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  • LazarBeam

    thanks for the subs

    • nimo mohamed
      nimo mohamed

      @Archatex Gaming me too

    • Jimmy Zaza
      Jimmy Zaza

      UFC Gg Did@Archatex Gaming tressinguty5t

    • Gardimy Emmanuel
      Gardimy Emmanuel

      No problem

    • Dylan Miles from Basingstoke
      Dylan Miles from Basingstoke


    • Steve Crouch
      Steve Crouch


  • Garrett Black
    Garrett Black

    Roses are red Violets are blue As long as Lannen suffers He gets a view

  • Shotgun Mitten
    Shotgun Mitten

    Code for dammit

  • Mir Boss
    Mir Boss

    5:38 never say that u r a god

  • David Hernandezhernandez
    David Hernandezhernandez


  • joe Suwannasing
    joe Suwannasing

    9:37 lasarbeam fisrt time thinking what to do befor he dies and first time making a level fist try

  • XTroNX

    Those turn jumps on level 6 are called neo jumps

  • solo player
    solo player


  • Ricki Davis
    Ricki Davis

    Thanks 😊


    I am ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK

  • Noah Whalen
    Noah Whalen

    8:23 like the ding of a triangel at the end of a song like the cherry on top of the icecream hahahahahaha lmao

  • Jackz BroBruh
    Jackz BroBruh

    And as the French say god damn it I died at that part

  • Gavin MacRae
    Gavin MacRae

    "Hope you grabbed two pistols:)" Comes back with 5 of em😂

  • lazerbeam fan
    lazerbeam fan

    I use code lazer

  • SloaniusStuff

    Ken: Hope you grab 2 pistols! Lannan: *grabs 5*

  • Olza boi
    Olza boi


  • Jasper and jakes world of gaming
    Jasper and jakes world of gaming

    Don’t swear

  • tin pot man
    tin pot man

    why everytime you do a long jump you say hooh in a low voice

  • That_One_loser

    7 yr olds when lazarbeam says LAZAR WITH TWO A’S! The 7 yr olds: laazer

  • Charles Collis
    Charles Collis

    You are the best

  • Pip Levett
    Pip Levett

    ₩h ¥

  • SD - 02MC 896640 McClure PS
    SD - 02MC 896640 McClure PS

    Nilo jump

  • SD - 02MC 896640 McClure PS
    SD - 02MC 896640 McClure PS

    They are called

  • Szaby Balint
    Szaby Balint

    you are the worst youtuber

  • Lukey Boi
    Lukey Boi

    When Lazar eats something he is allergic to. 6:14

  • Solange Freeman
    Solange Freeman

    lazarbeam you ples go back to deffrun

  • Hussain Obaidi
    Hussain Obaidi

    your gonna be reel sad

  • Vegas slash1
    Vegas slash1

    6:20 😂😂

  • Josie Marquez
    Josie Marquez

    Fortnite play Minecraft more better than 1085 diamonds do you have a mansion I can't buy two winners and I killed 100 in the dragons in Minecraft and Barbie playing Minecraft more better

  • Webster Thompson
    Webster Thompson

    Haha lazer go brrrr

  • Margie Boltz
    Margie Boltz


  • R-Jay Brown
    R-Jay Brown

    No ucken furries

  • I like Ya cut g
    I like Ya cut g

    That was kind of sus when he sed he will clap net worth cheeks

  • kid two thousand
    kid two thousand

    why did you use the toon blast music?

  • Zeynep Akın
    Zeynep Akın

    8m at 2 years huh

  • Bradley Jordan
    Bradley Jordan

    "this whole map was built to attack my weaknesses" what were those weaknesses again?

  • •{Blossom Cherry}•
    •{Blossom Cherry}•

    3:39 Hey guys go use parkour in the item shop

  • Leomota29

    There called Neo jumps

  • Eleftheria Vlachopoulou
    Eleftheria Vlachopoulou

    i want codeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Brad Williams
    Brad Williams

    Lazarbeam is the best ISnetsr

  • Pixelated Gamer
    Pixelated Gamer

    9:00 Its so funny

  • Joe Khoury
    Joe Khoury

    6:10 you're supposed to double impulse

  • steelmeetkat827 salazar
    steelmeetkat827 salazar

    Bro you are the best youtuber then kenworh

  • AstronomiZ

    I laughed so many times

  • G ujdov
    G ujdov

    your is a lazar meme

  • Luke Middleton
    Luke Middleton

    Whos watching in 2021?

