broken lightsaber memes
omg lightsabers
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  • TTVsp1ralz

    its over i have the low ground

  • Blackmagic

    *A T O M* said "Unworthy ISnets *SWINE*"

  • MxT_ God
    MxT_ God


  • Prickly Productions
    Prickly Productions

    Fresh and lannan: YES we killed darth maul Me screaming at the screen: ITS KYLO REN

  • RYZEcriik

    1:54 you should’ve said you were general grievous

  • Nicholas DJV
    Nicholas DJV

    Playing OoT while playing this game with a lightsaber- Rolling all the time while rotating

  • Michelle Vandercook
    Michelle Vandercook


  • Adam Fanning
    Adam Fanning

    Creamy got killed by friendly fire lol 9:17

  • obi wan
    obi wan

    4:39 something i taught every jedi noob "never lose the high ground"

  • Nickelbum Yeets
    Nickelbum Yeets


  • V1ct0r_R0m0

    Who else is wacthing this in may 3 in 2021 excited that they might bring back the lightsabers tommorow

  • Weekly Geeks
    Weekly Geeks

    Its may 4 th and i get this as recommended

  • Billy Barrett
    Billy Barrett


  • Kobe's Personable World
    Kobe's Personable World

    It’s not qui gon jinn’s lightsaber. It is actually Luke skywalkers lightsaber

  • Webber Gaming
    Webber Gaming

    Who else is watching this in 2021.

  • Caxtus Anims
    Caxtus Anims

    He wanted 5 of them *he got 5 of them*

  • Ghost Banana3146
    Ghost Banana3146

    The ultimate meme squad

  • Chilladude2012

    who thinks fort nite should bring back Star Wars?

  • Zook Gaming
    Zook Gaming

    “I want 5 of them” -LazarBeam

  • Ethan Berry
    Ethan Berry

    It is almost drowned

  • Horror games Buddy
    Horror games Buddy

    8:58 man got the force

  • Mitchell Trainor
    Mitchell Trainor

    1:05 every kid with toy lightsabers.

  • Mitchell Trainor
    Mitchell Trainor

    OMG IS THAT KYLO REN FROM FORTINE!!!??? ... why epic

  • JakieMoo Gaming
    JakieMoo Gaming

    Never thought the worst could happen Until I heard the thunder cracking Then emerged the chancellor Turned emperor and he’s laughing But I won’t hit the bricks Just because of order 66 Palpatine your bout to be Real pissed off, cuz ya missed me bitch! I’ve been lying and hiding a while Was a jedi but I’m in denial Since they crimalized my title Sentenced to death and denied a trial The emperor gone homicidal Now I’m dying to fight em- I’m rilled Up so line em up, I’ll slice and cut Through all of them I’m going primal! Like I’m walking the line of the darkside Can you blame me? I’ve had a long ride Gone through dark times, been through hell First name Cal last name EL Not really but might as well I’m ready for anything I'm a fighter Eye of the tiger, lighting a fire Under these ashes will lie an empire STAR WARS

  • keegan gray
    keegan gray


  • Anirudh Kolhekar
    Anirudh Kolhekar

    fresh sucks

  • x2omarYT

    Who is watching this in 2021

  • Wally Playz
    Wally Playz


  • Mason Hand
    Mason Hand

    Lannan:I WANT FIVE OF EM me with the mythic: I WANT ALL OF EMM!!!!

  • subtractyt

    8:54 this guy is a true jedi

  • Haunted

    7:34 subtitles sais I got to orphan boys xD

  • Aditya Prasad
    Aditya Prasad

    When a new weapon comes Lazer : I wAnT fIvE oF tHeM.

    • Aditya Prasad
      Aditya Prasad

      @Michael Huzovic I wAnT a sEvEn oF tHeM

    • Michael Huzovic
      Michael Huzovic

      I WaNt 6 of them

  • Oliverzgaming

    2fffcgvfvg vgvvtvgvtvggtgybybybygybyvtvtvgvtvgvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvttvtgvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvtvttvtvtvtvtvtgybygt vgvyvtvgvtggvtvtvtbhnjjuhubybbhbyhbybyybybybyybybbyhbybuijjiijjiijijjiijijijijijijijijijijijjiijijijijijjiijijijihygvgvgvvggvvggvgvgbybybyvyvyvgv


    Star wars was so good in fortnite! I believe they should do it again but with star wars vehicles!!! 😊

  • EmeraldSlayer 9
    EmeraldSlayer 9

    Can't touch this (〜^∇^ )〜

  • The frog Child
    The frog Child

    The guy at the end was hacking he teleported

  • Xmasgamer 25
    Xmasgamer 25

    Lazar: I killed darth maul for master Me: That’s Kylo ren’s saber

  • Gaming with Pdog
    Gaming with Pdog

    It seems fitting for gingy to be a sith

  • Gaming with Bobby
    Gaming with Bobby

    The kid at the end is goons smoko

  • Lachlan Phillips
    Lachlan Phillips

    News Lehmann beans code in the fortnite item shop

  • UwU cat
    UwU cat

    ok i am a young ling dont eat me lazar

  • distorted Craig
    distorted Craig

    who would win nerfed infinity blade or normal lightsabers

  • Kabilan 333
    Kabilan 333

    your name should have been lazar meme instead of lazar beam

  • 2 33
    2 33

    5:02 was a godly play

  • Daniel Tupman
    Daniel Tupman

    Lazarbeam when he finds another light saber. “Another one to add to my collection”

  • Cruz Abbate
    Cruz Abbate

    I’m in the ER watching this. Memes Prevail!

