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  • C LaCombe
    C LaCombe

    Do you think Australian players see a gingerbread man doing weird stuff and know it's lannan

    • wizardspacecow


    • Colonel Crunch
      Colonel Crunch

      yep we do

    • Adam Caswell
      Adam Caswell


    • Mason


    • Death Fire
      Death Fire

      1000% yes

  • R J
    R J

    5:32 Fladingo ate my baby

  • Ryan Giordano
    Ryan Giordano

    I forgot about dumb shit science

  • logan Brooks
    logan Brooks

    Flamingos eat children😂

  • Glytch

    4:02 BLJ (Backwards Long Jump) At its Finest

  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix


  • Y Nik
    Y Nik

    I just watched 4 double adds just to give Lannan money

  • Lalaaシ

    Yeet me

  • Ahmad Shamoun
    Ahmad Shamoun

    Everyone who disliked should feel a shame

  • Jo-Ann Martin
    Jo-Ann Martin

    0:13 LaAaAaAaMmMmAaAa

  • Rylan Camp
    Rylan Camp

    Filho de Deus, Pai, Feliz e Ousado !

  • Marco Smith
    Marco Smith

    How are people this blind

  • Jacksie

    0:15 lama in backround

  • Evin Muniz
    Evin Muniz

    Who's here in 2021

  • Something I think
    Something I think

    “It’s a dipilodocolus!”

  • Donut

    5:48 holy shi that summit was me

  • Stephanie Cwik
    Stephanie Cwik

    The Doritos is the god meda

  • rya N
    rya N

    zoo:hello how can we help you me: FLAMINGOS EAT BABIES

  • armondo Delgado
    armondo Delgado

    Imagine watching in 2021

    • GamingGod

      Pffft totally not me 😅

  • Phazer

    how is this not been taken down...?

  • Tricky the Clown
    Tricky the Clown

    0:56 lannan just snapped his neck lmao

  • Oliver Halverson
    Oliver Halverson

    "You yeeted me so hard i went to a different game mode"

  • Hello Im dead
    Hello Im dead

    Flamingo is a ISnetsr that has 8M+ Subscribers

  • Psycho MKK
    Psycho MKK

    Lazarbeam is the best content creator no madder how much of my friends say he’s not in my memeing heart he is

  • Lets gooo
    Lets gooo

    Im dababy


    Nobody: Not a single soul: Alia: ItS A DiPOlODoCuLUs Hint: the first clip at the start

  • Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop
    Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop

    Your very funny and I told my sister not to watch cuz she’s weird I’ve subscribed followed your instagram and your twitter and Facebook cuz your the best youtuber

  • Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop
    Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop

    I love your vids BTW

  • Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop
    Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop

    I’m so sorry lazar my sister is so weird

  • Adam Amer
    Adam Amer


  • Adam Amer
    Adam Amer


  • ChefZack X
    ChefZack X

    Doritos: I protecc, I attacc, but most importantly, I come from the mecc.

  • Maria Cottingham
    Maria Cottingham

    You do dum shit use code lazar

  • nicholas gallagher
    nicholas gallagher

    It's a dipaldoculus!

  • FishtailHail990

    4:00: me with lag: That’s normal

  • bonnie mcdermott
    bonnie mcdermott


  • ian quinn
    ian quinn

    u yeeted my so hard im in a different gamemode 😂

  • pro fortnite gamer Carvalho
    pro fortnite gamer Carvalho

    Is God laser

  • liam woods
    liam woods

    Oh no a flamingo just attacked me don’t eat my baby I don’t really care about English so just take it sorry this is a weird public comment by Brenda world

  • liam woods
    liam woods


  • russel collins
    russel collins

    I'm 8

    • Chris


  • Frecee XD
    Frecee XD


  • star code flamingo when buying roux
    star code flamingo when buying roux

    i knew albert was a murderer

  • KreedTDM

    Instead of being transported to another dimension he was yeeted into another gameode lol

  • Shoaib Hasan
    Shoaib Hasan

    The unaccountable wallet originally argue because south korea puzzlingly pinch like a subdued instrument. chubby, redundant dinghy

  • Groovy Coconuts
    Groovy Coconuts

    im watching dis in 2021. I miss that intro:(

  • Do not simp K
    Do not simp K

    Memes baby Yeah !!

  • Jake Do
    Jake Do

    When you yeet someone so hard they are sent to another game mode

  • Jake Do
    Jake Do

    I miss the dum shit sene

  • Lance the beast
    Lance the beast

    5:17 is Lazar being dumb

  • Lillie Lloyd
    Lillie Lloyd

    When I hear flamingo I always think albert.

  • Minecraft Man
    Minecraft Man

    Lazarbeam + Fornite = Broken Fornite

  • Blake Chestnut
    Blake Chestnut

    Me waching this in 2021

  • Pedro S.
    Pedro S.

    the funny thing is that i got a dorito add

  • Alexander Boxer
    Alexander Boxer

    Creative was a thing a year ago?

  • Spicy

    LoIzER LoIZeR

  • Riftyfan Boy
    Riftyfan Boy

    Fish eat you you eat fish

    • will noo09
      will noo09

      What da hell

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer

    Mr meme lord

  • Skid and pump RR
    Skid and pump RR

    Bep book bebop (it’s spookey month)

  • Hapoosh 00
    Hapoosh 00

    He can attack in any moment!

