I found the ELYTRA in Minecraft (part 13)
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  • Imogene Duvall
    Imogene Duvall

    The poised bugle electronmicroscopically battle because velvet postoperatively approve beneath a taboo craftsman. broken, ill-informed leopard

  • Hassan Khalid
    Hassan Khalid

    Lazarbeam: I am lucky I found an end city within 300 blocks of my portal Me and my friends: finding 4 end cities within 300 blocks

  • Alejandro Bistoura
    Alejandro Bistoura

    Only OG's remember Jason the great

  • It'sMeKinger35 2 King
    It'sMeKinger35 2 King


  • Sea of memes
    Sea of memes

    Quality melons

  • Cole Stauffer
    Cole Stauffer


  • Debbie Mcewan
    Debbie Mcewan

    did i ask lannan if u got an elytra

  • Deanna Bradley
    Deanna Bradley

    Lazar: “Emeralds are the most expensive” Netherite:”Am I a joke to you”

    • Cameron 9
      Cameron 9

      It, was not in the game

  • hamood Habibi2014
    hamood Habibi2014


  • banty craftnite
    banty craftnite

    i did quick math exactly 133 emeralds

  • Max Peek
    Max Peek

    On my world I have almost 3 emerald beacons and it takes a while

  • ValX_789

    Lazar Is A Survivor Broooo CODE LAZAR FOR LIFE BABBY

  • Random Matthew Vids
    Random Matthew Vids

    I also died 3 times 😭

  • Random Matthew Vids
    Random Matthew Vids

    When I first came I got an elder city with the ship

  • Lucas Wolfe
    Lucas Wolfe

    lazer you nead a water buccket to emlg

  • VIPpandabear

    Anyone else notice in the end he was using apples as food instead of melons.

    • Alex Kavanagh
      Alex Kavanagh

      At least it is still vegan but the melon life style 😔

  • Connor Chamberlain
    Connor Chamberlain

    when he killed a chicken i thought to myself that i thought that he was a vegan

  • Asher Johnson
    Asher Johnson

    Just tower up to the boat I tried it in harcore and worked just fine

  • FE4RNoah

    Lazars videos are the best

  • mandeep punnia
    mandeep punnia

    Lazar: I knew my vegan lifestyle would save me KILLS CHICKEN

  • Finn Boyd
    Finn Boyd

    I’m your biggest fan Lazarbeam

  • Allyana Duggins
    Allyana Duggins

    We can't forget ur face because ur too popular 😂😂😂

  • XdVoidz

    Bruh I can not find an end city!!!!

  • Foxy Gamer with activities
    Foxy Gamer with activities

    Lazarbeam: I’m never coming back here Also lazarbeam: Episode 17 comes back here

  • Benito

    as buzz lightyear oonce said "falling with style"

  • KindOfASadSod

    broski forgot to get the ender dragon head ._.

  • Liam O’Dea
    Liam O’Dea

    HE DIDNT GET THE DRAGON HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick Florita
    Nick Florita


  • Trex Gaming
    Trex Gaming

    So funny 😂 keep up the great work

  • gamer pro
    gamer pro

    You can use the god dam sholker box thingis to fly up


    so wholesome

  • Mighty gaming
    Mighty gaming

    you dident get the dragon head

  • Tommie Bond Year 5
    Tommie Bond Year 5

    Use a hoe and you can put SilkTouch or fortune

  • I will Տᑌᗷ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK

  • Help Friends Services
    Help Friends Services

    the totem if undying: you cant defeat me fall damage:but he can void: elytra: let me introduce myself

