The ONE HOUSE CHALLENGE in Fortnite Battle Royale
i am god of fortnite
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  • Cynseah Tautalafua
    Cynseah Tautalafua

    WHAT 10:09🤣

  • Lior Moshe
    Lior Moshe

    “Let’s go to the neighbors and give them cookies” lol😂

  • Aaron Wallen
    Aaron Wallen

    Code lazer!!!

  • Ashraf Khalaf
    Ashraf Khalaf

    But there’s house not chest

  • Ashraf Khalaf
    Ashraf Khalaf

    Btw way he said the one chest challenge yeah that many views that’s the same title as yours

  • MineTIE Plays
    MineTIE Plays

    remember when lazarbeam wished that a twitch streamer's career failed?

  • Jennifer Corey
    Jennifer Corey

    No sware bad boi

  • Darron Walker
    Darron Walker

    Look at them views

  • Tytheboss1

    Good times

  • xxxtentacion jahsah
    xxxtentacion jahsah


  • Orlando Beltran
    Orlando Beltran

    witch was this season

  • Orlando Beltran
    Orlando Beltran

    I got 2 solo victory royales in my first season of the game

  • Lancerr

    Please don’t use the Lords name in vain

  • Abasi Richardson
    Abasi Richardson


  • Shaista Kauser
    Shaista Kauser

    What happened to this lazerbeam

  • Kayhan Safi PÄ7D 367PÄGR
    Kayhan Safi PÄ7D 367PÄGR

    snippa means pu**y in Swedish 2:37

  • Lianne Wager
    Lianne Wager

    Anyone else noticed when hes in a fight he bites his lip lol?

  • cryptz

    5:13 aiming mid air

  • Mark Craft
    Mark Craft

    U did what montage

  • Evin Muniz
    Evin Muniz

    I miss the good old Fortnite, who's here in 2021

  • Landon Flores
    Landon Flores

    ( っ'-')╮ =͟͟͞͞🏀

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell

    *look at thanos lake*

  • Dylan Bush
    Dylan Bush

    Lazarbeam: Shoots someone at close with a silenced pistol Also Lazarbeam: trys to snipe someone with tac

  • Champion_is_good


  • rashen nithisha
    rashen nithisha

    Lazarbeam i am one of your best fans and I dare you to gave charity 10000 💵

  • Flynn Waite
    Flynn Waite


  • Yash Gosalia
    Yash Gosalia

    I just noticed, a stack of 10 minis

  • Lucas Jeansonne
    Lucas Jeansonne

    He should of went to the mansion

    • Lucas Jeansonne
      Lucas Jeansonne

      @exeplays 435 I know right

    • exeplays 435
      exeplays 435

      Bro this vid is mad old but yea

  • Christopher Murphy
    Christopher Murphy

    I like how he says he’s bad at the game but I can’t build at all

  • RayFortRayan

    7:15 The best no-scope in Lannan's career in season 6.

  • Saff Abd
    Saff Abd

    He's got a snipper-

  • Grady O'Neill
    Grady O'Neill

    Who's here chapter 2season 6🤮

  • Kr1tical Cactus
    Kr1tical Cactus

    1 house challenge : 1 chest challenge... but easier

  • Toby Bringolf
    Toby Bringolf

    ill drop that snper in a second five senconds later uses it then die the fortnie god killed him he did not stick to his challenge

  • UltraStaleMemer


  • Viking Gamer
    Viking Gamer

    Wow thanks youtube for recommending me this video.....2 frackin years later 🤣🤣 (I watched it when I came out but still)

  • Aashish Venkatakrishnan
    Aashish Venkatakrishnan

    Man I miss the good old days when ppl wouldn't start coning and cranking for no reason at all

  • Tristin Stedman
    Tristin Stedman

    Fuck you twitch eztyler

  • Foresight

    Lazerbeam made 2:25 SUS before among us

  • Phantuz

    You are so good beacuse you are relatable

  • KM two4
    KM two4

    You picked up a different ar

  • Cecilia Lollar
    Cecilia Lollar

    I think the title of the video should have been finding a home in fortnite

  • Zyon Felder
    Zyon Felder

    2021 anyone

  • Arnold Valencia
    Arnold Valencia

    Anyone realized he had a Greg tac not a blue tac

  • Julie Slaton
    Julie Slaton

    Here so u are monetized again Hellocopter Shitakee mushroom Flip or Frick Asstronaut or asstroid Biotch or bish There u go buddy

  • Zach Decker
    Zach Decker

    lmao when the twitch streamer killed him

  • Carlos Gallegos
    Carlos Gallegos

    2021 anyone?

  • lolimpoo lolimpoo
    lolimpoo lolimpoo

    who is here when Lazar has his own skin?