  • ProCookie

    Um why was Mabel they are his slaves the first thing that came to his mind 🤔🤭😯🤐😑😳

  • Jordan Gower
    Jordan Gower


  • William Howard Taft
    William Howard Taft

    0:07 I approve

  • plague docter / panko
    plague docter / panko

    this gives me a headic

  • Chaps_999

    whats the island code

  • isaiah mccants
    isaiah mccants

    i dont need the lazerbeam way makes 3 jumps :D misses jump:l cuts out vid then goes lazar way

  • isaiah mccants
    isaiah mccants

    pov: i can't make this level [evil] makes it :) im a god misses jump f you ken this is why u dont trust wall jumps !??!?!!?!??!!?!?!?!??

  • Vilis M8
    Vilis M8

    8:57 i love getting penitrated by traps

  • Stonks

    we love to see lannan rage

  • Christian Asmar
    Christian Asmar

    plsssss play csgo i like comment and bell plsssss lazer ur my fav

  • Patron Dunagan
    Patron Dunagan

    Congratulations on reaching 18.5 mil subs !!!

  • Luna_asmr 12
    Luna_asmr 12

    He hit is desk 8 times

  • I hate stuff
    I hate stuff


    • I’m an egg
      I’m an egg

      You mean parkour

  • Master Miller
    Master Miller

    5:15 like if You see it

  • Shadow Master94
    Shadow Master94

    Lazarbeam hates death runs Ken makes death run Lazarbeam you weren’t supposed to do that

  • Áine Marriott
    Áine Marriott

    It’s the guy from fortnite

  • Bradley Tubby
    Bradley Tubby


  • Bradley Tubby
    Bradley Tubby

    Lazarbeam is very smort he skipped the level

  • Sparking Legend
    Sparking Legend

    I want a ps5 can u pls give it to me

  • Sahil Bhatt
    Sahil Bhatt

    2:29 all that work for nothing

  • Archie Kilbourne
    Archie Kilbourne


  • Oof potato
    Oof potato

    How much time did he flush down Kenworth

  • Mark Craft
    Mark Craft

    Look back in vid

  • Mark Craft
    Mark Craft

    U say French stand for GOD DAMMIT!!!!!?

  • Connorgamer96

    6:13 died laughing

  • Loaf YT
    Loaf YT


    • Loaf YT
      Loaf YT

      E E E E E

    • Loaf YT
      Loaf YT

      E E E

  • Bhupinder Singh
    Bhupinder Singh

    Try looking up

  • Shadoww0lf_871

    At 5.16 his drink has a green bit so you can see through it because of the greenscreen

  • Lazarbeam fan
    Lazarbeam fan

  • Lazarbeam fan
    Lazarbeam fan


  • xXgolden-gamerXx

    50 on screen deaths

  • Stacie Hager
    Stacie Hager

    The twist jump is actully called neon jumps

    • Marcus Mark
      Marcus Mark

      ahem, *neo jumps

  • Destructor7808


  • Casper Broujerdi
    Casper Broujerdi

    Best ISnetsr 100%

  • Avari Hotson
    Avari Hotson

  • Long Island Boys
    Long Island Boys

    “I don’t mind a little bit of parkour, or as The French say, Code God Damn It”

  • Stephen Orme
    Stephen Orme

    I like when he said I hate this level and doesn't youse the skip room

  • jake eyes10
    jake eyes10


  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis

    Yes I still watch year old videos but what’s embarrassing I’m a controller player and can do parkour way better than lazar when he’s on keyboard and mouse 😂

  • Fewwy Boss
    Fewwy Boss


  • Ryan Sims
    Ryan Sims

    Was anyone calping as he sang I love getting hit by traps

  • Nicole T
    Nicole T


  • Nicole T
    Nicole T

    Muselk did this deathrun

  • Erica E Ellis
    Erica E Ellis

    Parkor=code lazar

  • Izaira Hernandez
    Izaira Hernandez

    what is the code for island

  • Minecraft pro Adventure
    Minecraft pro Adventure


  • Mike picolo
    Mike picolo

    The nebulous banana simulteneously deserve because noodle moberly sniff via a unwritten pelican. recondite, noisy pigeon

  • Hello :]
    Hello :]

    Fun fact: most facts arent fun

  • David Sands
    David Sands

    Lazabeam our house is a monkey

  • GalaxyGamer569

    Cizzorz is evil

  • Khalid Krimmley
    Khalid Krimmley

    Someone should make a level were lazar beam just runs straight to level 💯

  • Zane Patterson
    Zane Patterson

    Woo well done lazar

  • Sorley Petrie
    Sorley Petrie

    0:08 the editing on the face cam is halarious

  • galaxy fire
    galaxy fire

    Code god damnit