i became a TAXI DRIVER
woo very epic taxi driving memes
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  • Gg


  • Phoebe Salazar
    Phoebe Salazar

    bloody legend wont replie

  • airscool

    Fun fact: I was the one who killed him


    who is watching this in 05/21 is like is that season 3 that's trash

  • Judith Gleeson
    Judith Gleeson


  • Lemon Lemom
    Lemon Lemom

    vroom vroom vroom

  • Henry Dame
    Henry Dame

    Why does the game by the description say gta5?

  • NoobPyxl

    Broom vroom broom

  • Zapping Zane
    Zapping Zane

    Bro you can heal your car with the camp fire

  • The Age of Reigns
    The Age of Reigns

    Larsar do you have iPhone. Xr case

  • Ito Sensei
    Ito Sensei


  • Domzilla100 Green
    Domzilla100 Green

    How does a campfire fix a taxi that got shot like 10 times wtf

  • Faeb

    That feeling when 0 bobux

  • Yeeter Jeeter
    Yeeter Jeeter


  • Tesean Louw
    Tesean Louw

    I want to try this now, any tips?

  • Noah Ferguson
    Noah Ferguson

    Ur the best taxi driver in oce... but I’m the best taxi driver in NA EAST

  • Thomas Callan
    Thomas Callan

    Sweat nation

  • pokemon card opening
    pokemon card opening

    When I pick up some one they kill me =(

  • M. Bukhori
    M. Bukhori

    halo,nama saya taxi ubr maxim

  • Saucy

    Lannan's gotta be the best taxi driver lol

  • Marleen Pollok
    Marleen Pollok

    Beep beep did you order a bloody legend

  • Guerda Esperance
    Guerda Esperance

    ORA ORA ORA Panda style

  • Melissa Torres
    Melissa Torres


  • GlitnyMusic

    That strike was so fucking annoying lol 😂 use code lazar

  • comanderkiller3

    When flesh came there was not really taxi things

  • Rodolfo Grochmal
    Rodolfo Grochmal

    The enchanted kimberly sporadically ban because servant routinely beam above a comfortable intestine. female fertile, elderly save

  • Blaze Barkley
    Blaze Barkley

    He is so funny!!!😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Ivy Panda
    Ivy Panda

    This is more like getting a victory royal in a taxi car

  • mini Ryu
    mini Ryu

    Should have played battle campal

  • mini Ryu
    mini Ryu


  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    This si why Fortnite is dead. Sweats think they cool for killing memers

  • iain harding
    iain harding

    Vroom vroom

  • Joshua Johanek
    Joshua Johanek


  • Justin Moinester
    Justin Moinester


  • Bruno Brekalo
    Bruno Brekalo

    Why is Lannan reincarnating Fake Taxi

  • Racer Turner
    Racer Turner

    How the hell did he get 10 million views on this?

  • Drippy turtle and
    Drippy turtle and

    Only if youtube didn't strike Lanan for swearing, we could still have the enjoyment of having non family friendly Lanan.

    • Draconia Drawing
      Draconia Drawing

      Just watch the streams

  • Mateusz Minta
    Mateusz Minta

    Cars in fortnite Brum Brum Nyga

  • George Field
    George Field

    You heard it first don’t get in car with an Australian 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 (joke)

  • Darkside Clan
    Darkside Clan

    1:16 that taxi tho

  • Roman Hammond
    Roman Hammond

    I have the demmygorgin

  • ahmed jelidi
    ahmed jelidi

    Fun fact windshields break if a bullet hi it yeah fortnite gotta fix that

  • Funky Five
    Funky Five


  • Sebbysgaming

    Nice can u pls add me my name is Tiko5225 don't ask why it is that

  • Er Watson
    Er Watson

    cars in fortnite! *battle tendancy flashbacks start*

  • mr E
    mr E


  • BabyDevil

    Vroomm vroomm 😂

  • A7den Clips
    A7den Clips

    This is why Fortnite needs to add proximity chat

  • GhostMafia_jk

    Lazar: how are u gonna pay you fare Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Matt dowson
    Matt dowson

    Lazarbeam pls add LUFC M on fortnite

  • Chace Delemere
    Chace Delemere

    People in cars people stick heads out windows and yeet bulites

  • claudia rullens
    claudia rullens

    I liked the part where lazer was a BOT in this video

  • Subscribe for no content
    Subscribe for no content

    Lazar update nights are never possible without freshy boi

  • Uncreative name
    Uncreative name

    How is this game still relevant?

