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  • Violeta Benegas
    Violeta Benegas

    I want to PlayStation I live near Mexico so still still talk yeah OK bye

  • Nora Berry
    Nora Berry

    The second athlete thankfully grate because lamb neuroanatomically touch times a bewildered cellar. kind, receptive shoulder

  • Fallen MrSnow
    Fallen MrSnow

    I like the “I’m bored with lazarbeam”

  • BrockZilla - GD
    BrockZilla - GD

    1:02 that was actually sick

  • A Person
    A Person

    I’ve seen the public restroom one when my grandmother was watching old tv channels 1:43

  • Super Isaac & Will Bros.
    Super Isaac & Will Bros.

    I love your vids I mean

  • Super Isaac & Will Bros.
    Super Isaac & Will Bros.

    I love you later beam

  • Flyfire Bullet gamer
    Flyfire Bullet gamer

    I can’t stop laughing of the one with the unicorn

  • A.O.D ransumシ
    A.O.D ransumシ

    1:03 the toilet after taco Bell

  • Jeff Gregory
    Jeff Gregory

    When does TickTock that was going around and seeing the knowledge of people here and they Showed Charli D’Amelio and then Abraham Lincoln and she said I don’t recognize him Abraham Lincoln up in heaven I fear no one but the thing that scares me

  • Jeff Gregory
    Jeff Gregory

    Did you know the illuminati theme song is from The X-Files when The X-Files starts the intro it Starts playing illuminati

  • D.Thomas2.0

    ah yes, the wooden spoon, also known as the "the helping hand"

  • Helen Mason
    Helen Mason


  • Nightmare

    True I’ve watched this same video about 20 times

  • Daniel Mallon
    Daniel Mallon

    That little green thing running at ya🥶

  • jagr mari
    jagr mari

    Hey guys were going to dumb lazerbeam science 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dark Diego
    Dark Diego

    He is the only person I can trust

  • Johhan Laidmäe
    Johhan Laidmäe

    Can you please go to the Channel Ezkroet 10 and drop some hate there. He bullies me in school cause I am overweight. Just write "Respect Metsalind" and leave. Thank you

  • Thefith killer5
    Thefith killer5

    I think im going to try it at home

  • Annie Allen
    Annie Allen

    me and my friend pulling an all nighter me at 1:00 am 0:06

  • Dean Lamb
    Dean Lamb

    Lol, this one was pretty funny

  • Austin Schmidt
    Austin Schmidt

    When me and my gang pull up had me in tears

  • Zoko

    4:33 Mike Wezowski ?

  • Alan Wetzel
    Alan Wetzel

    dem leaves on firree!!

  • Albert GB
    Albert GB

    i am bored * after video * i am not boerd

  • Jonathan Contreras
    Jonathan Contreras

    Me: haha so funny (you say a bad word) My mom;🤬 who the f*ck your wathing

  • Tiger jack 56
    Tiger jack 56


  • rayden cummings
    rayden cummings

    i am bored *with lazerbeam* featuring the veiwers

  • Ethan Rodriguez Aguilar
    Ethan Rodriguez Aguilar

    me:lazarbeam kissed fresh FBI agents:we got him

  • Andreas VUKOVICH
    Andreas VUKOVICH

    Anyone else thought the Alabama thing on the guitar was amazing

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M

    9:19 card swipe

  • Carl Hash
    Carl Hash

    Why is lazar comforting to watch

  • Tanya Scott
    Tanya Scott

    im bored

  • OchiDO

    did you know Jason is skinny search up Jason momoa Super Bowl commercial

  • 217 Erupt
    217 Erupt

    i was eating an ice cream cone and then 3:30

  • Rebecca Acuna
    Rebecca Acuna

    Sokrlo blar

  • Rat Head
    Rat Head

    It would be so much more entertaining if like ww3 broke out in this video

  • Mathias Pita
    Mathias Pita

    Bro shows a picture of charli then shows a picture of Abraham Lincoln and says it’s Michael Jackson Abraham Lincoln in heaven WHO TF MADE THIS TIC TOK😂

  • luciana verardo
    luciana verardo

    how do you polish a turd

    • luciana verardo
      luciana verardo

      did you get the shower ghost had me dying

  • Hudson Adams
    Hudson Adams

    4:18 thank me later

  • IT'S FUN
    IT'S FUN

    I'm yours feyvot fan

  • Liam Nielsen
    Liam Nielsen


  • Jett Crump
    Jett Crump

    My favorite part is when they show the monkeys and then the guy said go back on the monkey

  • Cain Doolan
    Cain Doolan

    Fuck you Mrs best

  • CJ Gamer1256
    CJ Gamer1256

    2:25 when the kid gets revenge on anikin for killing his friends

  • james smith
    james smith


  • james smith
    james smith

    2:50 bru

  • Iona Haley
    Iona Haley

    I sud

  • RobloxGamerBoy

    "We polish that damn turd..."

