18 minutes of lazarbeam hating life
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  • kylah

    Isn’t it a-DOOR-able… ok you weren’t a-MAZE-d about that one weren’t ya….. okay I’ll leave

  • Lynda

    Me: “gets a recommendation from 2 years ago” Lazarbeam: “sO mANy DOoRs” Doors: “open me up daddy” Also me: “I aM cOnFusIoN” Lazarbeam “goes to doctor” Doctor: “what’s your problem” Lazarbeam: “sO mAnY DOorS”

  • Tania Poitras
    Tania Poitras

    it funny like your mad

  • Yasine Dajani
    Yasine Dajani

    Fuck u cizzorz

  • Micah Kendall
    Micah Kendall

    "I am so smart! Scizzors is so dumb!" Love that live

  • Sam theman
    Sam theman

    Lazar beam raging Step one: Act like everything good and normal Step two: Bangs on table Step three: Eats mircophone Step four: Rage quits

  • Phantom Blitz
    Phantom Blitz

    11:55 lazerbeams clevened brown voice

  • claire bamford
    claire bamford

    aaaaaa shit im fuked up aaaaaaa


    i know that videogames is fun and entertaining but it is drifting you out from the presence of God and that is 1 one satans's lie..God loves you repent and trust in him and ask for forgiveness before its too late Romans 10:9 if you declare with your mouth that "Jesus is Lord" and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved ask for forgiveness before its too late humble yourselves to God cause God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud so dont be proud and humble yourselves to the Lord and ask for forgiveness before its too late :) the Bible also says that the FEAR of the LORD is the beginning of new wisdom God loves you repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness before its too late you should be thankful actually that you are still breathing andGod still gives you oxygen to breath and have lungs to breath, God still gives you the chance to be his servant and to follow him.. well if you dont want to be a servant you already are a servant its either you are a servant ofthis world the lusts, cursing and other stuff that God doesnt want or you are a servant of light a person who follows God and loves everybody and doesnt take advantage of anyone well you pick if you want to be a servant of light just say that i repent of all my sins i renounce all the unbleief and sin and evil spirits in me and i confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and i Believe in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead i ask for your forgiveness Lord please forgive me of all my sin and trespasses thankyou for forgiving me Lord in Jesus name i pray Amen. and then you are now be saved its that easy and now when you die you are now going to Heaven and not on hell where you are tormented there forever by fire and worms that doesnt die and go into your bodies... may God touch your heart and may you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.. Amen God Bless you and your family may God be with you i pray that whoever you are reading this that may you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and make a change in your family and in the world may God be with you whoever is reading this God Bless you

    • Luke Hanlon
      Luke Hanlon

      😂😂Satan lives ❤️

  • Bryce Whitten
    Bryce Whitten

    Why is this in my recommended in may of 2021?


    he finnaly beat it




    oh this vid makes me hate life

  • Akash V
    Akash V

    Imagine finding this video after a century

  • Jessie Ann
    Jessie Ann


  • Sean Coverett
    Sean Coverett

    Cizzors, you have brought this poor man to insanity. Hope you feel good about yourself.

  • Currently in Noah’s Basement
    Currently in Noah’s Basement

    Lazar didn’t even realize you could use the bushes to mark the way lol

  • Nye monks
    Nye monks

    I got it from 2 years

  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix


  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix


  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix


  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix


  • Dr3w Playz
    Dr3w Playz

    2:42 This finally shows lazarbeam is ANGRY

  • ML YT
    ML YT

    i knew it was in the corner fr level 2 . you were so funny lol

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson


    • the boys on the box
      the boys on the box


  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix


  • Peki_ TzarOf
    Peki_ TzarOf


  • l Kauk
    l Kauk

    Honey where the cizzors go Lazar: um in the trash also he said the doors maison haa

  • Cervando Rios
    Cervando Rios

    I think the ton of bushes was to mark your path, throw a bush on each correct square on your trial and error way

  • Hot_Tamale_234

    Imagine finding this two years after it was posted

  • Charles Zhu
    Charles Zhu

    the intro is esacly 50 sec so the vid is esacly 18 min of hum suffering

  • Jacob Howell
    Jacob Howell

    Found on my recommended 2 years later 👍🏼

    • Jacob Engstad
      Jacob Engstad

      Nice name

  • Not_Nathaniel

    And yet for one minute... one single minute... he was happy

  • Jack Moore
    Jack Moore

    right is always right left is always meaning loose

  • Amaya Adegren
    Amaya Adegren

    Lazarbeams dirty mind for every time he dies:📈

  • Wyatt Vaughn
    Wyatt Vaughn

    not gonna lie that was a very butifle outro ever

  • Razz Rae
    Razz Rae

    As soon as he said it’s made for brain intellect I knew he was going to.......... absolutely FAIL

  • Syed Arshad
    Syed Arshad


  • Danny Lynch
    Danny Lynch

    Going thru of vids. Thx 4 the good times lannan

  • Iriameliz Irizarry
    Iriameliz Irizarry

    ✨ H E E P S O F I Q ✨

  • Hilma Campbell
    Hilma Campbell

    1:38 scared the heck out of me

  • Geoff-Anthony Encarnacion
    Geoff-Anthony Encarnacion

    Sorry you not done

  • eevee 476
    eevee 476

    Doors Mason what do they mean I wonder what that’s from

  • Yahia Yahia
    Yahia Yahia

    Imagine finding this 2 yrs later

    • Wyatt MacDonald
      Wyatt MacDonald

      Yeah imagine

  • Harpreet cheema
    Harpreet cheema

    This shit hella halarios 🤣

  • Kirby Cloud9
    Kirby Cloud9


  • krämen boii
    krämen boii

    omg rikard


    The rules when dealing with cizzorz. Everything is a lie, there is always a trap at the end of the levels and there is always a decoy entrance to fool you.

