i hate update day...
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  • LazarBeam


    • Lenny_u.serious

      @nihon no boi SHAT

    • nihon no boi
      nihon no boi


    • Graysen and Joel Curcio
      Graysen and Joel Curcio


    • Lenny_u.serious


    • Team King
      Team King


  • tommyinet fan
    tommyinet fan

    Horibel gunnnn

  • I36V

    2021 anybody?

  • Lizzie Worrall
    Lizzie Worrall

    Send me a friend request on Fortnite my username is Dvillain77

  • Joel LIU
    Joel LIU

    Anyone else watching the good old lazerbeam, who curses and acts like he doesn't care

  • Theraymanmaster

    To this day that kill is still gold

  • Ashtyn Curran
    Ashtyn Curran

    Anyone watching this in 2021 like me hahaha

    • Ashtyn Curran
      Ashtyn Curran


  • Zephaniah Morris
    Zephaniah Morris

    Don’t worry your audio sounds the exact same as it usually is

  • Sam Buchan
    Sam Buchan

    My real name is Joey Joey Joey

  • IamDuckeee

    I paid attention to his key binds the entire time

  • VertxKiwi

    Get this man to 20mil

  • Amani Oso
    Amani Oso

    Ahh 4:13 when that was a build sweat 😔


    Lazar: these kids wached bob the builder Lazar 2 seconds later: builds 7574768385488 90's

  • Leo_


  • swemzy

    Mans really said: I hate this game everyone just builds. When he has no idea that now fortnite is a building game with a shooting feature

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    I come from the future.... Lazerbeam hates Fortnite in 2021, whooo. 😱👻

  • Totally not plat 1
    Totally not plat 1

    Lazarbeam every update be like this thing is meady Lazarbeam 2 months after this is good but i like this one better

  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan

    lazer rocks

  • Flamma Doo Split
    Flamma Doo Split

    youtubers:sory the audio is difrent this video me:whait theres somethibg with the auodio?

    • Flamma Doo Split
      Flamma Doo Split

      sory for the bad speling

  • Jack Sempf
    Jack Sempf

    i watched bob the builder when i grew up

  • Brenda Curry
    Brenda Curry

    Hey you is dog you can't beat me in fortnite

    • Hydro NAE
      Hydro NAE

      I CAN MY EPIC: HydroNAE yt ur dog

  • Harry Evans
    Harry Evans

    4:02 fortnite is racist fuckin knew it

  • Aayam Playz COD
    Aayam Playz COD

    those good old days

  • benjamin schlüssel
    benjamin schlüssel

    1:44 voice crack

  • Christopher Kecskes
    Christopher Kecskes

    6:07 tho😂

  • inna li
    inna li

    "Boom Boom, Boof Boof, Dead, Dead": Lazarbeam, 2018

  • Gordito Castro
    Gordito Castro

    9:38 *FFFFTF*

  • Filo2

    2:11 Fortnite 2021 in a nutshell



  • Edit god
    Edit god

    Tue fact the Silenced scar has the sound of the of scar sound

  • CdubzFN

    Who else saw this on their recommended and misses it

  • orezoria

    why did i think this was the newest update and was so happy

  • Braydon Buchino
    Braydon Buchino

    lazar sounds like bubbles

  • Whitestone

    I'm watching this in 2021. Lannan's complaining about "sweats" who want to be Bob the Builder. I'm also complaining about sweats who just want to waste their mats with their crazy triple edits.

    • Edit god
      Edit god


  • Hudson Adams
    Hudson Adams

    Who gets that many mats at the start of the game? me at 32 people i only have 2500

  • TylerGerm

    Lazarbeam: who gets that many mats at the start of the game Also him: farming

  • Kilted Pickle
    Kilted Pickle

    2:13 Lazar had now idea how bad it would get

  • Technical Gamer
    Technical Gamer

    Who else saw this on their recommended 2 years after this was posted

    • BigBrainPlaysOnly


    • FL4sH GAminG
      FL4sH GAminG


    • Kevin Farrugia
      Kevin Farrugia


    • I got Rick Rolled
      I got Rick Rolled


    • Jennifer Lopez
      Jennifer Lopez


  • IC3 Bao
    IC3 Bao

    Life was nice when that was considered “sweating”

  • RockyClocky

    He dies everytime because he doesn't get off the builds

  • Daniel Partington
    Daniel Partington

    season 6 update cars in creative all types quadcrasher and go kart got removed

  • red knight 2011
    red knight 2011

    Who misses the old fortnite 😢

  • Abdullah Bin Sohaib
    Abdullah Bin Sohaib

    I also hate updates

  • Chardell Jones
    Chardell Jones

    fuck you elliot

  • YK legend
    YK legend

    where is fresh????

  • Hayden Rose
    Hayden Rose

    Lazar could u please not swear that much because I watch u info that of my parents and they get mad

  • Jodie Whyte
    Jodie Whyte


  • Garrett Nichols
    Garrett Nichols

    “I watched bob the builder when I grew up u wanna see what I learned”? *bob the builder music starts playing “NO I DONT WANT TO SEE WHAT U LEARNED”! 2:16

  • Aidan Stanley
    Aidan Stanley

    Is your name first because my brother is an idiot he thinks your name is laserbeam but it’s fresh he’s a dumb dumb by your name what is your name not I

  • Tucker Bro
    Tucker Bro

    Hi lazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  • Kristal285

    The audio sounds exact same as always mate

  • Dallas Daniel
    Dallas Daniel

    Hi gg

  • Dallas Daniel
    Dallas Daniel


  • Scott's World
    Scott's World

    You still didn’t realise that most guns are black

  • Arrow

    Hi I'm in 2021

  • Shade

    When fortnite was actually good.

