I Spent $10,000 Achieving My Dream
this took way too long to make but thank you for sharing the journey with me

try the game if you want :) - oldschool.runescape.com/

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  • LazarBeam

    Theres some render issues in the video but thanks for joining me on the journey :) - By the end of the video id spent $10k cause theres so much stuff i wanna do on this game for nostalgia sake. I might just do it off camera but let me know if you would like some more content on the game so I dont waste my money :)

    • sekc af
      sekc af


    • Cool Condo
      Cool Condo

      Plz do more osrs videos

    • FRZN Thanatos
      FRZN Thanatos

      Is this Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape?

    • Scorbunny raboot and cinder ace 5
      Scorbunny raboot and cinder ace 5

      Well god dam it it’s 2021

    • MrPezzoli

      Let's see you get some barrows armor everyone has a favorite one of the six

  • Gabe The meme human person
    Gabe The meme human person

    Petitions for him to get the rest of the skills to lvl 99

  • DuncanPlayzThemGames

    crafting or mining would be alot faster

  • sweaq wesaq
    sweaq wesaq

    The crabby t-shirt reversely press because marble comparatively invite above a happy wrecker. hollow, puzzled cellar

  • Teemu Saltbacka
    Teemu Saltbacka

    This is enought to make a grown man cry

  • SSSpiritwolfYT

    money is all you need in life.

  • Cooper Smith
    Cooper Smith

    You know you can buy skill lamps now to level up, right?

  • Inez Gspie
    Inez Gspie

    The outgoing millimeter universally disarm because tachometer operationally milk for a abstracted ink. free, hungry harmony

  • Dex Rektz
    Dex Rektz

    i think lannan forgot what autoclicking is

  • Lukas Kaarela
    Lukas Kaarela

    lol i watched that episode "they must have no life"

  • Andi Patel
    Andi Patel

    Yeah I know it’s the best game

  • Scubber Div
    Scubber Div

    there is a thing called a auto key presser

  • Enchalada

    Best game. Wish I still had my account

  • hollow gamer
    hollow gamer

    I NEED PT2

  • Barbara Lawson
    Barbara Lawson


  • GTA5_YT

    Hello there

  • Chariot Requiem
    Chariot Requiem


  • lachlan cush
    lachlan cush

    I am a huge fan can I get shoutout pls you are the best ISnetsr

  • Ninja Dragon
    Ninja Dragon


  • beetroot whaat !!!!!
    beetroot whaat !!!!!

    It might be very old it's still better than fortnite

  • Renee Ury
    Renee Ury

    This is a momentes day in youtube history

  • Anime I guess?
    Anime I guess?

    I love how I looked up RuneScape to find this video to rewatch it and it’s the number one most viewed RuneScape video ever

  • l7 envy
    l7 envy

    my uncle had almost all 99s

  • Kim&Marek

    Why do I want this game?

  • Xxgamer

    😎 awsome

  • zeephia beard
    zeephia beard

    My heart

  • hoover manuver
    hoover manuver

    Bet you didn’t know the monopoly man never had a monocle

  • Aaron Milne
    Aaron Milne

    i almost cried watching him achieve his dream....

  • Purp

    Lazarbeam goes broke

  • The Coyote King
    The Coyote King

    Hypixel skyblock

  • Archie Popp
    Archie Popp

    just gotta do it 22 more times now

  • AJSuperMiner

    TikTok: say your 26 years Old without saying your 26 years Old. - -lazarbeam: MEME!!

  • Mr. Rutledge
    Mr. Rutledge

    Here’s to lazarbeam he’s true blue he’s a [_] bot through and through he’s a [_] so the say he was meant to go to heaven but he went the other way he went down down down down down

  • Jenna Morikawa
    Jenna Morikawa

    Ilsa is like a dog she doesn’t know what’s happening but she’s happy to be there

  • Mohammed Hassan
    Mohammed Hassan

    Lil Lannan would be proud , I have full respect for this man😊

  • Adriana Herrera
    Adriana Herrera

    i wanna see you get on rs3, but try to get to priff loool

  • Brandon Kuether
    Brandon Kuether

    Now do it with all of them

  • Anoniem 076
    Anoniem 076

    lazarbeam why dont you download a autoclicker much easier

  • Yxungy

    i'll just call lazarbeam as a child, lil lazar

  • dA DOGE bEhInD dA sLaUghTeR *Bork*
    dA DOGE bEhInD dA sLaUghTeR *Bork*

    Actually Wholesome, holy crap

  • Marius Knudsen
    Marius Knudsen

    Do it with all categories now....

