GALACTUS EVENT (very cool)
galactus event was cool
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  • Khalil Bouderbala
    Khalil Bouderbala


  • Nikolaus Barlow
    Nikolaus Barlow


  • starkiller 450
    starkiller 450

    0:50 Pov: your a grunt and master chief is looking over you

  • Alyssa Mccarrell
    Alyssa Mccarrell


  • Tracey T
    Tracey T

    So many busses

  • Tracey T
    Tracey T

    Big man

  • Penguin XD Register
    Penguin XD Register

    This was a fun event

  • Carmen Evans
    Carmen Evans

    Galactus is the deathstar


    he is hangry

  • Alex Hudson
    Alex Hudson

    I played the event to

  • BigZHockey

    I missed this event so I just rebuilt the tower in weeping woods out of brick

  • Gwen Barton
    Gwen Barton

    7:39 as well

  • Gwen Barton
    Gwen Barton

    6:18 astroworld

  • Epic Gaming Gamer
    Epic Gaming Gamer

    the music is my fav band AC/DC

  • Epic Gaming Gamer
    Epic Gaming Gamer

    copy right music *warning*

  • Epic Gaming Gamer
    Epic Gaming Gamer

    o yea thats afecs when you explode i did not realy explode

  • Epic Gaming Gamer
    Epic Gaming Gamer

    thats me! 4:57

  • Epic Gaming Gamer
    Epic Gaming Gamer

    i was behind you!

  • Epic Gaming Gamer
    Epic Gaming Gamer

    i saw you in the event!

  • Kobe1210

    7:39 Travis Scott?!

  • Siawping Kho
    Siawping Kho

    When Galactus is going to smack you in the bus you can see a screen I can see you have 85 health and 23 kills

    • Siawping Kho
      Siawping Kho

      The screen is cold Tony royale

  • Baraa Alrifai
    Baraa Alrifai

    WTF I was there and I was like a back of the buses

  • Raheed Iftekhar
    Raheed Iftekhar

    u call the battle bus the world lol u think the world would be that small3:40

  • Snsbdd Djdjfbf
    Snsbdd Djdjfbf

    The event doesnt make any sense some small Fucking busses can’t do shit and he can pick the whole map up with one hand but they made him extremely small he could get the zero point with no need to try get it, and that green shit wouldn’t affect him a single bit idc how this even works, if it made him full he could just make himself way bigger. Galactus has a brain so he wouldn’t do that with the busses he knows there is smth With them but Epic made him dumb asf and same with the armor he has it doesn’t have places like that it’s a solid piece it doesn’t have these cracks, the zero point has no chance to do any resistance to Galactus he could pick the map up with one finger and the Zero points Energy isn’t nearly as close as the Power galactus has and he could just pick it up with 1 finger.

    • Snsbdd Djdjfbf
      Snsbdd Djdjfbf

      My point is that this is bullshit and Galactus can’t die from this same with the drones

  • Sue Pearson
    Sue Pearson

    He called him a dweeb lol

  • Sahalaldeen Kamal-deen
    Sahalaldeen Kamal-deen

    why do i feel to watch phineas and ferb

  • Bacon Boys10
    Bacon Boys10

    Name one person who played the event and didn’t shoot galactis before tony said not to

  • nexadrin

    in conclusion, Galactus comes and eats battle busses and dies.

  • Mickey Bekele
    Mickey Bekele

    Could you imagine if Galactus just collapse to the ground and everyone was like "Huh? How did he die?" and epic is just like "Oh yeah, he died to the height barrier"

  • anthony gomezz
    anthony gomezz

    power of the pickle killed GALACTUS nothing else just pickle power what was in those busses there where pickle powers

  • Pedro Tedro
    Pedro Tedro

    You know what they should add on fortnite The Obelisk the Tormentor from Yugioh it would spectaculer to see that in action!.

  • Maddox Fragar
    Maddox Fragar

    In the morning

  • Maddox Fragar
    Maddox Fragar

    I’m literally watching this at 01:28

  • Jiblets

    I was watching this very late at night with my lights off and when he exploded I got flashbanged

  • Shota Aizawa Sensei
    Shota Aizawa Sensei

    _The world is about to get destroyed by galactus eating the thing that holds the loop together_ Iron man: haha he’s getting right to it lol

  • sasha oune
    sasha oune

    2:54 that’s siri

  • Stephen Pendleton
    Stephen Pendleton

    What my mom says when I'm eating Skittles: 0:13

  • Louise Bromfield
    Louise Bromfield

    It's acDc music

  • kiljan karpinski
    kiljan karpinski

    hey lazar where u saw galactus face super far there was the travis scott planet if u didn´t saw

  • BrickGuy Animations
    BrickGuy Animations

    epics real plan for the event: play copyrighted music to end streamers careers

  • RelaxingJiayu x
    RelaxingJiayu x


  • Daniel Estrada
    Daniel Estrada

    it,s busing

  • Bruh NicePlay
    Bruh NicePlay

    I remember that the first thing I did in first person mode was do the chimichangas! emote.

