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  • LazarBeam

    these items are cosmetic and grant no competitive advantage

    • Duck Duck Hits
      Duck Duck Hits

      @Snipershards nO wAy

    • Snipershards

      Did that meme 1 year later and it works

    • Duck Duck Hits
      Duck Duck Hits


    • Ben Rucklidge
      Ben Rucklidge

      Yes they do

    • Mihika Narayan
      Mihika Narayan


  • Alex Waterfield
    Alex Waterfield

    Epic games: these items grant no competetive advantage Lazar: thats where your wrong

  • Scott Bradley
    Scott Bradley

    I’m a pre

  • helixisGARB

    I still do this in 2021

  • foxmandogpig hybrid
    foxmandogpig hybrid

    Items gotten from the item shop or battle pass are purely cosmetic and grant no competitive advantage.

  • Cc Palnter
    Cc Palnter

    Fuck normal fortnite it’s all about memes YEEEEEEET

  • IsaacDoesStuff


  • Marten Raudemetsa
    Marten Raudemetsa

    I tried this in arena and it @#€&)"* worked😂

  • Wyatt Preble
    Wyatt Preble

    Only the og's remember when instead of plugging the merch while he's waiting he would talk about his cat mug

  • Joogie

    Bring back random crap friday

  • E N
    E N

    at 5:28-5:58, it reminds me of that Dr. Seuss story of the city being built around those two guys who can only go West or East, never even a step in another direction.

  • Alwin RS
    Alwin RS

    Proof that fortnite is pay to win

  • Golden Eagle
    Golden Eagle

    I miss these videos

  • Craig Siebeneck
    Craig Siebeneck


  • stefan9629


  • stefan9629


  • Helen Stergiou
    Helen Stergiou

    Pin it

  • High Ground
    High Ground

    Only sweats deserve the L to be taken on them

  • Mini Horse Watches You Sleep
    Mini Horse Watches You Sleep

    every image of lazerbeam is cursed

  • The Bass Boosted Channel
    The Bass Boosted Channel

    When you watch old fortnite but haven’t played in two years

  • MrBaker Bit
    MrBaker Bit

    Just gonna say. Lannan said. There must’ve been no reboots in solos

  • Filip Drena
    Filip Drena

    I actually didn't saw your skin LOL! 🤣🤣🤣

  • RvrCrtrTTV

    F to pay respects that lazar probably won't do this ever again

  • Andrew Parks
    Andrew Parks

    Lazar stop swearing people are kids

  • Haracor Studios
    Haracor Studios

    There are so many skins u can do this with know as well so I’m currently trying it

  • Mark T
    Mark T


  • Mark T
    Mark T

    When laser beam gets to the end of the season he cries cuz he can't play fortnite for 3 days until fortnite is opened again and not shut down

  • Silent dani
    Silent dani

    I did this in chapter 2 season 6 and People are still dumb as sh*t

  • Galagromer

    Mans tried to meme me the other day with this haha

  • Jesse Skinner_yt26
    Jesse Skinner_yt26

    Now in 2021 it gives an outline of the skin on the reboot van

  • silvia morganti
    silvia morganti

    Then next person does the l dance

  • silvia morganti
    silvia morganti

    Thats what you get for being toxic

  • Chries Hype
    Chries Hype

    The narrow bongo expectably peep because distance advisably zip underneath a rapid beat. hard-to-find, penitent llama

  • Cikndingo Spacehed
    Cikndingo Spacehed


  • frost_gamer


  • Bear Brophy
    Bear Brophy

    Alternate title: Adult man waits at van for gullible kids

  • Mauboss

    mauricio/maurice more like mau

  • Ramesh Bitra
    Ramesh Bitra

    Me to my freinds hi bro Lazarbeam I have 2 attack dogs

  • F4l3ss


  • Sugi Logan
    Sugi Logan

    how many subscribers can i get from this comment

    • the Landshark
      the Landshark

      You got one from me

  • cyberclops22

    This works in 2021

  • Burlyn Latta
    Burlyn Latta


  • mist

    this is one of the only memes that still works

  • FaZe_toxic XXX
    FaZe_toxic XXX

    He’s says taht won dude was being toxic and he’s doing the same

  • The Milk Master
    The Milk Master

    How has he not gotten banned yet? After all of the videos he has made like this. He is a true god.