  • blueplayzz Rblx
    blueplayzz Rblx


  • blueplayzz Rblx
    blueplayzz Rblx

    Lazer play roblox agajn

  • Sarah O'Rourke
    Sarah O'Rourke

    I like target car one

  • Sarah O'Rourke
    Sarah O'Rourke

    Lazar rules

  • Leong Chong
    Leong Chong

    so m i man

  • Gemma Brown
    Gemma Brown


  • Jadon Acosta
    Jadon Acosta

    “WhA tHe fU”

  • Mark Mahan
    Mark Mahan

    3:32 that scream tho

  • DashHopes

    6:55 me, as an grammar checker: did you mean, Bald Ross?

  • Ryan Onderi
    Ryan Onderi

    Did the pretend to put your dog on a diet challenge and you just look confused

  • blueplayzz Rblx
    blueplayzz Rblx

    hello neee nawwwwwwa

  • Dragon

    1:04 though. dear lord this man is a legend.

  • Gl patriots
    Gl patriots

    i am bored

  • GreenGoblinGaming

    I miss 2016 LAZER

  • Mikey Scoville
    Mikey Scoville

    I love “I am bored with lazarbeam”

  • Arthur Quelroz
    Arthur Quelroz

    1:47 FBI: OPEN UP GOT YOU BOY guy: wat my dump

  • krystal O'Rourke
    krystal O'Rourke

    Me to

  • Jose Crisostomo Aponte
    Jose Crisostomo Aponte


  • Jose Crisostomo Aponte
    Jose Crisostomo Aponte

    on 9:13-9:19 why is there a jelly cardboard on the back

  • Ialen Oie
    Ialen Oie

    1:46 smear it on them

  • XS Zoar
    XS Zoar

    Im bored I’m bored ARe U REDY fOR SOME TIKTOKS

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith

    Lol Lol Lol

  • ThatDumbhacker Pro3000
    ThatDumbhacker Pro3000

    1:36 this was a Tic Tok Secret Easter FIlter Update. The original author of this video, didn't know untill now

  • Caleb White
    Caleb White

    6:09 do this in Paris and you better start running your ass out of there

  • Santi Garcia
    Santi Garcia

    The ice cream is gay


    i laht so hard on lazerbeam unicor reak

  • Kitty PlayzFortnite
    Kitty PlayzFortnite

    me to always a favirote

  • Michael Wyckoff
    Michael Wyckoff

    2:05-2:14 I'm bursting out laughing

  • Michael H
    Michael H


  • Jeanette Cattan
    Jeanette Cattan


  • Dyan Lucas
    Dyan Lucas

    *how to delete myself*

  • Ben Grenham
    Ben Grenham

    3:44 trust me just click it

  • Caden Abram
    Caden Abram

    I miss the tiktoks

  • Tanya Karadjian
    Tanya Karadjian

    Uh Idk what to say here

  • STZ Anonymous
    STZ Anonymous

    lazarbeam malon farm be like im of the planet my dude

  • Arn Barslund 3kl
    Arn Barslund 3kl

    i am dead 3:27

  • Nadim the legend
    Nadim the legend

    5:20 this girl is bullshit

  • Randy Landaverde
    Randy Landaverde

    I love that TikTok where that guy Tried to cover up his fart with a cough but when he did shit came out and he grabbed his ass😂😂

    • Everson Filer
      Everson Filer


  • James Sprack
    James Sprack

    Yea ice cream . Ice cream : ur ded man

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Give me a shout out pls

  • Blayde Stephens
    Blayde Stephens


  • Anaphylactic101

    I play State of Survival in my base is three stars

  • Durr Gaming
    Durr Gaming

    I'm bored lol

  • Officialfighter1

    If I hear someone cough I just run like the wind

  • Colton Fowler
    Colton Fowler

    You /s code fresh

  • Jay Doom
    Jay Doom

    Give me the PlayStation fly high hey I forgot I killed doing are you radios in lifestream and I’ll do the watch has

  • Shansj Sj
    Shansj Sj


  • Roblox with Nicole UwU
    Roblox with Nicole UwU

    I was eating ice cream on that ice cream part lol I was like yeah no and just through my ice cream in the bin

  • Alan Hart
    Alan Hart

    Him i hate giveaways him now giving away ps5

  • grainne cullinane
    grainne cullinane

    Me to

  • Hatty5665

    Literally the ad that played before the video was “I’m bored