DOOMSDAY EVENT (fortnite flooded)
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  • LazarBeam

    i woke up at 2am for this after 3 hours sleep so cut it short at the end cause i need sleep.. will be doing the memes later tho :)

    • Sam Christie
      Sam Christie

      I got a flashback of 2019 Halloween and I remember someone carved code lazar in a pumpkin

    • Nugget_Playzz 21
      Nugget_Playzz 21


    • dmg0425


    • Mohamed Gatling
      Mohamed Gatling


    • MrHammerGod


  • bacon dahlitz
    bacon dahlitz


  • Glicherboy 10
    Glicherboy 10

    Them trying to fix the storm be like what the fuck

  • shadow the nightfury
    shadow the nightfury

    The agency went super saiyan 3

  • Bones

    Only OGs will remember the old storm

  • T5TJ

    Did anyone realize how lazarbeam was able to see people through walls at the end of the event

  • Cameron Rynberk
    Cameron Rynberk

    Fly ride

  • Axel Martinez,
    Axel Martinez,

    Lannans worst nightmare school CONFIRMED

  • Bethany Dragon
    Bethany Dragon

    It’S tHaT gUyS hEaD

  • Space_Warrior e
    Space_Warrior e

    how karens explain 5g towers

  • Florflor


  • 死のゴッド

    People hated it cause U couldn’t Heal but after like 5 seconds in the storms it gives u a massive speed boost

  • Deen the king
    Deen the king

    I’m a big fan 😃😃😃

  • distorted Craig
    distorted Craig

    who else noticed mau

  • J4cobf1

    I was on top of the main agency area with almost everyone else and didn't crash but also didn't know about the crashing I guess we all got lucky

  • The Mind of Blake
    The Mind of Blake

    Omg so nice I need

  • Squatchy 10
    Squatchy 10

    0:55 he predicted covid, and now he predicted the authority walls

  • Colt Plays
    Colt Plays

    5:47 he missed it, the yacht sank😭😭😭


    At :40 did you notice there’s a renegade raide in his game

  • Shadow H
    Shadow H

    Your lucky I didn’t even get to see it

  • Divya Darsini
    Divya Darsini


  • CodeNameTrain

    How did noone realise that the giant ball was the zero point

    • John

      It was a theory that the ball was the zero point but it wasn’t confirmed

  • TTVJynXxVibeZ

    Anyone Here After Lannan Got His Skin

  • Tangent_T01

    holy shit its almost been a year

  • Jake

    My friend was the person in that heli hahahah

  • Arthur morgan
    Arthur morgan

    I still didn't understand why they soooo tall

  • Ice king Gag
    Ice king Gag

    Fresh against five sweats belike

  • dean denyer
    dean denyer

    is the zero piont

  • Jaył

    Blue balls

  • Rhyspoo

    Fresh is lil naz x to the devil 0:10

  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix

    the storm can't talk you can't you can't say screw you storm

  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix

    lazarbeam the storm is not breaking the changing

  • Kyle Rix
    Kyle Rix

    lazarbeam fortnite is floating the storm is changing into a water storm

  • Manas Kesarla
    Manas Kesarla

    watch this video in chapter 2 season 6 you will understand a lot

  • Mr. Boko
    Mr. Boko

    0:28 so no1s gonna mention that theirs a renegade raider?

    • John


  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy

    Is that food? LMAOOOO

  • dA DOGE bEhInD dA sLaUghTeR *Bork*
    dA DOGE bEhInD dA sLaUghTeR *Bork*

    Holy crap, does anyone even remember what the Agency looked like? Yeah, Me neither

  • Sportsy Wartsy
    Sportsy Wartsy


  • Maria Wilcox
    Maria Wilcox


  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack

    The Agency whas the egg

  • Mickyrap B
    Mickyrap B

    I got an Arby’s ad and it said handy’s candies

  • Jayce Aberin
    Jayce Aberin

    day is the *ZERO POINT* it was used to push the storm

  • Yuriy

    He broke the storm because the zero point will be destroyed and all reality will be destroyed and Midas wants to leave but agent jones doesn’t want that.

