I Spent $10,000 Achieving My Dream
this took way too long to make but thank you for sharing the journey with me
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  • LazarBeam

    Theres some render issues in the video but thanks for joining me on the journey :) - By the end of the video id spent $10k cause theres so much stuff i wanna do on this game for nostalgia sake. I might just do it off camera but let me know if you would like some more content on the game so I dont waste my money :)

    • Axel


    • Blake M
      Blake M

      Yes more RuneScape

    • Palm boy Palm boy2
      Palm boy Palm boy2


    • Keagan Cleland
      Keagan Cleland

      more content

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  • Radious

    Aganist paying so much dollars you can get unlimeted in game money for every game with happymod :)

  • Itgdhh Playz
    Itgdhh Playz

    Correct me if I’m wrong: the dragon darts are a single dragon tooth instead of a dragon scale

  • Cheeky

    its like Roblox but stressful

  • Derick South
    Derick South

    to crazy 3:10

  • Kook j
    Kook j

    this is my first time realising Lannan records barefoot in his office...

  • Ha Gaddi_YT
    Ha Gaddi_YT

    I have never heard of this game until now

  • E

    Isn’t nobody gonna talk about little Lazar’s face ? His face literally looks like this :)


    im on level 99 which took me over 1 and a half year and im the swordsmen

  • Adrianne Lewis
    Adrianne Lewis

    Download an auto clicker

  • Jackson Wojchik
    Jackson Wojchik

    Do you always where your under where in all you vids

  • Jackson Wojchik
    Jackson Wojchik

    You were so cute as a kid 🧒

  • Anass tber
    Anass tber

    in the bow one i feel happy

  • TotallyNotEddie

    Why are you lazerbeam

  • RioTGraph Oz
    RioTGraph Oz

    this is the quality content we were looking for

  • Daily Nightcore
    Daily Nightcore

    Why isnt he using a auto clicker

  • Swxtt

    Why didn’t he just get auto clicker

  • Sawyeboi

    Playing on potato

  • caelan orr
    caelan orr

    i salute

  • Anthony Ledesma
    Anthony Ledesma

    He will be numberr 1 on ISnets he will serpast evry other before him he will become a king of youtube and a king if gameing

    • phantom forces unboxings
      phantom forces unboxings

      no u c:

  • Masked Axer
    Masked Axer

    You can get the newest version of RuneScape free on steam!

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    Ismail Daf


  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey

    Literally got a RuneScape ad at the end of the video

  • Greg Stites
    Greg Stites

    Ive always wanted a level 99 when they remade the game for phones me n my best friend who passed away a couole months ago grinded for over a week n only got to around 30 mining lol

  • Mandy Craddock
    Mandy Craddock

    Little lazerbeam spent four years getting 10m gold Lazerbeam spent 20 seconds

  • K&G Sports
    K&G Sports

    this is like trying to get your player to 99 overall in face of the franchise

  • Ross Consul
    Ross Consul

    He could of used a auto clicker

  • Miriam Maceda
    Miriam Maceda

    You went thru all that just for level 99

  • Shea Cleaver
    Shea Cleaver

    When u press a button 1 million + times for a meme 😭😭😭

  • Me_am_ Noobie
    Me_am_ Noobie

    why not use auto clicker lol

  • mr gamer kid123
    mr gamer kid123

    im happy you could achieve your dream

  • Nolan Baumann
    Nolan Baumann

    Lazer beam: these give me the more experience

  • Supreme Gamez
    Supreme Gamez

    Macros would’ve made this 100x less miserable

  • Jogaila Jucas 5
    Jogaila Jucas 5

    Mate use an autoclicker

  • CoolSam


  • Gage Boyert
    Gage Boyert

    He spuld do the rest now

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch

    now get virtual level 126 scrub

  • Ali Gamil
    Ali Gamil

    Poggers moment

  • Gellért Szabó
    Gellért Szabó

    auto clicker helo?

  • Christian Mathis
    Christian Mathis

    video idea 99 in all stats its my mission to make you go bankrupt

  • sweaty boi
    sweaty boi

    so hypixel took inspiration from that

  • sam mitchell
    sam mitchell

    Ay lads I just checked his highscores 2 months on and we could be seeing some more masteries on the way👀 Little Lazar dreamt of a 99, but big lazar goes for the jugular mate.

  • areallylongname

    Buying gf

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer

    This video is my favourite lazar beam video

  • Yuzki13246

    Old school runescape... this game is still so fun to play, do you more vids on it please!

  • JayTheGr8t Games
    JayTheGr8t Games

    I'm going to start playing RuneScape now

  • Kameron game Brooks
    Kameron game Brooks

    IM 10 AND also this is my brothers account

  • Mo

    More RS. I recently logged in to my old account. I used to play all the time and I don’t think I’ll ever forget my password for this game. But 15 years later I also got my first 99.

