I used IRONMAN + THOR + DOOM (insane)
marvel powers in fortnite got alot cooler
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  • Ruaidir mcmanama
    Ruaidir mcmanama

    It's pronounced m-yo-neer

  • Mincraft Void
    Mincraft Void

    Dose anyone just keep watching lazarbeam videos over and over

  • what is love to you
    what is love to you

    U forgot groot

  • Emolga Hernandez
    Emolga Hernandez


  • Jaywizze

    0:52 the way he jumped off the last second

  • Antdude’s Gaming video’s
    Antdude’s Gaming video’s

    Ladies and gentlemen, we got five of them

  • Xian James ani
    Xian James ani

    iron mans repolsers can aimbot lazarbeam

  • Robert Hohman
    Robert Hohman

    Lazarbeam: calls in a unabeam Me wishing he took thins opportunity to call it a lazarbeam and use himself 🥺

  • vesna spanakova
    vesna spanakova

    meme in fortnite MORE

  • Wellcom Mobile
    Wellcom Mobile

    what do mean you can't jump you just jump at 1:52

  • Alpha Banana
    Alpha Banana

    this is the best person god has added

  • Biezer

    Lazarbeam: I've got Iron man's mythics dooms mythics and third hammer That one Minecraft kid: I'll bet he used creative mode

  • Crazywizzy Gaming
    Crazywizzy Gaming


  • Ethan Potter
    Ethan Potter

    Anyone here in 2021?

  • Mustard

    Everyone already saw the montage music coming 😂

  • Janet Olivares
    Janet Olivares


  • Janet Olivares
    Janet Olivares


  • Conor Mullin
    Conor Mullin

    No one: Literally no one: Lannan:I wAnT FIvE oF eM

  • Blaze on 0 fps Ψ
    Blaze on 0 fps Ψ

    LazerBEAM with the uniBEAM

  • louannam1

    lazarbeam i donated to a stream can you friend me

  • Teagan Espino
    Teagan Espino

    Fun fact:lazar beam pronounced mjlnior correctly

  • killer trainz
    killer trainz

    Congratulations for getting a victory royale out of 30 matches😂😂lmao

  • Stacy Pedigo
    Stacy Pedigo

    Iron Man is not in the game anymore

  • Mickey Bekele
    Mickey Bekele

    He's literally saying mjolnir better than thor can say it

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet

    i went crazy when he said i want five of em

  • Booboo Simpleton
    Booboo Simpleton

    I miss season 4, that season had fun mythics.

  • Brock Neufeld
    Brock Neufeld

    I like this channel because lannen is funny and he always goes through with his challenges

  • Jake Ratchford
    Jake Ratchford

    Just saying thor's hammer is literally just an underpowered junk rift

  • Lukas Thompson
    Lukas Thompson

    I wish it was still this season

    • Lucas Booth
      Lucas Booth


  • mr bread
    mr bread

    This was the last update night weve had

  • Kemp Jarrett
    Kemp Jarrett


  • jim-bob -1
    jim-bob -1

    Who else is watching and being like man that was a good season

  • Oliver Revell
    Oliver Revell

    I love this your so good

  • yasmine adel
    yasmine adel


  • yasmine adel
    yasmine adel

    The first time

  • yasmine adel
    yasmine adel


  • Gangster Baran
    Gangster Baran

    Good old days

  • God minecraft ghg
    God minecraft ghg

    I want five of them

  • Michael Pangia
    Michael Pangia

    i miss this season :c

    • Lucas Booth
      Lucas Booth

      We all do

    • Aaron Ajith
      Aaron Ajith

      Same bruh

  • Norma Smith
    Norma Smith

    The brash jewel topologically whisper because table optically fit lest a itchy psychology. grubby gruesome, horrible sweets

  • Cole Elas
    Cole Elas

    6:25 me your actually saying it right

  • Jcrlx Gaming2
    Jcrlx Gaming2

    No one: Litterly no one: Lazerbeam: I want 5 of em

  • deniz nefes bebek
    deniz nefes bebek

    he sed mrbeam

  • dimos odisseas
    dimos odisseas

    What's the name of the song you ar3 using in the background in attempt 3

  • Gam3r And3w
    Gam3r And3w

    Season 4 was so fun now season 5/6 are cinda bad

    • Gam3r And3w
      Gam3r And3w

      I joined in S7 C1

    • Lucas Booth
      Lucas Booth

      Fortnite has hit a slump I joined in S2 c2 1st S2 C2 2nd s2 C4 3rd S2 C3 4th S2 C1 5th S2 C6 6th S2 C5

  • Gam3r And3w
    Gam3r And3w

    They should of put in a Diamond diamond Iron man

  • Ivan YT
    Ivan YT

    5:59 since when pacific rim?