  • Brett Gregory
    Brett Gregory


  • Fuze

    The beginning of big brain

  • Jaxon Thiessen
    Jaxon Thiessen

    18:22 when I beat the game that I was spending 2 day on

  • techyfan123

    Never trust cizzers boyssss😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • William Newton
    William Newton

    Imagine scissors watching this and laughing

  • Andyhotwheelz-Fortnite,Minecraft and more
    Andyhotwheelz-Fortnite,Minecraft and more

    2:37 he went to salty springs on the map

  • TripleSevenGaming 777
    TripleSevenGaming 777

    Does anyone think scissors looks like Matthew gray gublar

  • Sahalaldeen Kamal-deen
    Sahalaldeen Kamal-deen

    Avatar the last airbender lines SECRET TUNNEL SECRET TUNNEL


    4:58 is it assuming or ashuming

  • Ergys Nerguti
    Ergys Nerguti

    This was the best 18 minutes of my life

  • Amandeep Chahal
    Amandeep Chahal


  • Mohamedhusein KARIM
    Mohamedhusein KARIM

    A pattern

  • Oakley Bryer
    Oakley Bryer

    i think lannan did that wrong if he us the daddy then he would be doing it to scissors not scissors doing it to him ._.

  • Micky PPPYeet
    Micky PPPYeet

    12:39 join the club

  • YoutubeTankaPla

    New Video Title: D O O R

  • David Zupanc
    David Zupanc

    Poor gingy! Too much thinking

  • Jayden Travali
    Jayden Travali

    Hey lazarbeam I am very fast at editing on Xbox 1

  • tanjiro komada
    tanjiro komada

    *d o o r s*

  • Aayudesh Kaparthi
    Aayudesh Kaparthi

    Bruh if muselk did this he would have broken his whole gaming setup

  • Leonel Gary
    Leonel Gary

    The hurried page chronologically mend because lynx perioperaively join past a racial united kingdom. modern, gamy viscose

  • Ellie Gravenell
    Ellie Gravenell

    Muselk would love this deathrun am I right

  • Islam Al Bayt
    Islam Al Bayt

    4 minutes into the video IM ON LEVEL 2

  • saud bander
    saud bander

    code lazar if your watching this vid in 2021

  • I’m shiny brea Barayuga
    I’m shiny brea Barayuga

    Ooo i remember beating this map with my bff

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez

    I miss these days

  • Evin Muniz
    Evin Muniz

    I could never complete any of them, who's here in 2021

  • Jay Palmer
    Jay Palmer

    The bushes would go in the way you need to go

  • Mason Reacts
    Mason Reacts

    You should have named the episode (To many doors)

  • Colby Swope
    Colby Swope


  • bob hamolton
    bob hamolton

    lazar casually talking to his scissors

  • Bogeyking1

    I did it in 10 minutes

    • Kieron

      Nobody asked

  • Rory Flack
    Rory Flack

    I kinda want to see jelly do this I reckon there would be a lot of rage

  • Rory Flack
    Rory Flack

    I think lazar broke the world record of most deaths by traps

  • Mehdi da boss
    Mehdi da boss

    3:25 I need that on repeat

  • Cole Dubs
    Cole Dubs

    Im 2 years late

  • Piano Player
    Piano Player


  • Ahnaf Bin Azad
    Ahnaf Bin Azad

    But, it's 18:51." _How many other lies have I been told by the council_ "

  • mmSoOalo

    I wish doors were never invented NEK MINUTE

  • Kayla Plays roblox
    Kayla Plays roblox

    Y E E T

  • Curtis French
    Curtis French

    ohughdfguiddf dfjngn ghdmghdhg

  • Sportsy Wartsy
    Sportsy Wartsy

    When he saw level four🤣🤣🤣

  • UltraStaleMemer

    “Heaps of IQ” - Lannan Eacott (2019)

  • Cyphen Rozulus
    Cyphen Rozulus

    2:41 That face reminds me of an old meme 9:48 Do know da wae

  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix


  • GuacoYT

    Imagine Finding This 2 Years Later

  • Trumoo Milk Boi
    Trumoo Milk Boi

    10:51 "I need to start writing this down." THATS WHAT THE BUSHES ARE FOR!

  • Cyprus

    The laughable snowman parallely plug because move paradoxically produce out a scary study. faithful, capricious pillow

  • Sesto GAMING
    Sesto GAMING

    We all hate cizzars

  • Noah Houston
    Noah Houston

    I’m watching this when lazarbeam has his own skin and it feels so Wierd watching lazarbeam videos with him wearing the gingerbread skin

  • gamingwithpdx

    I got this in my recommended 2 years later XD

  • Toaster god
    Toaster god

    door dosent sound like a word anymore

  • E plays
    E plays

    I know that it was there