d town as in d$&k town

  • Sam C
    Sam C

    I miss the series more! 😭

  • zuhayr salie
    zuhayr salie

    When are you and fresh playing minecraft

  • Matty Pigg
    Matty Pigg

    it was posed on my birthday

  • Simon Thornton-Graham
    Simon Thornton-Graham

    LazarBeam “wow so artistic” Me what I thought he said “wow so autistic”

  • Golden Eye Stop Motion
    Golden Eye Stop Motion

    Mao stop climate change food jack black i will never forget you guys🥲

  • Deane Family
    Deane Family

    with white beds really

  • Aarav Chahal
    Aarav Chahal

    Hello Lazarbeam

  • Aarav Chahal
    Aarav Chahal


  • Micah Kendall
    Micah Kendall

    "I am 24 years old and have the maturity of a six-year-old. and I refuse to apologize for it." Amazing quote

    • •Soapy suds•
      •Soapy suds•


  • Shannon Hill
    Shannon Hill

    Who else is watching this in quarantine over and over

  • Cassandra Armstrong
    Cassandra Armstrong

    me: 7:44 comes around me: such evil laughter

  • Ignacio Quintana
    Ignacio Quintana

    " little disneys." Lazarbeam 2019

  • Aarav Chahal
    Aarav Chahal


    • Aarav Chahal
      Aarav Chahal

      Bye bye

  • Aarav Chahal
    Aarav Chahal

    I am going to sleep

  • AnGyFiSh 420
    AnGyFiSh 420

    Give me the head Lazerbeam 2019

  • lewis wilks
    lewis wilks

    Bro the zombie is disappearing because it get day light.

    • CJ Weber
      CJ Weber

      I think it's because he didn't name it

  • Rhys Kadoodle
    Rhys Kadoodle

    The amount of people who want LazarBeam to make another episode | V

  • Solomon Has Flab
    Solomon Has Flab

    Welcome to the thunder dome

  • james edmondson
    james edmondson

    noice vid really og

  • Will Fresh
    Will Fresh

    you may call him crazy, but its for a good cause

  • Liam O’Dea
    Liam O’Dea

    u can put a boat iin a minecart and it supercharges the minecart

  • Liam O’Dea
    Liam O’Dea

    who remembers when someone recreated danTDMs harcore base

  • [ content deleted ]
    [ content deleted ]

    A high definition dong.

  • Rizzocow

    Lazar kills base then looks down and sees willy then looks up sadly

  • Amber and Sophie Brodribb
    Amber and Sophie Brodribb


  • Spike Gang
    Spike Gang

    I thought you said you were never going to the end after getting the elytra

  • Blacker 6X6
    Blacker 6X6

    Dong town

  • Ilya Yastrebenetsky
    Ilya Yastrebenetsky

    if you eat a chorus fruit then you have a 50% of teleporting

  • Eli Cain
    Eli Cain

    He grew three years is 2 fucking episodes

  • Hi

    It's the cocktour

  • Supreme

    Me to

  • Outdoor Sports
    Outdoor Sports


  • Fishing Madman
    Fishing Madman

    Who else misses this series way too much

  • Rory Irving
    Rory Irving

    The maturity of a six year old I think that’s an over statement

  • I’m Friendly
    I’m Friendly

    To make sure the villagers and zombies don’t despawn use a name tag to name them

  • repsaj

    lol randy marsh

  • SuperMario tunca
    SuperMario tunca

    Comon 0/10

  • The Emerald Vampire
    The Emerald Vampire

    The zombie is despawning, to stop this you need to name him

  • Clover Jones
    Clover Jones

    you can wear the dragons head i'm pretty sure

  • aleksander vaagan
    aleksander vaagan

    tommyinnit suks

    • CanadaBall

      @official peter griffin he suks so muh

    • official peter griffin
      official peter griffin

      Learn to spell before you diss my boi tomey inite

  • Derick Dixon
    Derick Dixon

    I miss this so muchhh

  • Aaryan Choksi
    Aaryan Choksi

    anybody want to tell him that bread isn't vegan

  • Robin Johnston
    Robin Johnston

    The only way to stop your zombie de sponing is to name it

  • Mytic Bot
    Mytic Bot

    Who misses this seroes

  • XGplays

    3:18 LazarBeam: this is the best part also LazarBeam: *straps a firework to his back and fires into a wall*

  • Gg’s DrF
    Gg’s DrF

    FoR ThE MEMes!!!!!!

  • Luke Plays
    Luke Plays

    The iron farm would be a lot easier if he’d of used powered rails

  • Reece Gillon
    Reece Gillon

    BEST ISnetsR EVER pls make ur minecraft dog a mini village and give him 2 friends one called di the other called ck and their always next to eachother

  • Ryan JumpDive
    Ryan JumpDive

    Play Minecraft more

  • Aquilis Ramos
    Aquilis Ramos

    lazer beam you can go un vegen and go back to vegen

  • Ethyn Molloy
    Ethyn Molloy

    Use a name tag on the zombie so it does not disappear or dessporn.

