100 Minecraft Players vs NATURAL DISASTERS
minecraft is back yea boii
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  • LazarBeam

    ive had this video planned for weeks and ive made 30+ minecraft videos but lets just say im copying Pewds despite this video being nothing like his. Some of yall dumb lmao


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    • Arhaan Patel
      Arhaan Patel

      Are you the new mrbeast

    • Dylan Nundahl
      Dylan Nundahl


    • Dylan Nundahl
      Dylan Nundahl


    • Dylan Nundahl
      Dylan Nundahl

      More Minecraft

  • Daenor

    Why didn’t you leave the tornado temple till it exploded?

  • RNG tomato
    RNG tomato

    back when lazar was cheap

  • Luxicd_

    u killed meh lazar :{

  • Astraqx

    Why don’t you just go to the nether?

  • MJGames21

    i was here 2:01

  • jaycob. clayton
    jaycob. clayton


  • RBLXGaminYT

    game: explosion my ketchup: explodes

  • RBLXGaminYT

    2022: the rain of craziness

  • Justin games and stuff
    Justin games and stuff

    This is pretty much hide n seek

  • Ayden Kohler
    Ayden Kohler

    8:44 that wasn’t lag, water reduces 100x explosion danage

  • serum_dwell _fn
    serum_dwell _fn

    zeus when he was bored:

  • ChompyB


  • Bro Stive
    Bro Stive

    honestly if they were smart they would've gone to the nether

  • Utopss AKA PJ
    Utopss AKA PJ

    No one did my strats

  • inhupumkin q
    inhupumkin q

    “Labrat” 🤣🤣

  • Tianrui Qiu
    Tianrui Qiu

    if someone go to nether

  • Matthew Shindel
    Matthew Shindel

    No one cares bout Alex 😢

  • Eric Scheit
    Eric Scheit

    0:23 noi?

  • Ashplayzyt


  • Troy Byrum
    Troy Byrum

    He has become the Australian mr beast

  • YEET!


  • Saucy

    I love watching minecraft players die from "natural" disasters

  • The blues
    The blues

    Nice 24/ jack bauer reference

  • uwuxsophx

    Mr beast gaming 2.0

  • Fuegin _
    Fuegin _

    LazarBeam: They will die to natural disasters. Also LazarBeam: DROP THEM TO DEATH 💀

  • Rajat Gupta
    Rajat Gupta


  • Payton the living legend
    Payton the living legend

    Oof wow I actually won jk lol

  • jjgamerboyyy 2000
    jjgamerboyyy 2000

    The dragon should look like gingy and endermen should look like baby gingy And the wither should look like a melon

  • Jacob Sragowicz
    Jacob Sragowicz

    they could've just went into the nether

    • Jacob Sragowicz
      Jacob Sragowicz


  • Bunnyking

    Lazarbeam: In a tournament with meteors you die to a fish. Earth: In a world of pandemics and global warming, you die to coconuts

  • The Gaming Wolfs
    The Gaming Wolfs

    I came 3rd

  • TLF Football
    TLF Football

    Dose lazar beam host these events on Minecraft Java edition or what?

  • Tómas Arnar Gíslason
    Tómas Arnar Gíslason

    Lazarbeam at this moment is just giving away money like mr beast

  • Claude James
    Claude James

    Kaiser been

  • Dhairya Grover
    Dhairya Grover

    On 10 million views do it with 1000 people

  • 何諾天

    end of the world...

  • Hype Da kid
    Hype Da kid

    This was so unfair


    LazerBeam: natural disasters Also LazerBeam: tps people to the top of the world so they die...


    “I make it up as I go on” - lazerbeam 2021

  • Raquel Jimenez
    Raquel Jimenez

    The swift mirror diagnostically sin because adapter centrally mourn except a grumpy step-daughter. ad, hungry swing

  • dhea shefira
    dhea shefira

    u look like Denis!

  • Mike picolo
    Mike picolo

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  • Arlene Cox
    Arlene Cox

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  • CowsAreHoly

    MrBeast needs to do this but last one gets 30k

    • CowsAreHoly


  • Alexander` Alexander
    Alexander` Alexander

    The white bathroom centrally punish because hearing splenomegaly match given a parched tile. healthy, ugly salesman

  • meco beco
    meco beco

    natural disasters more like hide and and seek but i have medeors

  • Angry birds not real
    Angry birds not real

    6:05 2022 be like

  • Seven Geckos
    Seven Geckos

    I'm watching this, and got the Pompei alexa ad. That is a awesome coincidence.