  • Mint Man
    Mint Man

    Light sabers have dark souls combat

  • A demon that could eat your hand
    A demon that could eat your hand

    i HaVe FiVe Of ThEm

  • Zorocario2K

    Me who knows nothing about star wars:. mmmmmmm yes

  • Navajo kingdom
    Navajo kingdom

    9:02 a epic battle begins

  • Nicholas Domingue
    Nicholas Domingue

    1:52 I have 5 of them general grevious “are you challenging me”

  • It’s Jai
    It’s Jai


  • Dropped Pin Poo
    Dropped Pin Poo

    Fresh is. Your adopted gremlin baby

  • James J
    James J

    So funny

  • MagicSnipezz

    Hi No it doesn’t make you cool song what’s going on with a different games that are not funny I know you like fortnight yeah😌👍

  • S/V 3Frenches
    S/V 3Frenches

    Freshwater yoda

  • Brandon Florez Tapia
    Brandon Florez Tapia

    Luke Ginge walker

  • Astro lol夂
    Astro lol夂

    Epic Games: we are going to make lazarbeam a skin Lazarbeam: I want five of em


    I used your code

  • The Wizard Brothers
    The Wizard Brothers


  • smigul 04
    smigul 04

    8:57 the person their bullying: I HAVE THE FORCE AND ANIME ON MY SIDE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Bateman
    Daniel Bateman

    At 1:00 the blue light saber isn't rays light saber its ankins aka the younglin slayer 3000

  • Metlzin Ramirez
    Metlzin Ramirez


  • Jeffry Murray
    Jeffry Murray

    Did you see how much shield that guy had when they placed 2nd

  • Bobby Thompson
    Bobby Thompson

    lazar: "i want five of them" 2 years later: i wAnT 69 oF tHeM"

    • Bobby Thompson
      Bobby Thompson

      @browser ikr

    • browser

      Wow ur so funny

  • Austin Perez
    Austin Perez

    darth vader:i am your father luke:nooooooooooooooooo

  • Austin Perez
    Austin Perez

    u do not know the power of the dark side

  • Sam Milne
    Sam Milne

    Because it's a gender neutral colour and I support that. No colour is assigned to a certain gender. You could have picked up red and said: I'LL CHOOSE IT BECAUSE IT IS FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. There would be no difference.

  • TheOfficialGamingHydra

    Fortnite: rey’s lightsaber Luke: ..... I’m done

  • Grant Bailey
    Grant Bailey

    Cold laser yeah yeah yeah yeah use code lazar will use code

  • Raijin

    He has a red lightsaber because he killed a sith and purified it

  • Trystian Treasure
    Trystian Treasure

    LazarBeam: I support gender neutral......... Then there is my pfp

  • Linglets GD
    Linglets GD

    8:19 is it me or does that look like the zero point on the left?

  • M00ntage


  • Noah Abdrabo
    Noah Abdrabo

    They said Darth Maul when it was Kylo Ren lol

  • JDL805


  • Da-green-blobツ

    ᵂᶦˡˡ ᴵ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ¹ᵏ ˢᵇˢ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗˀˀˀ....?.?

  • sh1nobi

    anyone else get triggered when he called luke's saber qui gon's

  • Noah 10
    Noah 10

    That guy had the power of every sith lord I mean he just killed all of them like it was no problem

  • yacoub anjum
    yacoub anjum

    kylo ren is not a sith lord

  • Joe Emery
    Joe Emery

    Execute order 66

  • Jase Johnson
    Jase Johnson

    Beam I am a big fan of you

  • Tommy Catanach
    Tommy Catanach

    iiii wwwaaaaannnnttttt 5555 oooooofffff eeemmmmmm

  • R O N A N Ψ
    R O N A N Ψ

    your a shit lazer it is yoda

  • Pikachu Speed
    Pikachu Speed

    I think he has 5 of them

  • Ishaan Ate
    Ishaan Ate

    Lazarbeam: we are powerless enemies: we know what your weakness

    • Ishaan Ate
      Ishaan Ate

      we know what is your weakness

  • Dib Sultani
    Dib Sultani

    hi lazarbeam

  • justin lancaster
    justin lancaster

    i have that skin

  • Sam Ellis
    Sam Ellis

    At 5:01 who else noticed the elim ‘with an elegant weapon for a more civilised age’ 😂

  • Dominic DeBernardo
    Dominic DeBernardo

    When you got killed by LazarLazar in a game but don't know if it is real, then watches this video. Me: "Ah shit, here we go again"

  • Katy Jones
    Katy Jones

    9:18 the kid went ham on them he killed some of the best players

  • Vinayak S
    Vinayak S

    The guy who squad wiped them be like: They are fighting on an emotional level, first distract, then backward jump, discombobulate, Block their right hit, discombobulate, jump to the zone, distract, discombobulate. In summary, Discombobulate. Samuel l Jackson seeing this: HE'S TOO DANGEROUS TO BE KEPT ALIVE.



  • Marco Acosta
    Marco Acosta

    8:50 dude, is that faraam?

  • Pasty Nation
    Pasty Nation

    I got a scam add on my add

  • Laurence Brooks
    Laurence Brooks

    I want five of them I do

  • Jmsw2425

    Seeing this I feel epic should add lightsabers to creative

  • Scott

    Lase rbeam ad me name Scott90scott

  • Adam Waweru
    Adam Waweru

    I can't believe this was one year ago 💀💀💀😭

  • korok gaming
    korok gaming

    9:27 hes better than justin