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  • Zach King
    Zach King

    oh...this is ackward...hi

    • Metlzin Ramirez
      Metlzin Ramirez

      Whatsup I haven’t seen you sense 2018

    • Thomas Bennett
      Thomas Bennett

      Waaaaaaaaaaassssssuuuup Zach king

    • Russia Memes
      Russia Memes


    • Anthony DeLaCruz
      Anthony DeLaCruz


    • Evan Tian
      Evan Tian


  • Fun Gaming
    Fun Gaming

    The final 1 laser Bram with 897B ;)

  • 3rror Arr0w
    3rror Arr0w

    Lazar would be a awesome game show host

  • Pauladickie Dickie
    Pauladickie Dickie

    I was watching ISnets all day this is really boring laserbeam

  • Derrick Valerio
    Derrick Valerio

    Simps give him views

  • Capbruh Capbruh
    Capbruh Capbruh

    Lazar: Top 1 video it has 2,2 b wiews The video: 2,1 billion wiews

  • M P
    M P

    I ammmmmmm bored

  • Dream

    Meme review 1:37

  • Famliy Night
    Famliy Night

    Mate this is some dumb crap right here

  • AO - 03SJ 964138 Levi Creek PS
    AO - 03SJ 964138 Levi Creek PS

    4:16 me when it’s the weekend

  • Benjamin R2250
    Benjamin R2250

    I have a mullit to

  • tucker Trueblood
    tucker Trueblood

    How does it go from 900 thousand to 1 billion

  • tucker Trueblood
    tucker Trueblood

    When he left the room for number someone was there

  • Sop hia
    Sop hia

    The bashful spear archaeologically stroke because spot apparently reach towards a learned fur. neat, addicted lyric

  • sidewaysfishify

    i want to jump in the foam to it loks soft

  • Maddox Struch
    Maddox Struch

    hello there zack king

  • Aron Nansmork
    Aron Nansmork

    My friend mahir abdhurraman Ali hates you but i love ur channel

  • Kerry Walker
    Kerry Walker

    This is real cool

  • Angela Primrose Tlotleng
    Angela Primrose Tlotleng

    It is what it is

  • Kenneth Seal
    Kenneth Seal


  • xbunnybubbles

    Laser beam over here being an eshay be like: THATS SOME WAPP

  • Jade Jasso
    Jade Jasso

    Hey weird question how.tall are u? 😐😐

  • Robolaser

    Wait lazer beam if you never watched the video how do you know how did you know how to it?

  • Kadin S
    Kadin S


  • Xavier Steele
    Xavier Steele

    Why do you like the Condit

  • Xavier Steele
    Xavier Steele

    First off how do you make a face like that and have a girlfriend

  • Preston Nickolson
    Preston Nickolson

    It’s still crazy how a person moved they’re head and lip synced and got almost 400 million views

  • pimp boy
    pimp boy

    The lady said weeeee

  • Samantha Dick
    Samantha Dick

    The extra-large extra-small exuberant minister methodically arrive because parent seasonally try through a husky line. hard, rigid pea

  • Duncan Gunn
    Duncan Gunn

    btw mate there's another one with the turtle where the guy loses to the turtle

  • Lankybox fan Champ
    Lankybox fan Champ

    The 5:30 tic tok is just simps

  • farooq muhammad
    farooq muhammad

    jeez your wearing lachys merch daym

  • igor gregor
    igor gregor

    a magision never reveals his secrets u dumb ass

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    He forgot about copyright 😂

  • AT Gamer
    AT Gamer

    I did not snitch

  • beast gamer6789
    beast gamer6789

    he was there

  • Bags

    1:15 that’s elephant toothpaste

  • Anne Smart
    Anne Smart

    Is it just me or does it sound like he actually thinks about what he says

  • narsinga juvvadi
    narsinga juvvadi

    Lazar saw it

  • Johhan Laidmäe
    Johhan Laidmäe

    Can you please go to the Channel Ezkroet 10 and drop some hate there. He bullies me in school cause I am overweight. Just write "Respect Metsalind" and leave. Thank you

  • Adam Likes Tomatoes
    Adam Likes Tomatoes

    I love bees. But the annoying girl singing about bees is so bad!😑

  • cranja


  • Blue Cyclone
    Blue Cyclone

    How dare

  • Blue Cyclone
    Blue Cyclone

    He’s wearing per merch

  • Ethan Griffith
    Ethan Griffith

    LAZARBEAM: I want to jump in it Me:who knows that elephant toothpaste will in fact burn ur skin and muscles from ur body 0_0