  • Davex YT
    Davex YT

    You could use auto clicker

  • Hui won Kang
    Hui won Kang

    Bruh, my teacher used to play it And he has everything to lvl 70 XD

  • Spencebot Shadow!
    Spencebot Shadow!

    just amazing

  • Frost

    Congrats Lannan

  • Mr Kevin10
    Mr Kevin10


    • Mr Kevin10
      Mr Kevin10


  • Yuzuki Isa
    Yuzuki Isa

    Yes we are fucken adults

  • DinohVFX

    My teacher developed runscape haha

  • McSoaps

    You can drink beer in the bar at lumbridge

  • danielle von russ datulayta
    danielle von russ datulayta

    I love the line he said "YOU WANNA SEE SOME REAL SPEED BTCH"

  • Justin Bynum
    Justin Bynum

    cool I am gay

  • Ahmad Horrabadi
    Ahmad Horrabadi

    i was playing this game and it was soo cool

  • Iris Neerakal
    Iris Neerakal

    10 year lazar willn proud

  • Brendon Kosecki
    Brendon Kosecki

    mullet power helped him break through

  • Extinction

    Hey lazarbeam you should make a series similar to the Roblox one where you conquered almost every game but you max out pretty much every ability in RuneScape

  • The Raisin squad
    The Raisin squad

    He’s going to look like Popeye after this video

  • Funny Beast Clips
    Funny Beast Clips

    Runescape lover

  • Speed Z Gaming
    Speed Z Gaming

    8:52 or you’ll have carpel tunnel

  • Kavinn Vlogs
    Kavinn Vlogs

    Why didn’t he use an auto clicker except of the keyboard keys


    Lazar:you’re not so good looking yourself either Me:*shows an Uno reverse card* also me:HAH GET REKT

  • Laflare Animations
    Laflare Animations

    They’re remaking RuneScape :)

  • preset classes
    preset classes

    Imagine play osrs and not rs3

    • preset classes
      preset classes

      @Uncle Lou oi no rs3

    • Uncle Lou
      Uncle Lou

      Osrs is better

  • Silvia Rodriguez
    Silvia Rodriguez

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  • PoDoesStuff

    why didnt he use an autoclicker so he doesnt need to click the mouse

  • Eric R.
    Eric R.


    • Eric R.
      Eric R.

      Found it myself. It is "Dauntless" by Jo Wandrini

  • Bh phantom
    Bh phantom


  • DarthMaulDude ‘
    DarthMaulDude ‘


  • stevie kiss
    stevie kiss


  • RansomWolf Random
    RansomWolf Random

    You should buy yt admin in a roblox game

  • Malarie Beard
    Malarie Beard

    can you shoutout my youtube channle my channle name in malarie beard

  • Overdrive Killer
    Overdrive Killer

    I wonder what Lazarbeams banks thinking like they probably are thinking ah shit here he goes buying more ingame money

  • rique_ tuga
    rique_ tuga

    i hope you are very happy cogratulations

  • Kamila Adamek
    Kamila Adamek

    This is a dumb game!

  • Silvia Rodriguez
    Silvia Rodriguez

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  • Wolf Pack YT
    Wolf Pack YT

    i got a blue screen of death in the middle of this


    Sweaty lil lazar


    sweaty mullet lazar

  • iiBURIT0Z

    11:04 im fuggin crying rn

  • Mr. Yeeziz
    Mr. Yeeziz

    Me who never insulted the game

  • Purist Intellect Sdn Bhd
    Purist Intellect Sdn Bhd

    a true man plays runescape in shower

  • Anthony's Fun
    Anthony's Fun

    You're right mate that's not a potato that is a cow.

  • fallon robson
    fallon robson

    i finally got 99 on all stats on runescape


    Your dedicated


    Omg your 26

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast

    ok, now do the rest

  • Th4tGuy Ry
    Th4tGuy Ry


  • Eva De La Torre
    Eva De La Torre

    Do you 99 attack damage

  • RapidCyclone

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  • Xdskullfire


  • Dylan Mcnall
    Dylan Mcnall

    Id totally follow osrs content u put out. youre hilarious man. you could also start a in game chat for your followers. if you ever did need in game GP im sure people would donate for your videos.

  • GameLa3 Review
    GameLa3 Review

    love u

  • Tim Berezowsky
    Tim Berezowsky

    most wholesome lazarbeam vid

  • HolyFlare484

    I never thought that I would see Lazar of all people playing the best game ever made Also, he made enough dragon darts to run ToB almost over 500 times

  • cj noessel
    cj noessel

    ilsa ruined the meme vibe, not wrong with it but like have you ever seen a girl make a meme, or play runscape

  • RapidCyclone

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  • Drem

    Its enough to make a grown man cry

  • kanyer bonjur
    kanyer bonjur

    This game was my childhood

  • TunaMySalad

    ilsa is like "i hope he reacts like this at our wedding"

  • ll Bruh
    ll Bruh

    Somebody remind lazar that autoclickers exist that time

  • Dane Long
    Dane Long

    You need help