I Spent $8,000 Beating GTA

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  • Frank Ocean
    Frank Ocean

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  • Aaron

    I mean a good mod menu costs $30...

  • Atticus Taylor
    Atticus Taylor

    Lazarbeam: I have barely played gta 5 years ago says different

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan

    wish you wasnt in my server i wasnt gonna let you survive and make that video all because you use opperasor mk2

  • Myles Pence
    Myles Pence

    Get on redline rp

  • Juan Moin
    Juan Moin

    Fun Fact: according to google he made around 188533 dollars

  • 987 GuusGTR
    987 GuusGTR

    Make a part 2!

  • Connor Boudreau
    Connor Boudreau

    he should do more gta5 cause my friend loves him and gta5

    • Evander Anez-LeBerre
      Evander Anez-LeBerre

      stop it

  • _Diplex_

    free mod menu could’ve also done the trick

  • Lazin

    why u just didnt mod

  • Tration

    I got everything for 0$ gg life

  • Deez Cheez
    Deez Cheez

    dude u could have gotten a cherap menu and get infinite money lol

  • Luka Boyd
    Luka Boyd

    how can people watch this unironically.

  • Cool Cucumber
    Cool Cucumber

    His content is slowly being resurrected

  • M.I.R.O

    me who thought he would spend 8000 ingame cash: *:O*

  • KGKZ GREAT GS gamer125
    KGKZ GREAT GS gamer125

    I spent 4 years of my life to get 500mil on gta and he gets it in 1 day

  • Aksel Fun gaming
    Aksel Fun gaming

    And people say money can't buy happy

  • Alma Tucker
    Alma Tucker

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  • The Youtube Kid
    The Youtube Kid

    He's level 100 something lol

  • Jack Mcwhir
    Jack Mcwhir

    lazerbeam doesnt hit different anymore

  • Hugo El Macho
    Hugo El Macho

    ill buy your account for 50 cents

  • Noisy boy Cam
    Noisy boy Cam

    I could get 3 mill from a 10 min mission 😂😂😂

  • aaron curiak
    aaron curiak

    s/o PowerSupply

  • Jasper Madalyn
    Jasper Madalyn

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  • Shannon Doyle
    Shannon Doyle

    hi lazer i subed to you on my pc annd my moms so can you plz putt me in the vid


    I bet he just got a modder to give him money drops because he plays on PC so theres tons of modders

  • Fxrkzii or Xyro
    Fxrkzii or Xyro

    I got 700mil for $40

  • UwU

    Damn it takes 8k to get all the cars in gta? And i know people who don’t have to spend money at all

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel

    I hate that he got the opposer that early I took me months

  • Yagurt Melon
    Yagurt Melon

    or u can just use mods... for free

  • Yagurt Melon
    Yagurt Melon

    3:33 best part

  • Nathan Lubitz
    Nathan Lubitz

    3:03 is the entirety of gta online

  • Upsetty

    Yeah testing dummies after running you over just fucking pissed himself

  • CxdyMX

    Lazar : I think I littarly have the best gta account. Modders wi th 10384919371947194748183719371849$

  • papa smurf
    papa smurf

    its crazy because he's actually making roughly 19k on this video so that's around 10k in prophet

  • Qywn

    you could have spent 10$ on a mod menu and get as much money as you want

  • Hammad Munir
    Hammad Munir

    bruh his cursor is the middle finger

  • Gengar Shadow
    Gengar Shadow

    Imagine a part 2

  • ell1ot 9 9 9
    ell1ot 9 9 9

    Damn I did this with no grind and spent no money

  • Flns.

    Mode menue 25$ you get the same thing

  • Perse Leuka
    Perse Leuka

    He was rank 102 in the penthouse lmao

  • potato games
    potato games

    "I'm a simple criminal" -Lannan Eacott 2021

  • Jason Carlin
    Jason Carlin

    Sell all of it and see how much money you get

  • Alexツ

    When lazarbeam learns what cheat engine is..

