Why My 2020 Sucked
2020 is almost gone YAY!
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  • Money BG
    Money BG

    Wait so Lazarus gay?

  • Bharati Maher
    Bharati Maher

    Lazar-of course 2020 was goddam shit.me-true ,laughing and :)

  • JoeythejoYT


  • gamelord gamelord
    gamelord gamelord

    Lazarbeam: I hope 2021 is better than this year. me: yeah I hope so too. Loses his grandad to covid. Rip

  • Pulse

    Lol fresh got a gf before lazar

  • WD gaster
    WD gaster

    2020 sucked 2021 Naperville too much snow oof

    • WD gaster
      WD gaster


    • WD gaster
      WD gaster


  • Jackson Danbury
    Jackson Danbury

    7:27 such calming music

  • Jacob king
    Jacob king

    When he said f*** off virus the man speaks facts

  • WorldMaxGta YT
    WorldMaxGta YT

    have you ever hear of whistlindiesel he is a legend

  • Oliver Ponstingle
    Oliver Ponstingle

    Dude lazerbeam your my favorite ISnetsr you just make me laugh

  • lol zzxaux
    lol zzxaux

    No 536 was the worst year little history lesson down below Fist there was a volcano that blew up and sent ashes all over the world for 18 months so people died from hunger cuz crops could not grow so they died from hunger like I said and then the start the fist not the one from the 1600 the one from 536 the bubonic plague so that’s worse yeah this deserves a like

  • Daniel Randell
    Daniel Randell


  • Jenny Toomey
    Jenny Toomey

    I literally turned 10 on February 14 I’m telling everyone yay

  • Verla Pinder
    Verla Pinder


  • Ayden Cemal
    Ayden Cemal


  • Bryant Golden
    Bryant Golden

    I've been here since 2015.

  • ismael for games
    ismael for games

    will willcome the f back :)

  • Samuel Schaffer
    Samuel Schaffer

    What about ilsa

  • 100 Hour Gaming
    100 Hour Gaming

    Dream has .3 m more suns than you

  • Wasil khan
    Wasil khan

    You forgot about the forest fires in Australia

  • Brendan Polak
    Brendan Polak

    Cool but I didn't ask lol (this is a joke)

  • Freekieboy 08
    Freekieboy 08

    Freshes new name is Justin Cruz he is taken and cracked at Fortnite my guy

  • Joseph McGrady
    Joseph McGrady

    Speaking of girlfriends he got one

  • Fran Hambly
    Fran Hambly

    Well then is tear 6 boris comes to ya house and bumms ya 😂

  • DominatorDanger

    lazarbeam has a gay mustache

  • Lincoln Massie
    Lincoln Massie

    we always salute you lazarbeam. bwt im only 8

  • Apex God
    Apex God

    Can this virus bugga off

  • Mister Sir LOL
    Mister Sir LOL

    Bro if you need me I will be your human shield

  • KBM_ McJamo
    KBM_ McJamo

    Great video

  • Max's Chickens
    Max's Chickens


  • TFG-_-Bxardz

    im the 40,000th comment

  • Cole Krabel
    Cole Krabel

    Chadwick boseman died

  • Luke Hale
    Luke Hale

    Why did we lose black panther tho😭

  • Pro Bro gaming
    Pro Bro gaming

    You are the best you always seem to make me laugh

  • daniell gaming da 3rd
    daniell gaming da 3rd


  • Renae Benavides
    Renae Benavides

    You got 18 million

  • Infinite Cars
    Infinite Cars

    He got a solo win

  • Jesus Jimenez
    Jesus Jimenez

    lazarbeam can you play more robloxs

  • Tin Superior 777
    Tin Superior 777

    He forgot 100 solo wins

  • Vlogqueen

    I subscribe

  • Sam Dankyi
    Sam Dankyi

    IN DID

  • Confirmed Icy
    Confirmed Icy

    Lazergay lol 3:11

  • Rukkus

    Why does yt hate you? It's getting annoying for you and us

  • Spongey Wongey
    Spongey Wongey

    Hey lazar when you made this it’s my grandpa’s birthday

  • Jude Lorenzo Rayoso
    Jude Lorenzo Rayoso

    The first one is funny. Me: he say a badword

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    So much for gun control huh totally stops all crime -_-


    me sad because we don't get a scuffed santa

  • Fredale

    Why Everyones 2020 Sucked

  • laura allan
    laura allan


  • Peppermint Piper
    Peppermint Piper

    This is a sequel to the lazarbeam reacting to him dying apparently

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller

    I am sorry about your year lazar

  • CoolSam


  • Bailey


  • hypeboss 3113
    hypeboss 3113

    Only og s remember when he played madden and gta lol

  • Exto16 :p
    Exto16 :p

    my dog might have died this year 😳😳😳😅

  • BOBO

    Thanks bro I have Been going through some bad depression stress and anxiety and I know you won’t see this but you made my week you are one of bright spots whenever you upload a video it always makes my week thanks so much love the content keep it up you bloody legend