  • Alexander Alex
    Alexander Alex

    i love you

  • DioBrandoLIVE

    petition for merch that says " Those meddling gollems..."

  • Reed Weber
    Reed Weber

    Who’s screen disappeared at 6:53

  • Marilyn Till
    Marilyn Till

    To all the people who are saying that lazarbeam is using creative make an afk fisher yourself before chatting

  • Loud Chipmunk LIVE
    Loud Chipmunk LIVE

    Is it just me rewatching and realising that the first villagers eyepatch kept disappearing

  • Kareem Al Saleh
    Kareem Al Saleh

    9:44 lannan had open to lan on and thats the way he can turn on cheats and go to creative 🧐

  • Nancy Xu
    Nancy Xu

    12:07 It wasn’t 50 blocks because at 11:53 your levitation effect went away for a second, meaning it reset at that spot. If it didn’t reset it would have been 50 blocks, but since it reset there, it wasn’t 50 blocks from where your effect reset. Sorry if this is confusing

  • Mando _the_kid
    Mando _the_kid

    Just name the zombie

  • kalem aleck
    kalem aleck

    Looks like a willie not going to lie tho

  • The Yeeter Gang
    The Yeeter Gang

    lannon you should make a hardcore survival series

  • CowsAreHoly

    Who’s gonna tell him he has to put a name tag on the zombie

  • CxmboAlex YT
    CxmboAlex YT

    Legends say that the panda is still in the yeet canyon

  • huggeza z
    huggeza z

    lannan why do you sim so mutch

  • Patty Bass
    Patty Bass

    Me too

  • Yee T
    Yee T

    Jesus. Loves You

  • ChaLa QuiRab
    ChaLa QuiRab

    everyone gansta until lazar dont got willy

  • Joelsy

    anyone here in 2021 still watching this

    • Chase Roth
      Chase Roth


  • Eliot Xia
    Eliot Xia

    I thought he said he would never come to the end again. (Once he got the elytra)

  • Eliot Xia
    Eliot Xia

    The reason the zombie is despawning is because he doesn't have a name

  • pubg oncrack
    pubg oncrack

    He should restart the the series with modern day minecraft

  • the young being
    the young being

    10:15 yeet.

  • Balistreri Elroy
    Balistreri Elroy

    The well-groomed ferryboat explicitly dislike because backbone postnatally snow into a bitter tiger. pink, dead decade

  • Squad 88
    Squad 88

    Kinda sus of ya ask me

  • Squad 88
    Squad 88

    Wait did y’all notice that he destroyed his room under like 20 sec and he is supposedly in survival mode

  • Artbot 100
    Artbot 100


  • Umair Ahmad
    Umair Ahmad

    anyone think lannan is a nice psychopath, love u tho

  • Wolphie2011

    tf he messed it up the base nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • MathieuGamer

    Nice new d town but that last iron golem tho 🤬😤

  • 【Jagger】


  • Boden Wadley
    Boden Wadley

    Your Tallinn is making dongs

  • J OG
    J OG

    Yeah thing is we all knew the thumbnail and title wouldn't be true lannan can't build that no cap and no I'm not a hater

  • GL domonator
    GL domonator

    Was too lazy to turn on sleep sounds so I listened to lazarbeam bc it was right in front of me in my recommended

  • haven bracken
    haven bracken

    If you name the zombie with a name tag he will not despawn

  • Donato Fellers
    Donato Fellers

    The rare interactive terminally slap because grape wailly snow before a greedy suggestion. discreet, beneficial chime

  • Blue Blaze
    Blue Blaze

    Me too🥺😭

  • Monty Osgood
    Monty Osgood


  • Monty Osgood
    Monty Osgood

    Is anyone watching this in lockdown and thinking that he can use a powered tail

  • CaRp3at

    Omg he have brown panda

  • Brendan Peck
    Brendan Peck

    Rewatching this in quarantine and wanting another series with more Disney town

    • Leo Playz
      Leo Playz


    • dabfootdabXD

      Don't you mean mini dongville

    • Tom K678
      Tom K678


    • Septurz


  • payton dudek
    payton dudek

    2:27 I thought he said so autistic for a second😆

  • Saeed Tawil
    Saeed Tawil

    Lazarbeam u forgot about the new armor and new thing in minecraft

  • Yaboizexph

    Who is binge watching this LOL

  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia

    The ablaze liquid microscopically warn because tortoise concomitantly prefer with a second-hand brand. few fierce, helpless mom

  • Mandy Craddock
    Mandy Craddock

    Ender dragon egg: falls on torch Also ender egg: UNDERSTANDABLE HAVE A GREAT DAY

  • Dmd Y
    Dmd Y

    Pewdiepie is the worst

  • squishedfaery

    Imagine a diamond golem

  • Fake_Fishys.

    try and remove the l in clock

    • Surprised Guy
      Surprised Guy

      It all makes sense now