  • Cash Ortiz
    Cash Ortiz

    the food is bussin sheeeesh

  • Kjetil Bjørkum
    Kjetil Bjørkum


  • Cupanoodle

    It’s chapter 2 season 6 :) so I’m technically watching this two seasons of head of you

  • Red and blue Space wolf
    Red and blue Space wolf

    I stated this lazarbeam vid and get introduced to his sister presenting a add quinsidece I think not

  • Captain Fortnite
    Captain Fortnite

    You got bitch slapped

  • Jackson Carter
    Jackson Carter

    Astro world was next to satern

  • NotHansonchol

    3:42 Me and the boys during a B-17 Flying Fortress raid at 2AM

  • Super Doggo
    Super Doggo

    When he says no the quinjet bruh

  • Emmanuela Jogbodo
    Emmanuela Jogbodo

    When you miserably missed the event 👁💧👄💧👄

  • Darksite

    bruh get the season 6 battle pass

  • Pufferfish 12
    Pufferfish 12


  • Lucy O'Connor
    Lucy O'Connor

    You have to win

  • Lucy O'Connor
    Lucy O'Connor

    I am your biggest fan and I love go out to more than you

  • Sir Jonah
    Sir Jonah

    7:38 you can see astroworld from travis Scott event next jupiter is travis comming back?

  • Miku Fan01
    Miku Fan01

    Wish they made a galactsus skin

  • [{Digital Josh}]
    [{Digital Josh}]

    Gingerbread man kills Galactics

  • Tinkanator7

    Funny thing is that day my mom had to pick me up from school and that’s how I got the wash the event

  • Boquaa

    Okay, so this looks like the dude in Thor, and in the Percy Jackson movie. Wtf!

  • Nieome Williams
    Nieome Williams


  • YakkoJacko13

    when was season 5 chapter 2 again in in chapter 2 season 6

  • Mickey Bekele
    Mickey Bekele

    I was never sure if galactus was getting hurt or healed

  • The Blanker
    The Blanker

    Pickle Power

  • Molten

    If the music is ACDC I can relate

  • Trond Martin Høvik
    Trond Martin Høvik

    Galactus i like ur ctg

  • Coolkid22

    I can’t believe I didn’t notice that storm was there

  • CertifiedLampost

    The amount of people that got pissed when you call the helicarrier quinjet

  • Doggie Man457
    Doggie Man457

    Galactus I like your cut g to the hellicarrier

  • Nick E
    Nick E

    Galactuse got inderjesgen I think

  • Parry Frazier
    Parry Frazier


  • Nenna G
    Nenna G

    His voice tho

  • Oliver Brooks
    Oliver Brooks

    Sorry it’s not iron man from the movies all the marvel skins are from marvel comics

  • Marianne Weber
    Marianne Weber

    I’m pretty sure the earth is like a marble to galactis

  • Andrew Ordorica
    Andrew Ordorica

    The new marvel movie

  • Julyan Free
    Julyan Free

    Hi you are 😎

  • Duygu Muşovi
    Duygu Muşovi

    btw Galactus has the same age that universe haves and he owns a power named ''Power Cosmic'' that makes Galactus hand the origins of immortality but the power was too much for him to control so galactus is less powerful then hes energy haves so galactus can be defeated by the little gingy

  • Jonesy

  • Teo Kim
    Teo Kim

    That's why you have to thank the bus driver

  • Magma Ghost
    Magma Ghost

    7:39 Astro world

  • Joshua Murphy
    Joshua Murphy

    Dude Galactus isn't dead He got sent through a rift

  • Astrocidic 1
    Astrocidic 1

    When lazer looses with meme strat he be like : this is not possible

  • Foldable Aircraft
    Foldable Aircraft

    Acdc demon fire in one point

  • DEATH_ DrCrazza
    DEATH_ DrCrazza

    I love how fresh said PICKLE POWER after the Black screen

  • Frank Medrano
    Frank Medrano

    Fortnite made 3 events of marvel and they can’t make a DC

  • Frank Medrano
    Frank Medrano

    Only the nerds of marvel know this character

  • Cian Yohance Mahilac
    Cian Yohance Mahilac

    7:19 why did iron man say robux

  • Riley Hoy
    Riley Hoy

    LazarBeams Vids About Events Are Better Than EveryOne's Else's.....Keep Up The Good Work.....G'day mate

  • Mandalorian 6976
    Mandalorian 6976

    "that was iron man from the iron man movies" Lazarbeam 2020

  • Am2in


  • XdiamondrubiesX X
    XdiamondrubiesX X

    Glactus:Iwho da fuk are ya Lazar:stupi creature Glactus:WHO THE FUK ARE U ACTUALLY CALLING A FUKING CRETUR(sorry me late)

  • XdiamondrubiesX X
    XdiamondrubiesX X

    This kills me when he tries to punch us but I just put on I like ya cut g and I was dum dum so I went crazy when I went in his arm bc of the music

  • BryantOmega

    Muselk: “Johnsey” Fresh: “Tfue” 😂

  • SmartSpark998

    why is galactus purple?

  • Basel Ahmed
    Basel Ahmed

    when a person who couldn't absorb memers then this happens


    Big black man

  • Karlo Grgic
    Karlo Grgic

    Thing that i love about lazar is how he enjoyed that Ac-dc rock part while other donkeys complained how loud it was. My man Lazar😎❤️

  • RNG_Unknown

    Who’s bigger Like: Travis Scott Comment: Galactus

    • Q9 noor
      Q9 noor

      Galactus and stop begging for likes

  • Kosaku Kawajiri
    Kosaku Kawajiri

    Basically iron man wants you to kamikaze into this mans mouth, I’m getting pacific war flashbacks now.