  • Calub DeWolfe
    Calub DeWolfe

    /2020 sucked ;( æ

  • McGregor Pepino
    McGregor Pepino

    My friend here fresh he’s cracked at fortnite and his already taken my guy

  • Ville Ahlman Høyen 05SME
    Ville Ahlman Høyen 05SME

    We can literally all make a video about how 2020 sucked a__

  • XV Drift
    XV Drift


  • G0Z Holmes
    G0Z Holmes


  • Sum guy Guy some
    Sum guy Guy some

    Whowlesome :)

  • ur Mr moo BTW eat poop
    ur Mr moo BTW eat poop


  • i like minecraft really
    i like minecraft really

    Any askers

  • mariano palero
    mariano palero

    Back now 18mil!

  • a pro
    a pro

    2020 is my best year

  • jack

    Yo laze you better stop swaring

  • Chris Skinner
    Chris Skinner

    Ive been watching Lazar since end of 2016 and the transformation is incredible. Love how you came from uploading random Friday io games to this been a real journey man. keep up the work

  • mariano palero
    mariano palero

    2 Months later in 2021 gets 3billion views

  • Loco

    im watching u on my phone and on my pc but why?

  • Tammy Rockholt
    Tammy Rockholt

    Lazar beam: claps twice Pewdiepie: My lawyers will be contacting you



  • Jacob Ainsley
    Jacob Ainsley

    I don’t want your channel to get deleted!

  • Lachlan Hodge
    Lachlan Hodge

    You met tommyinnt RIP

  • elisecwen

    Yeah god damn shit

  • The Decent player
    The Decent player

    Get lazer to 1 in Australia

  • T'Quan Thomas
    T'Quan Thomas


    • Blaze AK
      Blaze AK


  • Bob Parkes-Davis
    Bob Parkes-Davis


  • panda yaa
    panda yaa

    :) I love u

  • Te Ariki Brooks-Cootes
    Te Ariki Brooks-Cootes

    does that make you bisexual

  • ArteysicGaming

    I wonder what his parents thought when he kissed cray XD

  • Divansh Kapoor
    Divansh Kapoor

    2020 was my best year 1. I am an introvert 2. School closed 3. When I got bored found you to watch during quarantine and you made my year :) :)

  • Skytoo Fly
    Skytoo Fly

    This is the first time he didn’t bring up the fact that he’s in a movie with Ryan Reynolds Let that sink in

  • Hye-_- 11
    Hye-_- 11

    Same so won in my stupid video

  • Simon Vk
    Simon Vk

    I want to c u play rocket league and minecraft

  • Marie Mccoll
    Marie Mccoll

    Look if you can live and everybody you love that's good I know how you feel I have not been robbed but I would suck like heeeeeeeellllllll just be yourself and you are the best ISnets channel for me love you man

  • claire ahern
    claire ahern

    great vid

  • Daniel gaming
    Daniel gaming

    I speent all year indoors and did nothig and started on antidepressants

  • florence crossland
    florence crossland


  • Lighthalo

    I can relate to the relative in the in the hospital thing my uncle died to covid and we can't have a funerel and we couldnt visit him before he died and my sister had a baby but she lives in america so I cant see them, I hope that your relative gets better Lazar

  • Andy Perez
    Andy Perez

    𝚆𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎'𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚚𝚞𝚎𝚎𝚗

  • Game On!
    Game On!


  • Game On!
    Game On!

    Civic is worse than black death?

  • U LoSe
    U LoSe


  • Marcelo Cortinas
    Marcelo Cortinas


  • Redpanda8008

    5:49 lazarbeams a streamerbtw 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • lenalee Leelee
    lenalee Leelee

    Are we not going to talk about how gorgeous his lashes are like-😍

  • maryssa morland
    maryssa morland

    Where is Joogie


    my 2020 was bullshit

  • Doge

    I’m bored with you make a tiktok video