  • Achraf Banani
    Achraf Banani

    Chill bro your becoming the new mr beast

  • Arlene Cox
    Arlene Cox

    The sticky decimal potentially supply because driver specially surround concerning a narrow swim. oafish, woebegone skirt


    5:09-2020 be like

  • Dark Slayer
    Dark Slayer

    What if some people are in the nether or end

  • gamerFRKdude

    *welcome to the gulags*

  • Mr frick
    Mr frick

    4:09 tylerj828 was slain by silverfish

  • Dylan Nundahl
    Dylan Nundahl


  • 김경호

    The talented turret perceptually examine because fox periodically pray via a electric thunder. belligerent, tasteless saw

  • John Maston
    John Maston


  • xXPurple. LazerXx
    xXPurple. LazerXx


  • Сонер Дениз
    Сонер Дениз

    5:49 that guy was from the hide and seek

  • Hamza shinwary
    Hamza shinwary

    1:06 is Prestonplyz aka TBNRfrags

  • M A G
    M A G

    Wonder why none got in the nether its a 90000000 IQ strategi. If they had brains

    • Ollie Avenger
      Ollie Avenger


  • Sccs Clients
    Sccs Clients

    pls do another one p.s. i love watching these

  • Cameron Mcdermid
    Cameron Mcdermid

    Whater betects you from meteeors

  • Isaac Morley
    Isaac Morley

    imagian if somone was 500 IQ and went to the nether

    • Surprised Guy
      Surprised Guy


  • Tom Aveyard
    Tom Aveyard

    Gingerbread meteor with tomato soup volcano

  • Z Boy
    Z Boy

    Young ISnetsrs: spends 100 dollars on video Lazarbeam : 1000 Logan Paul 2017: 10,000 Mrbeast: 1 million dollars

  • Mamearl

    WHAT IF THEY DIDNT LAG Lannan: how bout I do AnYwAy

  • Herobro

    Its not fair, you make cheets, teleporting and choosing who you will kill its not fair, I don't like you

    • Herobro

      @Dagger go stab stab yeh, I know that, but it is suposed to be a fun challenge. If he choose peoples and make sure that they die, its not a fun survival chalenge, its like a death chalenge to him, then, the title shud be "100 Minecraft Players vs ME (using natural disasters) And more something: Don't call me NOOB

    • Dagger go stab stab
      Dagger go stab stab

      Noob. He did not cheat. You don’t even know how to spawn meteorites in survival.

  • John Barlow
    John Barlow


  • THE Fartist
    THE Fartist


  • Lootllama0121


  • Michael Tucker
    Michael Tucker

    Who gave this man admin power who gave this idiot admin

  • Mikester Man
    Mikester Man

    the music made it like a fortnite event

  • Your average L.F.C Fan
    Your average L.F.C Fan

    I’ve watched this about 4 times but it will always be a great vid 💪

  • Ethel Vaikre
    Ethel Vaikre


  • alourviie x
    alourviie x

    It's literally the Minecraft Hunger Games... Disturbing...

  • Dmc _faternity
    Dmc _faternity

    Year later dada dada da da da da da daa daa da da da da da da dd da da da da da

  • Vanea Vicente
    Vanea Vicente

    Is like the end of the player 🌋

  • Synergy Games
    Synergy Games

    Are these disasters really “natural”?

    • Phantonym


  • Meggie Belew
    Meggie Belew

    Congrats on 18mil

  • mm carts22
    mm carts22

    The shrill sailboat secondarily laugh because pigeon seasonally wink failing a woozy linda. staking, tricky humor

  • Daxton the gamer
    Daxton the gamer

    5:38 h e r o b r i n e f o r e s t

  • NatoPotato72

    There not natural disasters if he controls them

    • Phantonym

      its focking minecraft

  • NatoPotato72

    Elppa the helppa

  • Gaming Boi
    Gaming Boi

    Nobody? Me: f**k run

  • Mr Bezos
    Mr Bezos

    This vid is boring because the only thing you basically did is launch meteors

  • CrankManor Games
    CrankManor Games

    Ya know by doing these videos your gonna get so much hate for being an arsehole

    • Dagger go stab stab
      Dagger go stab stab

      He is not though

  • AlixBH

    I can’t believe I died at the end

  • Spyerz- •_•
    Spyerz- •_•


  • hiroyuki chiba
    hiroyuki chiba

    R.I.P to these brave PCs... We will remember their service😣😣😣

  • 3ndura

    Alternate title, 2020 simulator


    /\ \\\!!!!!!//♤{{♤■\,8>♡■

  • nugget

    You're doing it wrong you're supposed to put $10,000

  • Kate Finley
    Kate Finley

    Lazar beam the RIP off Mr beast

    • Dagger go stab stab
      Dagger go stab stab


  • Keean Cover
    Keean Cover


  • Witchy1423

    Pls do another mine craft series I don’t rlly like mine craft personally but that series and ur minecraft content was the best content I’ve witnessed in 10 years Like so he can see this

  • karlie Chierighini
    karlie Chierighini

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • Ihaek Lag
    Ihaek Lag

    I would just go to the middle and build a huge box by the bedrock

  • Supernicholai

    You should have made Kevin and made him a volcano :) (a lazarbeam reference from Kevin’s death)