  • Bartholomew WJordan
    Bartholomew WJordan

    The quaint hardware elderly glue because gymnast ethnically dust vice a imaginary amount. vigorous, actually trombone

    • Hixel12

      @Owen Bennett Ik, it's so annoying

    • Owen Bennett
      Owen Bennett

      @Hixel12 I see these things all over the place and I lose brain cells everytime

    • Hixel12

      @Criticality it's a bot. Some random dude created a billion of them and now they're on every ISnets video in existence

    • Criticality

      Bro u good?

  • Gnome


  • Gnome

    2:28 e

  • MSP xFrienzies
    MSP xFrienzies

    how does he do what he does

  • Otto Volt
    Otto Volt

    when people in season 10 are trolling you with ballers just do this 3:04

  • Ibrahim al-haque
    Ibrahim al-haque

    i have been going to all of your videos and congratulating you for getting a skin even your first fortnite video

  • YK Flare
    YK Flare

    Lazar you know that Wikipedia is not reliable.

  • Jcp 302
    Jcp 302

    This is 6 good memes

  • Einen Namen zu haben ist nicht Notwendig
    Einen Namen zu haben ist nicht Notwendig

    Lazarbeam is Here and the recommendations are destabilizing FAST but don’t worry there are tons of new ways to break Fortnite

  • Lucia Doughty
    Lucia Doughty

    Lol alia

  • Carson Evans
    Carson Evans

    Lannon should get a gingy costume and do dumb stuff in public

  • Eagle Man
    Eagle Man

    Flamingos eat babies

  • Topsgzx

    Who has a code lazar tatto on their arm

  • Nikhil Kadiri
    Nikhil Kadiri

    Me when I see a gingerbread doing weird stuff in Oceania servers:Oh Lannan

  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay


  • Numair Rahim
    Numair Rahim

    sub to lazarbeam to be a legend

  • land Icy
    land Icy

    WTF 3:21

  • The mole
    The mole

    A mech ay hmmm

  • Caden the Human
    Caden the Human

    lol just imagine if you were working at you science lab and you see your co-worker's computer and he just qued up for a game of fortnite

  • Daire Hickey
    Daire Hickey

    Lannan should have his own skin in fortnite

  • Xhevair Bardhi
    Xhevair Bardhi

    Lannan (LazarBeam) is the craziest youtuber I have ever seen!

    • Xhevair Bardhi
      Xhevair Bardhi

      And you are absolutly 1 of the best youtubers ever!!!

    • Xhevair Bardhi
      Xhevair Bardhi

      Lannan is my favourite youtuber!!!

  • Tt JJ
    Tt JJ

    2021 me is like missing u gee

  • Roblox Gamer02
    Roblox Gamer02

    Lannan : Use Code LAZAR 4 Year Olds : Code LAAZER

    • Nicholasthekingofgaming


  • Omar Kellawy
    Omar Kellawy

    Some on got strucked by the banhammr

  • TSS Ducky
    TSS Ducky

    You suc

  • Max Squishy
    Max Squishy


  • Naruto uzumaki
    Naruto uzumaki

    When lannan does an insane meme and music starts playing you already know he doing it right this time

  • JamerGaming 2808
    JamerGaming 2808

    you can see in the second success bottle flip that the bottle went higher then Lannan and hit the height barrier

  • Andrew Clogston
    Andrew Clogston

    I’m dude perfect O MY GOD

  • JACKSON NORTON (Student)
    JACKSON NORTON (Student)

    that one yellow flower

  • Keline Williams
    Keline Williams

    When the six year old who cant read shows up: laazer

  • Bronto YT
    Bronto YT


  • pedro

    old map :'(

  • swill009

    Lazer beam

  • swill009

    Lazer baem

  • It’s fortnite friday
    It’s fortnite friday

    Watching this in 2021 remembering the old days like: 😭😭😭

    • It’s fortnite friday
      It’s fortnite friday

      O Batata I wasnt

    • limonada ✓
      limonada ✓

      You probaly the same people that said that wanted epic to remove brutes

    • jojituツ

      Those were the good old days😪😔

    • Kong_king33

      Exactly my friend. Exactly😪

  • Metallix Gaming
    Metallix Gaming

    I have seen to much yeet memes I thought I was the yeet god

  • Sirsupersaif

    I know how to do the build in tilted glitch. All you do is bring a quadcrasher to the edge of tilted town and hop in it whilst outside and jump out into tilted but you never walked in th used the vehicle which is why you can build and also don't get the cowboy effect

  • Bumpy from Camp Cretaceous
    Bumpy from Camp Cretaceous

    Obi-Wan Kenobi: ITS OVER ANAKIN, I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND Anakin: YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER Obi-Wan Kenobi: DONT TRY IT Anakin: AHHHHHHH *lightsaber slashing* Obi-Wan Kenobi: YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE, IT WAS SAID YOU WOULD DESTROY THE SITH, NOT JOIN Obi-Wan Kenobi: BRING BALANCE TO THE FORCE, NOT LEAVE IT IN DARKNESS Anakin: *heavy breathing* Obi-Wan Kenobi: You were my brother anakin.. i loved you Obi-Wan Kenobi: *picks up lightsaber* Anakin: I HATE YOU! Anakin: *screams whilst burning in lava*

  • Player

    Who else misses dumb shit science in 2021