  • Melissa LaPradd
    Melissa LaPradd


  • tchang33801

    Why do you

  • claudia restantee
    claudia restantee

    1:08 Elephant toothpaste

  • Jacquie Jones
    Jacquie Jones

    Lazarbeam shouldn't be in ninth place in ISnets rewind who's you're being number one

  • fox gaming
    fox gaming

    The dog ones where the cutest❤️

  • Isaac Nichols
    Isaac Nichols

    1:14 bad idea

  • Derek Hogeterp
    Derek Hogeterp


  • Deon Sokkal
    Deon Sokkal

    Jesus is coming back soon start spending to word before it’s to late pls god bless amen

  • Kendrick W2325
    Kendrick W2325

    she thick doo

  • Shadae Beckford
    Shadae Beckford

    Wow easy laser being I Houston have TickTock my night and I’m not allowed to TickTock‘s anymore and my dad deleted me through yeah but if I still had TickTock I would’ve made it a TickTock I will get revenge on you now shut up and be a

  • MoonWalker

    Imagine the turtle says this> "**** you"

  • zeenation

    Who Am I?

  • Game Play
    Game Play

    Mita su su su mita aka sas yum yum

  • Lindsey Heath
    Lindsey Heath

    8:09 its a door i can tell and edited

  • Billy Laze
    Billy Laze

    I only disliked because of the mullet

  • Duck QuackQuack
    Duck QuackQuack

    Doctor: Um sir stop flipping of your turtle Man: he FLIPEDme of first!!!

  • The Dog With A Plan
    The Dog With A Plan

    Plot twist: on the ninth most viewed tiktok he was wearing an invisible suit

  • Chris Daniel
    Chris Daniel

    i dont like tik tok

  • Bozena Suput
    Bozena Suput

    You cant marie james charels his a transjender

  • Adventureblob

    4:22 Is that a shoutout

  • Lil Dino
    Lil Dino


  • Slime Playz
    Slime Playz

    Lazar, love ur channel thx for posting :D!!

  • Dave_blox

    no simps just people who wanna make this a meme XD

  • Melanie Idir
    Melanie Idir

    I seen the first one before too

  • רויטל אלון
    רויטל אלון


  • רויטל אלון
    רויטל אלון

    the dog one is to cute to even see

  • TBM66cool

    I’ll simp for ya lazer

  • Sreejani Vasireddy
    Sreejani Vasireddy

    8:43 is me trying to solve a math equation after quarantine

  • Ball Head Gaming
    Ball Head Gaming


  • egg

    everywhere I go I see Zach King magic

  • Sam Lapham
    Sam Lapham

    S.uper I.ntense M.inecraft P.layer

  • FuriousEt1

    Real men cover the screen and skip😏

  • Alvin Juhl
    Alvin Juhl

    Lazarbeam: i've just gotta become an adorable female me: you are an adorable female.

  • Zach B
    Zach B

    I got 105 million on my TickTock but just slamming my head into a bar but in my account got deleted and I lost all my followers

  • Hazzy Dangerfield
    Hazzy Dangerfield

    And this now has got 27 million views

  • Alae mziouira
    Alae mziouira

    5:55 It's justmaiko

  • LiL_phil_be_on_gfuel


  • the4artman 77
    the4artman 77

    1:05 thats elephant tooth past

  • Jack Seal
    Jack Seal

    I have done the explosion thing that was blue I got burnt its so 🔥

  • AxtroGames

    When lazar walked in with a suit he reminded me of Trevor

  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson


  • Azhar Cassim
    Azhar Cassim

    Apart from Zach King it seems like the dumbest shit makes for the most views. WTH...

    • 🚫

      Fr zach king is the only tiktoker I respect

  • fugee gaming
    fugee gaming



    1:34 mom got moves oh nvm😂

  • Jennifer Thomas
    Jennifer Thomas

    is it me or does anyone have clip next to the dislike buton

  • ytsweaty boy
    ytsweaty boy

    U were there

    • ytsweaty boy
      ytsweaty boy


  • Gableandro Garcia
    Gableandro Garcia

    Oh tae is poop

  • Sniper Crow
    Sniper Crow


  • Mega Ghosty
    Mega Ghosty

    Why do I have to be on yt

  • Aiden James
    Aiden James

    TBH i thought ajmes charles would be in the fridge!

  • Ryan Rupasinghe
    Ryan Rupasinghe

    Lol Zach King

  • Marcus Gamble
    Marcus Gamble

    I have watch this video like 85 times... sooo I’m a simp

  • Ben Hansen
    Ben Hansen

  • Ben Hansen
    Ben Hansen

    Who else is rewatching his tiptoes till he dose another videos

  • Lesley Heimer
    Lesley Heimer

    Why is he wearing Pickles merge