i broke my kill record..
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  • LazarBeam

    they were all 100% real players

    • maria ojes
      maria ojes

      500 th commenter

    • Eric Christensen
      Eric Christensen

      Yep we all know that one

    • Jerry Bao Bao
      Jerry Bao Bao

      500th comment

    • Jaylenwrld13 Hill
      Jaylenwrld13 Hill

      I’m crying 😭

    • EmobplayzTY


  • Bentley Honea
    Bentley Honea

    Landon I dare you to tell Ilsa your dracking up then tell her it was a prank

  • skye

    i like yoer skin its like bob the bilder

  • Z3r0L1v3sツ

    I tied lazarbeam’s kill record for the lols

  • Brian Charles
    Brian Charles

    My kill record is 28 in a solo

  • Cazmeira Mcguire
    Cazmeira Mcguire

    Aim bot

  • MrPoggerPig

    _"We're bullying _*_octopuses_*_ right now"_ -LazarBeam 2021

  • Trent Bryan
    Trent Bryan

    Lazerbeam: feel the sweat aww fuck my keyboard fuuuck

  • DeathDoUsPart Gaming
    DeathDoUsPart Gaming

    As a mum learning forty please don’t let me ever be in a game with you lol - MummaDeathRowe

  • Kittie Klan
    Kittie Klan

    how dare you kill that cat what did he do to you

  • Kittie Klan
    Kittie Klan

    the cats have not deafeted pleasnt park and it DOGS

  • Nikki Bolton
    Nikki Bolton

    Can you ad me plz xxrrileyxx7241

  • Yassin Amiri
    Yassin Amiri

    That water was cold

  • Gerhard Compion
    Gerhard Compion

    Exactly like fresh 5:38

  • Perrin Ronland Music videos
    Perrin Ronland Music videos

    Legand says it you can still hear the tentacles across the keyboard

  • Sharon Franklin
    Sharon Franklin

    And good job winning

  • Sharon Franklin
    Sharon Franklin

    I love your videos laser

  • Cheese Puffs
    Cheese Puffs

    Wen he said his record 15 im like my record is 21 and I have 5 wins

  • Pink Teddy
    Pink Teddy

    my hist kills were 16 solo but i didnt win

  • Andrin Lagrange
    Andrin Lagrange

    Omg it’s freshy boy

  • matt teasdale
    matt teasdale

    Lazerbeam I am better than you. I can prove it. Add me I'm audioanimal .

  • ZK gaming
    ZK gaming

    15 kills.... mines 33. Marvel series



  • Demon-_- Sl8yer
    Demon-_- Sl8yer

    Everyone say there kill record mine is 24 kills and I was on nentendo

  • Milian Farstad
    Milian Farstad

    4:03 4 away from 15 kills?

  • iiGamingKinq

    I was playing squads with my friends the other day and they all left me super early and then I got a 14 kill solo squad win

  • May Cabico
    May Cabico

    I got my kill record by running people with cars

  • Quinley Ludbrook
    Quinley Ludbrook

    is it embarassing that my kill record is 25 and lannans is 24?

  • zaynewalton

    Lazar go beat by 5 year old haha

  • YCG_Coby

    dat noscope tho

  • HaydenTamblynFNQ


  • Carter Schatz
    Carter Schatz

    Boooooooo I HAVE A KILL STREAK OF 40

  • ShAdowBonnie

    10:24 Me going outside during summer and its 100+ degrees out

  • Andres H G
    Andres H G

    Once my brother jack got 30 kills he is a sweat but your good too


    dude did fortnite even have bloom THIS TIME

  • Shrek Plays 101 bro
    Shrek Plays 101 bro

    He was lip biting mode on octopuses

  • Conor Sullivan
    Conor Sullivan

    Sorry to say there were all 100% bots

  • Connor McDowell
    Connor McDowell

    He's say PICKLE PICKLE so much

  • The BashMash-ine Shorts
    The BashMash-ine Shorts

    Lazar playing kinda reminds me of my self when I pro play IN THE FUTURE !!!!!

  • Melanie Noelle
    Melanie Noelle

    You are so funny

  • Melanie Noelle
    Melanie Noelle


  • Matthias Leggio
    Matthias Leggio

    He killed 24 bots GG's

  • Anna Buescher
    Anna Buescher

    I guess you’re too sweaty now

  • Anna Buescher
    Anna Buescher

    At least I’m going to get my fortnight is in the mail

  • Mason Cole
    Mason Cole

    I have 59 kills

  • Aiden Bates
    Aiden Bates

    I am out of at ammo walks rite past some

  • EvAn Arnold
    EvAn Arnold

    My kill record is 17 NO CAP

  • Markus Lekva
    Markus Lekva

    Lazar beam his real name is lazar bean

  • TheLightning

    yo lazar can i 1v1 u

  • TtvLJplayz12

    What’s everyone’s kill record and what mode was it in , mine was in arena duos with my friend I had 28 kills and he had 7

  • S H E R N O X 🖤
    S H E R N O X 🖤

    Lazarbeam: I want an advice so I'll be better Me: you are what you eat XD

  • Mason McAllister
    Mason McAllister

    1v1 me yeet

  • Mason McAllister
    Mason McAllister

    1v1 me bro yeet

  • Cynthia Arseneau
    Cynthia Arseneau

    I play on nentendo and my kill record is higher in solo squads mine is 30 and I’m only nine!

