100 BEES vs WITHER BOSS in Minecraft (part 12)
YA LIKE JAZZ??? Bees in minecraft is the cutest thing we've ever seen
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  • LazarBeam

    i was mining melons wit the pickaxe cause it got silk touch ya bots

    • Matthew R
      Matthew R

      Ngl I was just about to say something lol

    • Liam O’Dea
      Liam O’Dea

      still slower ya bot. it doesnt take long to craft

    • Just Intime
      Just Intime

      Laser this vid was on my birthday

    • Jen Ang
      Jen Ang


    • E Vasquez
      E Vasquez

      You like jazz

  • Doggie Man457
    Doggie Man457

    I have lava dome in my world

  • Bailey Epps
    Bailey Epps

    I’m actually allergic to bees and I always spawn so many bees with my friends and they are always like YoU cAn FiNaLlY eCoUnTeR a BeE

  • Angel Natera
    Angel Natera

    10:31 I don't think you need to be allergic to bees to die from 50 bees impaling you at the same time

  • Berna

    Lazarbeam has population, police(iron golems), a panda army, a bee air force, to be a country he only needs a dolphin Navy army

  • Xxsunflower_childxX

    Just imagine that he comes back to the series and makes an axolotol mote

  • Xxsunflower_childxX

    I like how he said in his last episode he was gonna breed turtles but bees came out soo

  • Kate Mallinson
    Kate Mallinson


    • Kate Mallinson
      Kate Mallinson


    • Kate Mallinson
      Kate Mallinson

      But pls su

  • Melissa kuntz
    Melissa kuntz

    The volocorapter ate my grandma now im happy

  • is yawn
    is yawn

    I’m allergic.

  • TheBlindHitman 15
    TheBlindHitman 15

    “or a phisolaraptor will eat your grandma”

  • kluvmystang


  • Kaysan And Nupaira Jahan
    Kaysan And Nupaira Jahan

    Yoo wassup

  • Balázs Lászlo
    Balázs Lászlo

    The amount of ✨incest✨ in this video terrifies me

  • Emilio Lugo
    Emilio Lugo

    can you stop playin that scery miusic lazer beam it scers me

  • Richard Berini
    Richard Berini

    They dont despawn when they have nametags btw ive learned from other mcyt [s] and myself

  • Landon Kuch
    Landon Kuch

    Sweet home Alabama

  • Cameron M
    Cameron M


  • GoldenBlade1234

    bro lazarbeam mate alex was in creative and so were you so you cheated

  • Lamborghini is with panthers lit 😜😎
    Lamborghini is with panthers lit 😜😎

    No the farmer is the best he made you get diamonds 💎

  • Cole Covey
    Cole Covey


  • Eliel Gaming
    Eliel Gaming

    When he says “i knew these melons would pay off one day” just think about that

    • Blaze Elimz
      Blaze Elimz


  • Wasd

    Lazar's face when he found a bee hive was HILAROUS!

  • Faysal Jalabi
    Faysal Jalabi


  • Yasser Macaraya
    Yasser Macaraya

    bro u need axe to be dast of picking up melons

  • Jacob Davidson
    Jacob Davidson

    Bees are cute I wish I wasn’t allergic

  • Daniel Feldman
    Daniel Feldman


  • Yeet God
    Yeet God


  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores

    you know why bees are in danger of extinction

  • Sky Florentino
    Sky Florentino

    RIP BARTHOMUEL (aka bartholomuel cuz he mispelled it)

  • Dr. Watson
    Dr. Watson

    the bees turn to be both facing forward when mating 🤔

  • XGplays

    mobs dont despawn when they are named so that ice and snow do nothing

  • Tiny Panduhz
    Tiny Panduhz

    My anxiety when Lazar put the glass box right next to his house with the wither in it: 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Trefle Gamer
    Trefle Gamer

    If you kill like a pig r a cow with a wither ( like he killes the animal ) you get a wither flower