  • Balistic_Fox-07

    I would just buy a modded acc tbh

  • Daisha Gill
    Daisha Gill

    Damn. Double homicide 🤣

  • Isaac Dean
    Isaac Dean

    GTA is very happy to be beaten when you spend 8 grand on the game

  • Preston JacksonYT
    Preston JacksonYT

    More GTA 5 vids

  • vanny

    i was one of the people you blew up why you bully me

  • kane Saunders
    kane Saunders

    It’s 2021!! How dare you have an offensive name!! 😂😂 got me dead 😂😂

  • kane Saunders
    kane Saunders

    Y’know, every now an again ISnets tosses a treasure into the recommended videos underneath 😂

  • Elite_Gunner187 Elite_Gunner187
    Elite_Gunner187 Elite_Gunner187

    You bluddy monster

  • ante longo
    ante longo

    as a gta5 grinder. this hurt my sole


    the thum nail sees half a billion dolors

  • Drake FourtyNine
    Drake FourtyNine

    You need to level up a lot more

  • Harkirat Gamez
    Harkirat Gamez

    6:46 Hro lazar that’s sus

  • Othman XD
    Othman XD

    Ew imagine a new noobie player (not him ofc) spending 8k$ on gta and says I'm pro.

  • Gergo 207
    Gergo 207

    3:57 what the .... you kicked same time when my xbox said Battlefield downloaded and i think thats in the video

  • Xtralgames07

    Buy the b11 strike force and a hanger

  • Schnell



    this video is the reason where not gonna get gta 6

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade

    Me at 8:42 being an osu player: 727 = COOKIEZI

  • Yousef bader
    Yousef bader

    That’s dumb why

  • Juicee Pickle
    Juicee Pickle

    Got all that for $0 australian

  • gusherz

    Make more gta vids!

  • LoganK

    Part 2

  • cvf jhk
    cvf jhk

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    Brady Summer

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  • Lord Moodis
    Lord Moodis

    Btw I have a better account and haven’t spent any money and lvl 191

  • Jordan jones
    Jordan jones

    Can I get money in gta

  • xxMoonlightxx

    He is slowly turning into mrbeast

  • trunoom 2029
    trunoom 2029

    Lasar beam I'm inspired by you

  • Let's game boys
    Let's game boys


  • All Watching
    All Watching

    I wonder what it's look likes spending 1 million dollars irl on gta 5

  • jacky mai
    jacky mai

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  • waterman stonebrake
    waterman stonebrake

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  • Kaden Kolb
    Kaden Kolb

    i wish i could do this

  • Faze Bochester
    Faze Bochester

    Do rdr

  • Mustangpride 52
    Mustangpride 52

    He is a griefer

  • mike george
    mike george

    you should max out a rat truck its expensive i have one thats almost maxed

  • Roblox_Samurai

    dude you could of just bought a mod menu for 5$ and got 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and level 100000000000000 and more stuff

  • Christian Gallegos
    Christian Gallegos

    This is literally 99 percent of the GTA community

  • Kevin Denovan
    Kevin Denovan

    You should give it away

  • capitalgrave 2218
    capitalgrave 2218

    I'm not even from Australia but I put the Australian flag on my submarine just to represent you

  • Jay Games
    Jay Games

    this is so painful seeing him spend that much money when he could just buy money from discord servers like mine you can get 500mil for 10 dollars Like BRUUUUH

  • Crazy kids Campbell
    Crazy kids Campbell

    What is so cool about it is money lt doesn’t get you anywhere🤦🏻‍♀️💩👻

  • Blake Houser
    Blake Houser

    I would love to see lazar do a full gta5 playthrough

  • Savios Toes
    Savios Toes

    More GTA?

  • Fxnn 134
    Fxnn 134

    Where did you buy that garage thing with all the most expensive cars in

  • SnowRox

    Me with mods be like, i can do that for free

  • kasper hottie
    kasper hottie

    The efficient albatross centrally smile because beach histochemically last from a unadvised tower. devilish, plain semicircle

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones

    Bruh he really used the orbital cannon what an idiot waste of money

  • Lily Torok
    Lily Torok

    Who else realised his cursor is a middle finger 😀

  • Johannes Vikestad Trøan
    Johannes Vikestad Trøan

    Him saying champagen

  • Xipoca Santos
    Xipoca Santos

    0:54 "Money is awesome" to the peapole who has

  • Jayden Jackson
    Jayden Jackson

    Lazer make a part 2 but do the Cayo perico heist and the mastermind heist from ur apartment as well

  • dustyshop90

    If someone steals this guys credit card, probably nothing will get the card blocked

  • poof

    I could give you a free modded account bruh

  • Cannon FSV
    Cannon FSV