  • Chance Dunn
    Chance Dunn

    Hey I miss these days

  • Evie Tilling (Disgybl 2020)
    Evie Tilling (Disgybl 2020)


  • Victoria Elmore
    Victoria Elmore

    'fresh off school' THERE IS NO SCHOOL YOU DUMBASS

  • Victoria Elmore
    Victoria Elmore

    no one: Me: Is now shooting the top of every reboot van and lookin' like a dickhead

  • justreuben

    this was posted on my birth day

  • Sahana Nayak
    Sahana Nayak

    U got a skinn

  • NikoTheWeird

    First after his skin came out

  • Soggyboi

    Who’s here when he is getting a icon skin

  • Rey Palpatine
    Rey Palpatine

    lady's and gentlemen this is why bots are created

  • Oli Welton
    Oli Welton

    What skin do you use

  • stefan9629


  • Eviatar Polack
    Eviatar Polack


  • Fortnite_ ggamer
    Fortnite_ ggamer


  • Mythicplayz


  • ivang36

    Due to an issue, *Sweats* have been vaulted.

  • Kili_ boss122
    Kili_ boss122

    Omg Hey LazerBeam Your The Best 😄❤️

  • The Bews
    The Bews

    Lazar: Oh hes emoting, thats so toxic. Also Lazar fter he kills: *Take the L*

  • It’s Permafrost
    It’s Permafrost

    No lazar beam it is 2021

  • Olivia McKenzie
    Olivia McKenzie

    Hey Zac

  • Tiny dude Rj Smith
    Tiny dude Rj Smith

    Bodieh is the luckiest nephew ever

  • Tiny dude Rj Smith
    Tiny dude Rj Smith

    Lazar best ever

  • Tiny dude Rj Smith
    Tiny dude Rj Smith


  • Markus Brown
    Markus Brown

    2:59 are we not going to talk about how he is holding the med kit?

  • Lucky r
    Lucky r

    Fortnite next update: we have disabled the frozen love ranger skin

  • flÆshfire

    Yes, the average fortnite player is dumb as shit, but the average sweat is smart as hell

  • Julian Youtube
    Julian Youtube

    Am I the only one who watching this in 2021

  • Jorge Luis Carrero Moreno
    Jorge Luis Carrero Moreno

    yep he was right meams beet swet

  • Iconic Me
    Iconic Me

    I am doing this in chapter 2 season 5 and it still works I think everyones Iq dropped from all there time playing the game PROPERLY


    If the people who didn't see Lannan watches this, they're gonna feel so blind

  • Jacob Valovcin
    Jacob Valovcin


  • Brandon HereYT
    Brandon HereYT

    2:50 yeah I’m pretty sure that was me bc I had a game like that got ambushed by the skin you have while I was rebooting so probably me I know for me it’s season 5 chapter 2

  • Colby South
    Colby South

    Who was the first person you killed might have been me actually!?!

  • Riley Helderman
    Riley Helderman

    I can't stop watching this video

  • Jk_0w0

    Lazarbeam says he is the worst player to ever play Fortnite Me: alright stand back

  • rosario garcía
    rosario garcía


  • Nature wing
    Nature wing

    ... I love it!

  • Helle Sørensen Wille
    Helle Sørensen Wille


  • Erika Wibby Mitchell
    Erika Wibby Mitchell

    Lazarbeam: so imma play solo Me: so when is he gonna call fresh

  • Youno Sparks
    Youno Sparks

    Your the reason i jump around like a weirdo looking in random places for people

  • The gamingGOAT
    The gamingGOAT

    3:30 that name though

  • DW_Fishy

    LazarLazar quoted “ definitely not”

  • jayden santana
    jayden santana

    Whos watching this in January 2021

  • Jack The Diamond Cat
    Jack The Diamond Cat

    huh i thought i was the worst fortnite player

  • B. S
    B. S

    Why did he think people would be able to reboot in the beginning of the video when he was playing solo

  • Leesa Bavell
    Leesa Bavell


  • Leesa Bavell
    Leesa Bavell


  • flicks 1
    flicks 1

    he dents see you all off they are so bad

  • Daniel Crawford
    Daniel Crawford

    7:25 his name was time will tell me 😂 that's kind of ironic considering it took him a while for him to find lannan on the van

  • Timothy Turtle
    Timothy Turtle

    You said that he was dancing on them so that’s toxic then you did it but a more toxic dance

  • E

    My preferred pronouns he/him she/her them/reboot van

  • Blade

    The 1 emote i refuse to buy is the loser emote, it's just toxic

  • Fortnite XoXo
    Fortnite XoXo


  • Dio2775

    I remember when little timmies were defaults now a days they are world cup players

  • Ryan McInn
    Ryan McInn

    The inexpensive creator statistically question because anatomy coincidentally dust within a offbeat swimming. irate, taboo stinger

  • Enjoyable YT
    Enjoyable YT

    Its all fun and games until they accedently fire an RPG