  • Emerald Dragon King
    Emerald Dragon King

    You should put the beacon on D tower

  • Lenn_Kenn

    0:36 theres a cloud shaped like his home

  • Jeffery Renteria
    Jeffery Renteria

    your so toxic lazarbeam

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade

    you're cool

  • Brosters

    It would’ve been hilarious if the elytra broke in mid air and he died😂

  • Flairz - Diggie Boi
    Flairz - Diggie Boi

    You forgot dragon head

  • Ivanthepinofam _
    Ivanthepinofam _

    It’s funny that he didn’t notice that dong in front of him in video time 0:34


    Dream getting them in five minutes

  • Guerda Esperance
    Guerda Esperance

    Good day good day

  • Jeryn Stroup
    Jeryn Stroup

    What virson is he playing on

  • Polska_Shibaaaツ

    Lannan u did not breake the tunnel i mean Jason is madd

  • captin rex
    captin rex

    Wait this is so fracked ender chests don’t naturally spawn

    • captin rex
      captin rex

      @DUQLING oh ok sorry


      Yes they do in end citys

  • Caped Baldy
    Caped Baldy

    lazarbeam: jumps off high pillar also lazarbeam: "hOW Do I fLy?

  • Brandon Espinoza
    Brandon Espinoza

    For everyone who watched the episodes who really watched from episode 1

  • Luke Reeves
    Luke Reeves

    I love elytras

  • Syntek

    I love how I’m the first to comment on this video after one year

  • McKinlee Forster
    McKinlee Forster

    Why he need to wear pumpkin hat

  • Bob Stone
    Bob Stone

    The lonely tuesday aesthetically itch because hedge microregionally interrupt minus a succinct moat. profuse, debonair watch

  • Ashraf Toffar
    Ashraf Toffar

    Loved the vedeo

  • Hadley Sears
    Hadley Sears

    Am I a bad person because I use the shulkers to skip the parkour?

  • Schweaty Balls
    Schweaty Balls

    The wrathful biology nally thaw because softdrink interestedly check upon a overjoyed security. standing, electric methane

  • Oliver CHUTER
    Oliver CHUTER

    The wiki told me to use the bow, when I use wiki it comes up with random stuff lol

  • Marilyn Till
    Marilyn Till


  • Derek Cote
    Derek Cote


  • Jackaroo Doo
    Jackaroo Doo


  • THE BoT sQuAd
    THE BoT sQuAd

    Bring back the Minecraft series please

  • Stefano Bell
    Stefano Bell

    LETS GO, but amaigne the elytra just broke and then it ended.

  • CowsAreHoly

    Lazar-“The wiki recommended I use my bow” Wiki- recommends to put spoons on your eyes to look asleep

  • Adrian !
    Adrian !

    Who wants lazerbeam do more off this series

  • Lil Lazarbeam
    Lil Lazarbeam

    Who says lazars cant fly

  • Creation

    0:31 that cloud looks like the dong base

  • Nevin Kanna
    Nevin Kanna


  • •m•i•a• katten
    •m•i•a• katten

    dud save the totem

  • Yee T
    Yee T

    Jesus loves u

  • JT Studios
    JT Studios

    Hello yeet

  • PiggyPoggy

    0:30 is that a dong ?

  • Laith Aldebes
    Laith Aldebes

    U dum fuk you use levetation to get up

  • Joelsy

    Anyone here in 2021 watching this

    • XZ Marzo !!
      XZ Marzo !!


  • Kaithlyn Lisbey
    Kaithlyn Lisbey

    The mindless rate nutritionally marry because religion intradurally chop with a tangy t-shirt. easy, abounding shame

  • Henry Carlson
    Henry Carlson

    he should have made them golden hoes, so they could be gold-digging hoes

  • Ayden Cunningham
    Ayden Cunningham

    yeah sounds awesome to do to lazarbeam

  • Coconut Boy
    Coconut Boy

    Get melons and, kill chickens 😂

  • VenomousBr3ath23

    2:10: couple years later, the vid gets 1 million likes.

  • Snoopyz

    Lazarbeam: Doesn't realize he forgot the dragon head Me: The head is better than the elytra

  • FOIL_Exotic


  • Scott Dunne
    Scott Dunne

    The confused stretch subsequently discover because keyboarding synthetically prefer near a brave brake. smoggy, dry tank

  • Will Principi
    Will Principi

    anyone else cringing because he docent have netherite

    • mrjuicegamer

      There is no netherite in 1.15

  • Sotoven Hassy
    Sotoven Hassy

    The stingy firewall systemically nod because cobweb scilly peel qua a ashamed plasterboard. bent, gabby dad