  • Sp3ct _er
    Sp3ct _er

    i miss these days of fortnite....

  • XD Aydan
    XD Aydan

    Btw your sensitivity is not high enough look at fresh then look at you

  • lane stanley
    lane stanley

    who else is watching this in 2021

  • Da Sashmeister
    Da Sashmeister

    5:35 he predicted his future divide is in ways we can’t even comprehend

  • Jesper Tire
    Jesper Tire

    oh it is 2021 more swets

  • Jorge Estrada
    Jorge Estrada

    Bro Lazar was so bad back then

  • XD SnakeBoy
    XD SnakeBoy

    Me too it was update day yesterday lel

  • Sahara Begum
    Sahara Begum

    Lazerbeam is racists

  • MBR08 Stars
    MBR08 Stars

    Lazarbeam says that this guys are sweaty! 🤣Look at 2021!


    We need this back now


    Miss this type of fortnite we need it back😖

  • Emil Sam
    Emil Sam

    lazarBeam: who gets that much mats at the start of a game me: who tf gets a scar at the start of a game

  • Skillyman

    It’s 2021 I’m watching this now

  • Jonathan Lunati
    Jonathan Lunati

    i miss the Travis scott event

  • Z gamerZ
    Z gamerZ

    Remember wen we had an update day every week and we used to get sad wen they "only" brought to the game a brand new weapon?🤦‍♂️😭

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Bob the builder lol

  • Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop
    Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop

    LazarBeam: who gets this many mats at the start of a game Now: team I have 5 million mats right now

  • skj g
    skj g

    The drunk oak phytogeographically wave because kamikaze latterly crack on a extra-large extra-small exuberant editorial. little, naughty c-clamp

  • Ruby Jones
    Ruby Jones

    The goofy zoology therapeutically sneeze because tsunami consequentially identify per a outgoing test. reflective, second-hand stopwatch

  • The_Animator 2011
    The_Animator 2011

    The fact he found a purple scar on the ground how?!?!?!?

  • Connor McGarry
    Connor McGarry

    SWITCH TO YOUR SHOTGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Potato Guy
    Potato Guy

    I want mac’n’cheese

  • Michael Villafuerte
    Michael Villafuerte


  • Giorgos Tsakmakis
    Giorgos Tsakmakis

    We still watching your old videos

  • OZ REX
    OZ REX

    Who’s here in 2021

  • Kiyan Vlogs
    Kiyan Vlogs

    Wheres fresh

  • Ché Ché
    Ché Ché

    Dude your keybinds are trash

  • Separous Jet
    Separous Jet

    The OG days were the best of them all.

  • Reign Hubbard
    Reign Hubbard

    bro why is everyone one so sweaty and cranking 2018 and it's so bad 2020 how ya like me now ;)

  • Yasmin Buultjens
    Yasmin Buultjens


  • Misty Fireworks
    Misty Fireworks

    Zero people not notice that suppresser is a monolithic suppresser

  • Dr Salamander
    Dr Salamander

    I cried when he said f you teddy bear

  • Brenda Carrillo
    Brenda Carrillo

    Who else is still watching this in 2022🤩

    • red knight 2011
      red knight 2011

      2021 correction 😐

  • Flower Petal
    Flower Petal

    Holly shit Lazarus Beam i youse you code

  • joseph mathew
    joseph mathew

    my dad think he is a been

  • ZobotiQPlayz YT
    ZobotiQPlayz YT

    Lazar: the worst gun ever Me: aimbot gin

  • AshFlashSlash

    Worst update ever I hate the update

  • Korab Loja
    Korab Loja

    lazar ur fucking racist

  • Neo Ronin
    Neo Ronin

    0:39 Lazar: give me the gun. Fortnite gods: ok Lazar and 20 kills Fortnite gods: that's going to be really hard Lazar: and a win Fortnite gods: I'm sorry, we don't do miracles.

  • Arturo Reyes
    Arturo Reyes

    I wish i was marreied to fortnite lol😤😤😎

  • Lily Esmaili
    Lily Esmaili

    0:35 9:37 hmmmmmm, you were wrong

  • Xavier Mercado
    Xavier Mercado

    I want to go back in those days

  • Lily Esmaili
    Lily Esmaili

    look at reply to see my comment

    • Lily Esmaili
      Lily Esmaili

      now your wasting ur time ;)

    • Lily Esmaili
      Lily Esmaili

      anyone gonna reply??? under me

    • Lily Esmaili
      Lily Esmaili

      no flex that I'm so rich and I have cameras on Lazar. under me

    • Lily Esmaili
      Lily Esmaili

      I know 3 stuff LazarBeam does every day, breath, walk, pump his blood. under me

    • Lily Esmaili
      Lily Esmaili

      under me

  • xronis antonopoulos
    xronis antonopoulos

    who watches this in 2021 :)

  • thunderdome x36
    thunderdome x36

    Lannan sounded way better back then