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  • Dominik Litkowski
    Dominik Litkowski

    1:37 i saw the official song on yt and i commented that if lazar doesnt watch this on his next Im bored vid im rioting and they did it

  • faze son
    faze son

    We love lannan

  • Artemis Gauborj
    Artemis Gauborj

    I have vid idea revisit 2017 to 2018 as I am an upset og fan

  • E Dogs
    E Dogs

    lazerbeam lol where r u?

  • Calliope Flower
    Calliope Flower

    When I was in Elementary school, kids would sell beanies to kids with bad haircuts. They made some darn big profit.

  • Jason.Y5

    Speedrun in minecraft without cheating

  • Pug Boy swagger09
    Pug Boy swagger09

    It looks like an Egg

  • Garden- Pom
    Garden- Pom

    I’m sooooo sad u lost the trivia! U DID FOOCKIN GREAT! They didn’t put u up against Ninja and just wow! I was rootin for ya tho. Same with Dream, Preston, and Jaiden Animations.

  • The Cow Cow Studios
    The Cow Cow Studios


  • Kolton Koetter
    Kolton Koetter

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve

    Miss the every day upload 😞

  • Green Weeb
    Green Weeb

    tik tok i am a clock and i have a co** -LAZAR BEAM

  • KingOfPandas

    Play tabs if there’s nothing play

  • StealthySeth 511
    StealthySeth 511

    Lannan's reaction when the dude jumped at tv while playing VR. 😂😂😂

  • Raymond Melendrez
    Raymond Melendrez

    Use code lazar been in the item shop

  • StealthySeth 511
    StealthySeth 511

    "Macaroni with the chicken strips"


    Is it me or im in the bath rooom watchinghim lol

  • StealthySeth 511
    StealthySeth 511


  • Jayden Dodson
    Jayden Dodson


  • Sam Santos
    Sam Santos

    Lazarbeam: that looks like a watermelon Me: IS D-TOWN COMING BACK PLEASE MINECRAFT

  • Everything iNoah
    Everything iNoah

    Go to mark robers live stream on April 30th and donate for his kid who has autism. Please it would mean a lot to him😃

  • fortnite jarvis
    fortnite jarvis

    Kid on trampoline: did you say macaroni and the chicken strips uhhhhhhhhhhhh Flyers to space sees 9999999999 macaroni and chicken strips

  • Zayvion Henry
    Zayvion Henry

    That t-rex after 9 months 🤰🏻🤱👶

  • Caleb Rose
    Caleb Rose

    Lazarbeam, you are great and all... but can you upload more

  • رایان اتوکش
    رایان اتوکش

    Why do you look like modest pelican

  • Jaden Slater
    Jaden Slater

    Hi lazarbeam

  • Citlaly Mendoza
    Citlaly Mendoza

    Am boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  • Marreo Jones
    Marreo Jones

    its feash the ferecken boss hes the ferecken boss

  • the best fortnite players is us
    the best fortnite players is us

    Laser beam you a f### you uploaded in 2w you f######


    5:27 NOT THE PHONE!!!!!!????

  • Thecrazycraftingcrew

    Pog The last clip imao

  • Erica Lewis
    Erica Lewis

    Lazar play more mine raft mineraft huge update

  • Salud Vivian Montoya
    Salud Vivian Montoya

    Dont roast me or you become an egg head

  • the yeetersons
    the yeetersons

    The funny part is when you watch his face react to the vid and it just cracks me up

  • Hassan Emara
    Hassan Emara

    Lazarbeam can you please notice me I’m a big fan

  • Hi'im Poop
    Hi'im Poop

    Is deep fake

  • Christina Nicole
    Christina Nicole

    i betcha he got another strike

  • MrBear

    0:07-0:13, tick-tock, im a clock, and I have a (CHICKEN NOISE), mate I'm a modern day m&m

  • Romelia Hidalgo
    Romelia Hidalgo

    That does not look like a happy face it’s more like a depressed face

  • Noah Ingram
    Noah Ingram

    Go back to minecraft!!!