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson

    “I’m wetter then ever” - Lazarbeam, May 2020

  • xPlazma-FN

    I nickname my brother pickle to

  • Jaxson Leatutufu
    Jaxson Leatutufu

    You a simp so get a simp card

  • bontalo belat
    bontalo belat

    Haha WTF Dude😅

  • Bruh you smel
    Bruh you smel

    My kill record is 16 in arena

  • 10 subs no content
    10 subs no content

    we got a number one victory royale yeah fortnite we bout to get down ( get down) 24 kills on the board right now just wiped out my kill record

  • PredatorSpartan

    I honestly don't care that most are bots because its entertaining to see lannan going on a kill spree.

  • alnoouniysme

    covered bridge

  • Adam Killian
    Adam Killian

    Fill the swet

  • Garchomp Rules
    Garchomp Rules

    WAIT 15 MINE IS 12 WOW

  • Patricia Sosa
    Patricia Sosa

    Yo could you friend me on fortnite my user is fortnite sus I'm cracked I started in 2017

  • Hayden Gaming
    Hayden Gaming

    i just love how he just pours some water and calls it sweat XD

  • Kimberley Elder
    Kimberley Elder

    I got 30 kills without 3 year olds lol

  • Kimberley Elder
    Kimberley Elder

    I cant believe I clicked on this video to see a grown man scream pickle pickle and dum water on his head

  • Murkle123

    0:35 man fresh should do face cam and fresh thought LANNAN was going to scream or something

  • Matt Hamilton
    Matt Hamilton

    If your on a kill strike a den you are fresh Fresh seas f*#*& my life of fortnite

  • Karrson Church
    Karrson Church

    0:50 bruh as soon as it said attempt 1 I knew it was gonna take ya like 10-15 tries LMAO

  • anglecat dc
    anglecat dc

    my creative record is 100 in match 21

  • Felix The Gamer
    Felix The Gamer

    i tried pressing space to use the boost on the helicopter

  • Felix The Gamer
    Felix The Gamer

    Pickle Pickle

  • Lil Burger
    Lil Burger

    Bro im only ten and my kill record is 29

  • Joseph Yohanna
    Joseph Yohanna

    My kill record is 21

  • Terone Campbell
    Terone Campbell

    Stop the cap

  • Ahmed Gaming
    Ahmed Gaming

    OMG à 24 bomb and a nos cope to end it that is crazy bro gg LAZAR

  • Lucas Damian
    Lucas Damian

    Lazar:Alright lets use our aim- Epic Games: (hovering over the Ban Button) Lazar:Wall hacks Epic Games: PHEEEEWWWWWWW

  • Suhan Naredla
    Suhan Naredla

    no joke tho, if lannan did not have facecam i would of thought it was Fresh

  • YVNG K3V
    YVNG K3V

    opponent: *builds one ramp Lazar beam: oh god hes cracking

  • Austin Abbott
    Austin Abbott


  • Sophia GAME ON
    Sophia GAME ON

    Do you notice how you said six more kills but you only need five

  • Nathan Philip
    Nathan Philip

    his kill record and that headset was decamated

  • Haroon Ali
    Haroon Ali

    My kill record is 50 irl

  • Colin Waddell
    Colin Waddell

    Cracked gamer Lankan

  • XI Rarity
    XI Rarity

    my 8 yearold friend plays fortnite like he own it its too dum now lannan predicted this , 8 year old taking over fortnite ... too many sweats in 2021

  • Hello Aunty
    Hello Aunty

    when you said your wetter than ever i thought i was on the wrong website LOL

  • Josh Seese
    Josh Seese

    I’ll get bot lobbies at times and the other day I got 19 kills

    • Josh Seese
      Josh Seese

      Didn’t get the dub bc Raptors EPIC PLZ VAULT THEM

  • Jojo Baxter
    Jojo Baxter

    i think he was cheating by aim boting the entire lobby

  • Roni Kriezi
    Roni Kriezi


  • Roni Kriezi
    Roni Kriezi

    And it isn't real player its edit

  • Roni Kriezi
    Roni Kriezi

    It is fake the names and kills

  • sonika sambyalsharma
    sonika sambyalsharma

    This video was probaly too tell us that lannan knows how to play and is not a bot

  • sonika sambyalsharma
    sonika sambyalsharma

    I have sweats iny game

  • Camilo Pasquel
    Camilo Pasquel

    Knocking people down doesn’t count as a kill bro

  • David Earley
    David Earley

    how did he only get 15 kills when skill based matchmaking was in the game cuz he had bots in his game ONLY BOTS

  • William Manning
    William Manning

    I have won on solo squads

  • Leo Lapic
    Leo Lapic

    It’s just pickle pickle boi

  • Leo Lapic
    Leo Lapic

    Man when I tried this got 23 kills