  • Dillpickle Beast
    Dillpickle Beast

    girls talking about what they did with their bf last night: 0:31

  • Ravexwtf

    LazarBeam:” I can only pick up mats and heals” Also LazarBeam: picks up ammo Me:👁👄👁

  • Styli _48
    Styli _48

    Whats the song at the start

    • Mason Lemme
      Mason Lemme

      Was wondering the same thing

  • Maddie Hatchett
    Maddie Hatchett

    I did this challenge and I won my 2nd try with 4 kills

  • Michael 52
    Michael 52

    I feel bad for streamers who happen to kill lazarbeam bc then they will get raged on

  • Austin Tullis
    Austin Tullis

    who’s here in 2021 watching??? 👇

  • Belinda Simpson
    Belinda Simpson

    Lazer beam can you please do a challenge where you can only use your pick axe for the entire round

  • Adam F in 1x clan
    Adam F in 1x clan

    Facts:running out of vids to watch then coming across this vid and then watch all of his old vids

  • Lurking Shadows -o-
    Lurking Shadows -o-

    6Hp and a dream Lazar:I’m a bot Two seconds later Lazar:YEET BITCH


    Me: on ISnets ISnets: LeTs ReCcOmEnD tHiS 2 yEaRs LaTeR

  • Travis Schmidt
    Travis Schmidt

    Put 10:49 in 2x and the AR sounds like an LMG

  • josh Davies
    josh Davies


  • RedDevil _27
    RedDevil _27


  • Lincoln Ruiz
    Lincoln Ruiz

    what if you kil them in that house that counts right?

  • Camas Reppe
    Camas Reppe

    2:25 very secretly and stealthily fires rounds of burst assault rifle directly at enemy

  • Fergus Bolton
    Fergus Bolton

    You forgot your grey tac

  • mr E
    mr E

    3:08 tac beats pump

  • Clxtch_2times

    Who is watching this in 2025

  • Keen

    I miss this

  • Thomas Oliver
    Thomas Oliver

    He looks significantly different even 2 years ago

  • Crewstor

    He just says WHAT!!!!! for like a minute straight Edit: Its not annoying though

  • Hyp3r Sn1p3r
    Hyp3r Sn1p3r

    Flameouts quote of the day what!!!!!

  • Lennon Quilty
    Lennon Quilty

    I miss his old outro 😢

  • VengenceX

    6:35 My Fortnite name's VengenceX 😂😂

  • Rocket Bot's Galactic Gamers
    Rocket Bot's Galactic Gamers

    I’m gonna assume that his fav word is WHAT

  • billie eilish fan
    billie eilish fan

    Don't trust a default skin I'm really good at fortnite so I put a default skin on to trick people

  • Oscar Davis
    Oscar Davis

    Omfg I miss when u could have 10 Minnie’s now we only have 6 😭😭

  • Xiaodong Wang
    Xiaodong Wang

    The chivalrous peer-to-peer simplistically lighten because appliance ontogenetically copy save a mellow alcohol. military, miscreant router

  • Jackson Dalgleish
    Jackson Dalgleish

    fortnite kid

  • Behr Buchanan
    Behr Buchanan

    Do the roll play challenge

  • Fraz Gaming
    Fraz Gaming

    "Ooohhhhhhh noscope!!!" Bruh, that rifle doesn't even have a scope lmfao

  • Z L
    Z L

    people in 2021

  • Dan Ryan
    Dan Ryan


  • damian egan
    damian egan

    anyone still getting this in there recomended at 2021

  • Christopher DRINNAN
    Christopher DRINNAN

    If U didn't know I just saw toasted shoes die in the kill feed when u were in the rift

  • Axis_.

    I love when Lannan get's mad at TTV BY the way's. 5:47 made me laugh on the floor

  • Avi Chayon
    Avi Chayon

    lazarbeam i had 86 dubz in the same season like season 4 or something whatever season it was

  • MemeGirlSoccerStar

    Lazar before the mullet is fazar ( fake lazar )

  • Bec Ware
    Bec Ware

    Big fat YEET 7:15

    • Memester Lol
      Memester Lol

      Omg you are so funny I will sub your channel

  • Harry playz
    Harry playz

    Who remembers old lazarbeam

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris


  • Anthony Doyle
    Anthony Doyle

    that scilence pistol be givin me john wick vibes

  • Ultra_V


  • Ahlaam Fatima
    Ahlaam Fatima

    wheres the gingy backbling :c

  • the black catch
    the black catch

    Hi from 2021

  • Ben and Joanna Sullivan
    Ben and Joanna Sullivan

    In the first game he had a grey tach not a blue

  • n0t_hasoony

    Anyone 2021?

  • Esa Hoosen
    Esa Hoosen

    The most iconic duo lazarbeam and dog house

  • Tone kyze
    Tone kyze

    Everyone remember God is in control, so put you faith in him all through your lives, Amen. I pray oh Lord May you help us to have good faith in you and trust you all through our lives, Amen! Have a good day/night!!

  • A4alfie

    Who is watching in 2021

  • Logan Hunter
    Logan Hunter

    8:21 We’ve all had that loadout before.

  • Mr. Train
    Mr. Train

    I am just so confused seeing that he has 10 minis it hurts my brain