  • spooky

    Normal people: "do u even lift" Lannan: "have u seen this video yet"?

  • Logan Wittlake
    Logan Wittlake

    I got a add for this at the start of the vid.

  • Zhonti Her
    Zhonti Her

    Elsa gonna have a good time after this video 😏

  • Sam Segway
    Sam Segway

    Do another one no balls

  • Compilation Nation
    Compilation Nation

    im officaly the god damn monapaly man 2:50

  • Detective Water
    Detective Water


  • StrangerDoesRandomStuff

    What about a auto clicker my dude

  • stephanie ashby
    stephanie ashby

    Laser room I got RuneScape on my phone

  • Despayeeto gaming
    Despayeeto gaming

    No one: Literally no one: Lazarbeam: ha ha too many darts

  • resparin reaper
    resparin reaper

    i remember playing this game the memories are back, the max lvl i got on fletching was 72 5 years to get there lazarbeam- does it in like idk less than a week

  • Saundea Barnett
    Saundea Barnett

    Lazarbeam when he was 10 he looks like my cousin rara

  • Mage Pker6
    Mage Pker6

    i like how he drops almost 1m worth of darts at the end lmao!!!!! i woulda took it

  • Mage Pker6
    Mage Pker6

    lol he could have just spend 20$ and done it just as FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SotaNakki

    Nostalgia indeed. I actually played lately. You should go for combat 99. Or if you're a real man. 99 all stats

  • Broden Johnson
    Broden Johnson

    It may look like potato but oblivion looks worse

  • bartandwendy1

    Me watching this: hes a man of focus commitment and sheer fucking will

  • BcFontes

    I remenber playing runescape with 12 years and my name was big_ninja and I was level 79 at stealth. Good times

  • jozoon

    Omg Lazar! You know what! I literally just got max on my 15+ year old account I made back in the day lol... Fletching was my first 99... lol.

    • jozoon

      (On New Years I got it btw)

  • I.

    You Made my dream come true

  • Splunkers

    Now do all of them

  • BasiclyFine

    ISnets glitched again and i got late in future vids

  • JY 2027Culpepper
    JY 2027Culpepper

    Couldn't u just use an auto clicker

  • B I S H W A M シ
    B I S H W A M シ

    I bet you were happy after seeing the last word of the title :)

  • W4-11 v2.0
    W4-11 v2.0

    I’m a new gaming child, I missed out on a great era

  • rick one
    rick one

    fletching is like the easiest skill to 99

  • William Fread
    William Fread

    The overt adult preoperatively chew because popcorn histochemically appear sans a obnoxious woolen. afraid, harmonious gas

  • Cthulhu Gaming
    Cthulhu Gaming

    I loved how I open this video to find a ad for the game lazarbeam is playing, that’s some funny ass quality

  • Deanne Courtoreille
    Deanne Courtoreille

    Now so the rest 👍👍👍

  • TalkierSnail016

    Is anyone gonna talk about how he looks virtually the same from when he was ten, and now? Ok, so he grew a mustache. That’s it.

  • Emil Dahlqvist
    Emil Dahlqvist


  • Adomas Nagelis
    Adomas Nagelis

    and thats how runescape became the game of 2021

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews

    This hit different

  • Raged Chaos
    Raged Chaos

    Your 26?

  • Zakaria Lahimer Mustafa
    Zakaria Lahimer Mustafa

    odablock disliked this video



  • Olly W
    Olly W

    Do all of them make it a series

  • Josh Pyakurel
    Josh Pyakurel

    Bloody legend

  • omgamer 212
    omgamer 212

    My mind rn: rec room quest._.

  • Yes.Eleven S
    Yes.Eleven S

    May I have you account?


    Lazarbeam: this game looks like a potato Me eating a potato: huh maybe 🤔 never mind that is a definite yes

  • Hyper Sniper
    Hyper Sniper

    Little lazar is in you lazarbeam

  • Seth Wills
    Seth Wills

    Should've used an app called tiny tasks

  • Van The Man Productions
    Van The Man Productions

    And whoever said “money can’t buy happiness”?

  • Tomer Shaulov
    Tomer Shaulov

    This was surprisingly heartwarming when he reached level 99.

  • Pointless fact
    Pointless fact

    Can you do a "getting to 99 on every skill" series please

  • kai killer
    kai killer

    Its like heros of might and magic

  • 4ESC_Rice


  • Martin Mldr
    Martin Mldr

    Seeing you throw 900k on the ground makes me sad. gz btw

  • Campy 2.0
    Campy 2.0

    Loved it

  • wayne curle
    wayne curle


  • Presto McGario
    Presto McGario

    We need mr beast to pay for lv 99 in every skill

  • Maninder Kaur
    Maninder Kaur

    Ya bloody looolllllllllll 1m Get in 99