  • Ioannis Doukas
    Ioannis Doukas


  • Arlene Cox
    Arlene Cox

    The fancy grass interestedly delight because fiber ultimately announce toward a wry haircut. lavish, minor raft

  • Harry Dawson
    Harry Dawson

    I think your the best Minecraft player then dream your actually big brain

  • Grayson Johnson
    Grayson Johnson

    Your going to Bee the king LOLOLOLOL

  • Chris John Grima
    Chris John Grima

    Who else want's the series back

  • Tech Deck Customs
    Tech Deck Customs

    lazar beam: mines watermelon with a pickaxe everyone else: *facepalm*

    • Keith Kogane
      Keith Kogane


    • Keith Kogane
      Keith Kogane

      It had silk touch on it and he was using it to trade with villagers

  • manadi albasti
    manadi albasti

    Puti pie suck

  • Kareem Al Saleh
    Kareem Al Saleh

    can someone tell him that the enchantments on his armor are trash 😂

    • Teo Diaz
      Teo Diaz

      This video came out like a year ago...

  • Brooklynn Myles
    Brooklynn Myles

    im board

  • MrYeet Flicker
    MrYeet Flicker

    I am not a pro and not paying attention to his enchantments but wouldn’t he have got more wither skulls if he had looting?

  • Yee T
    Yee T

    Jesus. Loves u

  • Marko Antunovic
    Marko Antunovic


  • tx mir
    tx mir

    Lazar last minecraft vid: LETS STOP CLIMATE CHANGE! Lazar this vid: breaks all of the ice in Antarctica

  • Joelsy

    Anyone here in 2021 watching this

  • Collin Morris
    Collin Morris

    Lazarbeam: " bees are the cutest mob in minecraft." Axolotl: "are you sure about that."

  • Eliot Xia
    Eliot Xia

    Does he not know it is faster to mine melons with axes

    • Random Kid
      Random Kid

      Bro he literally said that the pickaxe had silk touch

  • gary moriarty
    gary moriarty

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh best utuber ever uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Big Monke
    Big Monke

    Gotta keep the bloodline pure

  • Caden DeLand
    Caden DeLand

    Fuck alix

    • Kellan Derouin
      Kellan Derouin

      Huh he’s literally just messing with his friend

  • RezaLut10n

    When he said breed bees breeeeed did anyone else hear bleed bees bleeeed

  • Kyson Jones
    Kyson Jones

    Lazar should make a 2nd ISnets channel called lazarcraft

  • aisara meeklang
    aisara meeklang

    Green green and green green no green one I just want to see if I saw you I am not a fan of the one that you saw on the one that I saw you saw on the one that I saw on the one that I saw you saw on the crazy side and green one I just want to make it look like I saw you saw on the one that I saw you other one I just want you I just want to get it back and you know what I want to say and I just saw that you I just want you I know that one that I saw you saw on the one that I saw you saw on the one that I saw you saw on the one that I saw you saw on the one that I saw you really like that one I saw you saw on the one that I saw you.

    • Surprised Guy
      Surprised Guy

      Green ;)

  • Xyan uriel Enriquez
    Xyan uriel Enriquez

    Techno is proud

  • Raz Hell
    Raz Hell

    My grandma is dead:3

  • MedalAx 21
    MedalAx 21

    hey lazar, all you have left is just a dolphin navy

  • Mr. GoPro Flips
    Mr. GoPro Flips

    So is no one ever going to tell Lennon to use an axe on his melons

    • Kellan Derouin
      Kellan Derouin

      It’s a year old video and the pickaxes had silk touch and the axe didn’t

    • Surprised Guy
      Surprised Guy

      🤦‍♂️ Lannan

  • Shaan Khaira
    Shaan Khaira

    200 thousand units are ready with a million more well on the way

  • Jr Santos
    Jr Santos

    I'm preston

    • Surprised Guy
      Surprised Guy

      No ur deadpool

  • Jr Santos
    Jr Santos


  • WA0JKT

    4:21 he missed the cobble stone HE IS LEGALLY BLIND

  • Hunterboi76 Kennedy
    Hunterboi76 Kennedy


  • Icywombat

    The torch will melt the ice

  • Kamrul987 Richard linda987**
    Kamrul987 Richard linda987**

    The rough mitten emphatically strap because ferryboat practically drain as a smelly dancer. unhealthy, quarrelsome gasoline