  • Dalson Eversole
    Dalson Eversole

    this girl in my class named Kimberly called my sister ugly and made fun of my dead dog

  • Mohamed sharif
    Mohamed sharif

    you are such a bot you sound like when you flush your toilet

  • Gianni Suarez
    Gianni Suarez

    Lazar can you help me with a win on fortnight

  • Kaden Blank
    Kaden Blank

    Fun fact it’s very rare for a person to be able to cross only one eye. But I can do it without having to look at my finger

  • Alden Boulerice
    Alden Boulerice

    0:12 mate I am a modern day m&m/eminem

  • Vicky Sandoval
    Vicky Sandoval

    out home Alabama 1.00

  • James Matthew
    James Matthew

    what the fuck 18 mill now

  • Kai Papa
    Kai Papa

    on fortnight

  • Kai Papa
    Kai Papa

    laser beam you are the best youtuber ever you mey not read this but if you can do memes plese

  • Noah Lewis
    Noah Lewis

    1:14 I showed this to my dad he laughed so hard

  • Kiley Dickens
    Kiley Dickens


  • Bria Barnes
    Bria Barnes

    Hey mate I know are use your but can you give me a shout out Bria barnes

  • Random Skeleton
    Random Skeleton

    At times he kinda looks like Robert Downey

  • Brian Renteria
    Brian Renteria

    Go to 2:02 for the best joke

  • MastrBuildr

    i forgot who lazarbeam was

  • the nugget terminator
    the nugget terminator

    He's nearly the most subed youtuber in asstrialia he just needs to beat a kids toy channel

  • Mason Bergman
    Mason Bergman

    Hey lazar can u start a hardcore world

  • stavros hehe ツ
    stavros hehe ツ

    can you do random crap friday?

  • László Szammer
    László Szammer

    Tiksis toksis these ppl are toxisis

  • Yang Zhang
    Yang Zhang

    Plz can you upload more I love your vids.

  • banned acc
    banned acc

    Lazer do another fortnite Olympics

  • 4MontereyCA

    Dude, that guy going door to door just for you .He needs to be happy because bro, you are his inspiration !!

  • Lonerr B4six
    Lonerr B4six

    0:33 mk be like

  • Jonte

    6:49 indian editing time!

  • Hermelindo Merida
    Hermelindo Merida

    It the guy from fortnite 😱

  • Controllxr


  • Billy Walsh
    Billy Walsh


  • Levi Baxter
    Levi Baxter

    Lannan your bored look at this funny pic

  • Major Coconut
    Major Coconut

    Hey mr beam, since there’s not much content or anything else to look at, maybe you should take a trip down memory lane and look at old gaming vids and find some ideas. Just a idea for future vids. Lov your vids, YEET!

  • josbel fernandez
    josbel fernandez


  • Sonny Valentine
    Sonny Valentine

    U are the best

  • robin bill
    robin bill

    1:52 I mean

  • robin bill
    robin bill

    3:15 Same person?

  • Michael Hebert
    Michael Hebert

    i subscribed

  • Daniel LaBelle
    Daniel LaBelle

    6:57 the fart lmao

  • Owen Randazzo
    Owen Randazzo


  • space pickle
    space pickle

    Hi csn you add me please because I am lonely JK but I love you r videos my fortnite name is waffle ma

  • Sean Thayer jr
    Sean Thayer jr

    Once lazarbeam was streaming and I was in the shower watching

  • Taps lock
    Taps lock

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh yay money

  • Badlandsman Master
    Badlandsman Master

    hey lalanon we want boddy and your dad in a trio

  • QIZ- Xyfixe
    QIZ- Xyfixe

    please break the grapplebows

  • Pulsepower

    2:58 I can't tell what's funnier the tiktok or his face 3:26 I'm surprised he didn't say yeet Plz see this: 3:30 And this: 8:28


    upload more videos pls

  • Azad Plays
    Azad Plays

    Lazarbeam I got a mullet

  • Ethan Jack
    Ethan Jack

    Play Subnautica Lazar.

  • YaYeetamus

    Who wants him to bring back weird subreddits and poly bridge

  • Chris Cass
    Chris Cass

    Now down to the mitey laser beam also known as lanen

  • Blackish_mode542


  • Avar

    Don’t say a bad word

  • Chris Cass
    Chris Cass

    From the top make it drop from the top make it drop from the top make it it drop

  • ChordR2 Productions
    ChordR2 Productions


  • Jayden Moore
    Jayden Moore

    the way lazerbeam reacts to the second one lol

  • Shezrick Spiteri
    Shezrick Spiteri

    Lazarbeam you are the best

  • TalaPlayz

    you are a party pooper

  • Ganesh Balack
    Ganesh Balack

    The hair cut video the after result made him look like rock lee

  • Austin Sinden
    Austin Sinden

    I’m bored to

  • itx ahad
    itx ahad

    5:00 rip

  • Lee Foskett
    Lee Foskett


  • ChickenTit

    Nice upload schedule, where’d u get it

  • DemonX-_-ClipZ

    New subscriber