  • James Traylor
    James Traylor

    I watch this 1year ago and it was the first lazarbeam video I ever watched

  • Awesome Legend
    Awesome Legend

    Lmaooo I tried this meme with my friend first time it went GRATE but we got banned for teaming lol

  • Bush Man
    Bush Man


  • Cameron Ainslie
    Cameron Ainslie

    Lannan if ISnets strikes you again I'll mess em up

  • Xxx_PinkQueen G
    Xxx_PinkQueen G

    If I would watch someone play fortnite. It will be..... LAZERBEAM

  • Kylee Martin
    Kylee Martin

    “Broom broom,vroom vroom.......vroom vroom”😂

  • treem noob
    treem noob

    Stranger things the demogorgon it is a movie

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is me

    Lazar actual bot with fresh (Look at his skin) I want it

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is me

    You should be able to just talk in fortnite just solos and just talk to each other

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is me

    69 health I laugh every time that happens

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is me

    Love ya vids mate Bloody legend LMAO Now get your popcorn and sit down

  • Gooey

    You should do a challenge where you win only running over with a car that would be so hilarious lol

  • Steven Jackson
    Steven Jackson

    what if lazarbeam did a kill record but only in cars...

  • Carter Driesbaugh
    Carter Driesbaugh


  • xxx Robbie
    xxx Robbie

    O I am getting in btw your a bloody legend

  • Joel Fecher
    Joel Fecher

    Please play fortnite again

  • Archer Aristidou
    Archer Aristidou

    Follow me on Howie and hoot on ISnets

  • Isaiah Gawrychowski
    Isaiah Gawrychowski

    i had a bannanananananana with my lunch

  • Rocco Diina
    Rocco Diina

    as long as he gives me a water bottle I will get in a car with a demagorgan

  • Dork 765
    Dork 765

    My main skin is gingy but I started using it before I found lazarbean

  • TigerGirlPlayz

    That is how you help just like ur medic plane and Cart one hilarious as usual 😂

  • Liam Mosshamer
    Liam Mosshamer

    My brother sat in a car and just did not move and got to the top 3

  • Ho ho1
    Ho ho1


  • DirectorA


  • Yahir Perez
    Yahir Perez

    Fake taxi

  • Sovegutten 46
    Sovegutten 46


  • Sovegutten 46
    Sovegutten 46


  • ChungWei Wang
    ChungWei Wang

    The tender tense step-aunt practically wash because cheetah wessely grin on a descriptive tree. substantial, assorted grill

  • Omkaar Deepak
    Omkaar Deepak

    Do a version with planes pls

  • Warrior of Lorule-use code Trueix
    Warrior of Lorule-use code Trueix

    Vroom vroom am in my mums car

  • Grand Admiral babaei
    Grand Admiral babaei

    7:37 General Kenobi!!!

  • The ultimate Bro’s
    The ultimate Bro’s

    Hops in taxi what demagorgen

  • GD Yolo World
    GD Yolo World

    Who’s here when the tilted taxis ltm is in the game?

  • Daniel Fishman
    Daniel Fishman

    Lazerbeam ubers someone you get a one star

  • Katie Preston
    Katie Preston


  • Jose Gaming
    Jose Gaming

    This is almost the same thing as you use the golf cart to rescue people

  • Ford k
    Ford k

    What if they did have a collab with cars and you could drive around as lightning mcqueen

  • Tommy Nash
    Tommy Nash

    Next win FORTNITE in the batttle bus

  • PS4 Ariane
    PS4 Ariane

    I am a big fan

    • PS4 Ariane
      PS4 Ariane


    • PS4 Ariane
      PS4 Ariane

      My friend Bob is a disliker

  • Jaxon Keller
    Jaxon Keller

    Remember when he got squashed by the cube, just remembered that, it was beautiful

  • Nara Sindhunata
    Nara Sindhunata


  • Reliable Shipsupply
    Reliable Shipsupply

    3:48 Ilsa must be sad

  • T1ger Shr0ud28
    T1ger Shr0ud28

    Broom broom vroom vroom 🏎

  • atomic dorito
    atomic dorito

    I don't understand why does he have more dislikes than likes

  • Hakeem Rolle
    Hakeem Rolle


  • Professional Dipshit
    Professional Dipshit

    General kenobi! You are a bold one!