  • zathecringe

    Bruh when I watch my playlist like if I finished episode 12 next episode is episode 11 someone tell me WHYYYYYY

  • Rizki Dwi Cahyo
    Rizki Dwi Cahyo

    At the start he said silk touck diamond axe

  • colin mc Carthy
    colin mc Carthy

    bartholamual you left him at the bee hive

    • Teo Diaz
      Teo Diaz

      O YEAHH that’s what happend to him/her

  • Judster

    Lazarbeam: finally I got Dimond armor mojang: adds netherite Lazarbeam: FRICK

  • CookieJam Tae
    CookieJam Tae


  • Dawson Peng
    Dawson Peng


  • Yes Yes
    Yes Yes

    Global warming-no just a gingerbread with the power of melons

  • Yes Yes
    Yes Yes

    I wAnT fIvE- ummm thousand oF eMmM

  • lol ganer
    lol ganer

    put looting on your soured to get a better chasees on wither skulls and tridents

  • Quinn Aarts
    Quinn Aarts

    Lannan i did the LAZARBEAM tournament but when doe you get the skin and how

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows

    I miss the old neither it was so easy to get blaze rods.

  • pog piggy
    pog piggy

    Anyone watching this when he is getting a skin in fortnite?

  • Walking Muscle Gaming
    Walking Muscle Gaming


  • Lins Mac
    Lins Mac

    4:50 I thourgth you where vegan you had fish in your inventory

  • Will Cranston
    Will Cranston

    i’m cringing watching him break melons with a pickaxe

  • Among Us
    Among Us

    The best video

  • kim minh
    kim minh

    The gainful amount postmeiotically hope because river spatially destroy despite a certain castanet. moldy, gigantic lawyer

  • the funkoe bop32
    the funkoe bop32

    I don't have a Grammy...


    PLZ come back to Minecraft

  • Deleted Account
    Deleted Account

    why is no one else commenting on the pick axe vs the melons? i cringed so hard.. you use an axe.. an axe..

    • Kellan Derouin
      Kellan Derouin

      He was using the pickaxe because it had silk touch

  • TheGreatestNoob

    True fact: its not 100 bees, but its dumb science

  • syanthara raehandra
    syanthara raehandra

    pls make minecradt video again

  • Mike Valdez
    Mike Valdez

    funfact: honey bees actually came from russian people who brought them here

  • Snackzy_IR


  • Kadester36

    Baby B Benson

  • Maolen Gamer
    Maolen Gamer

    Its not roblox bee swarm its minecraft bee swarm

  • Brown Buddy
    Brown Buddy

    lazer ply moded minecraft u bot

  • brmbhm

    I guess bees are toddlers with wings and a stinger

    • Chickin master
      Chickin master

      Same comment

  • brmbhm

    I guess bees are toddlers with wings and stingers

  • Divine Assassin
    Divine Assassin

    Both of by grandmas are dead

    • Kellan Derouin
      Kellan Derouin


    • Chickin master
      Chickin master

      Not really

    • Chickin master
      Chickin master


  • Kellin Teddy
    Kellin Teddy

    How many hours do you think he put in to this series gotta give him respect he worked very hard for our entertainment

  • HYPE

    As soon as lazarbeam shot an arrow at that wither he shot 7 bees

  • IsaacDraws

    Me seeing lazarbeam get melons with a pickaxe: TRIGGERED