  • Antoni Gonzalez Contreras
    Antoni Gonzalez Contreras

    The only ads i see in your videos is fortnite scams lol i I just realized that after watching almost all your videos

  • Duplex

    i miss this season

  • Sulthan Fathel Barka
    Sulthan Fathel Barka

    lazarbeam: WHO NEEDS TO JUMP!!! epic games: OH NO MAKING HIM NOT JUMP IS NOT ENOUGH WE NEED TO KILL HIM!!!!! me: epic games is not fair

  • Eli Walabee
    Eli Walabee

    I want to five of them too I want six of them and then to I want all of them

  • Desmond VanWesep
    Desmond VanWesep

    You are not saying it wrong bruh 😎

  • Angela Lippincott
    Angela Lippincott


  • Julianna Glathar
    Julianna Glathar

    lazar: HE JUST ROCKET RODE ME! WHAT WAS THAT! me: a rocket ride

  • Ghxulz Gaming
    Ghxulz Gaming

    Lazar beam

  • Craig Standen
    Craig Standen

    The is is a very good video

  • Jack Carinci
    Jack Carinci

    Love how u make excuse couldn’t jump as if it would really matter

  • Colt Plays
    Colt Plays

    The Uni-Beam has a wired glitch were when you use it you can never jump for the entire game.

  • Ayden Cunningham
    Ayden Cunningham

    when you killed you and him you got double kill

  • Ibz2Craftyy PS4
    Ibz2Craftyy PS4

    He sounds like baldi at the start

  • Thnakey

    He was actually saying Mjölnir right lol

  • Sincere Simmons
    Sincere Simmons


  • Elrico tha flying burrito
    Elrico tha flying burrito

    The first part in this could be a meme in its own

  • cody carroll
    cody carroll


  • Ahmed Iqbal
    Ahmed Iqbal

    Damn when he fell down after getting out the car that was amazing his laugh was so hahahaha

  • Tiffany Hutchinson
    Tiffany Hutchinson


  • Noah Lazar
    Noah Lazar

    Hey could’ve just checked and redid his jump keybind but nooooooo

  • Moonlight gamer
    Moonlight gamer

    Him: I can’t jump Also him: I won fortnite without moving

  • Stevenson Tang
    Stevenson Tang


  • Roberto Tobar
    Roberto Tobar

    U can fly with iron mans mypthic gontenlets

  • ESL Savage
    ESL Savage

    This reminds me how op the beam is

  • WEE

    i know the no jump glitch the only to jump again in that mach is to have the iron man gontlits

  • brookeyinnit

    Hi people

  • Gabriel Green
    Gabriel Green

    Who misses season four chapter 2 ?

  • Kabeer Singh
    Kabeer Singh

    Use dooms gauntlant it is so annoying it is 35 per tag and iron mans is 20 per tag this is so annoying


    I said ur fave mithics ever me: what about chug jug?

  • The golden Ranger
    The golden Ranger

    A wise man once said “i got five of em mate”

  • Giant Heccin Wyvern
    Giant Heccin Wyvern

    You got the mjolnir pronunciation right.

  • Lupito89

    He said it right but he doesn't know 😂

  • Cayd Wessels
    Cayd Wessels

    He does not say it properly

  • Jaime Tafoya
    Jaime Tafoya

    lazer play minecraft again

  • Mackinley-jack Grant
    Mackinley-jack Grant

    I think lazar bem

  • Eironas Plays
    Eironas Plays

    I like your ISnets videos

  • Eleonor Castanos
    Eleonor Castanos

    When iron man snap 2:33

  • LuKaZGejmer


  • Logan Griffiths
    Logan Griffiths

    i remember when the glitch where you can't jump existed

  • Cramzy qixuan
    Cramzy qixuan

    The noxious apparatus observationally cause because notify emotionally dress circa a calm power. perpetual, meaty sundial

  • Tanya Overpeck
    Tanya Overpeck

    You are awesome laser Beam

  • Hank Pim
    Hank Pim


  • Stacey Cruz
    Stacey Cruz


  • Luka Bilbija
    Luka Bilbija


  • Luka Bilbija
    Luka Bilbija

    ne lazume

  • Shil Pwift
    Shil Pwift

    1:51 as he jumps 😂

  • Chelsea

    Its funny when he said let's see how much dumb crap we can do

  • Tomonori Kugawa
    Tomonori Kugawa

    Whos watching this in chapter 2 season 5

  • Tommy S
    Tommy S

    The mushy observation reversely attach because coffee corroboratively spare astride a melted zipper. onerous, possessive fruit

  • Shijito_

    I Want Four Of'Em

  • Only gaming
    Only gaming

    Jejejejejejejejej que buen video

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood

    I like your


    1:42 “I CANT JUMP”