  • I need to sit down, oh wait i am sitting down
    I need to sit down, oh wait i am sitting down

    who else is watching all the other events before season fives

  • Trip6 NoHeart
    Trip6 NoHeart

    He shoulda said instead of going back to school. "oh no I got a real job" lol

  • Devan Haley
    Devan Haley

    Lol I think he missed half of it

  • Jimmy Shadd
    Jimmy Shadd

    Sadly the server I got into everyone left because the event never started all we heard was henchmen talking through the comms

  • Muhammad Bilal Ahmad
    Muhammad Bilal Ahmad

    John Jones: enters the island *surprisingly* Every jonsey: *rip*

    • dont tell the bois, that im watching anime
      dont tell the bois, that im watching anime

      @Muhammad Bilal Ahmad no problem

    • Muhammad Bilal Ahmad
      Muhammad Bilal Ahmad

      @dont tell the bois, that im watching anime thank# fr taking it funny

    • dont tell the bois, that im watching anime
      dont tell the bois, that im watching anime


  • Muhammad Bilal Ahmad
    Muhammad Bilal Ahmad

    Storm: kills all boses Midas: planning to break storm

  • Simo Karuse
    Simo Karuse

    Im watching this just two days before season 6 event

  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme

    My favourite part of this event was epic telling me “Checking epic servers queue”

  • Minecraft Stopmotion
    Minecraft Stopmotion

    Map: exists Midas: *BUT DOES IT WORK UNDERWATER?*

  • Effex

    This was one year ago wow

  • dreed500

    The agency did nut November

  • Butter B-ø-i
    Butter B-ø-i

    The ppl who dont play fortnite: OMG THE CRACKIN EVENT

  • Sophia Opiyo
    Sophia Opiyo

    Lazer beam has corona

  • SpxwnX. のラマ
    SpxwnX. のラマ

    I like how I couldn’t see that event cause of epic. THANKS EPIC FOR HAVING ME WAIT A MONTH JUST FOR A EVENT THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN FOR ME!

  • Nenita Cadiz
    Nenita Cadiz

    I love your new skin

  • That Beat Saber Guy
    That Beat Saber Guy

    0:43 The things are doing stuff Lazarbeam 2020-

  • Carter Bowie
    Carter Bowie


  • Joey Santamaria
    Joey Santamaria

    I feel bad bad for lazerbeam because all the events are eastern time

  • great funtime
    great funtime

    I have just theres seven midas is trying to contact the seven...

  • Michael Bruh
    Michael Bruh

    I love how for the entire first part of the event there was a Renegade Raider behind Lazar and he didn’t notice

  • jeff boak
    jeff boak

    Hey laserbeam I really love your videos do you think you can give me your skin for free

  • zeb. ryan
    zeb. ryan

    I’m board

  • Creeperine

    May Midas be with you.

  • Aya Kafaji
    Aya Kafaji


  • 2009pickles

    Didn't you notice the renegade raider next to you 😂😂😂

  • Sukhjjan Batth
    Sukhjjan Batth

    2:34 plasma ball

  • Editor Ryan
    Editor Ryan

    No one Lazarbeam HOLY

  • Wolves fc
    Wolves fc

    Best season for me

  • Memeory

    1:25 every fortnite kids house after they lose a match

  • Kate Wiggett
    Kate Wiggett

    Fresh dropped out ?!?

  • Jukeboi 2
    Jukeboi 2


  • Cringeman _onYT
    Cringeman _onYT

    Lazarbeam: “things are doing stuff.” Me: “very smart words”

  • Rene Pineda
    Rene Pineda

    And not die by storm

  • Rene Pineda
    Rene Pineda

    They are trying to hold back the storm so all the bosses can live

  • Jayden Tiny
    Jayden Tiny


  • Thanushree Raghavendra
    Thanushree Raghavendra

    device in fortnight

  • Edins

    Its sometimes so sad to know that who you think is a bad guy is actualy a god guy

  • Edins

    Kraken event was awesome

  • Fried Chicken
    Fried Chicken

    The flashback of jonesy is like a year into the future in the event at the same place if you think about it

  • PurpleMANZ

    I remember this event like it was yesterday

  • Emery Hensley
    Emery Hensley

    The event was on my b day

  • Hazard Skull
    Hazard Skull

    Lazar beam- is fortnite a simulation or something. Me-yes,yes it is

  • Warre rowland
    Warre rowland

    Everyone gangsta until kevin juice ball comes back

  • LeL More LeL
    LeL More LeL

    1:05 big purple tentacles **“Very exciting”**

  • Luke dagamer
    Luke dagamer

    i think that was the power of zero point

  • Kai Hurshman
    Kai Hurshman


  • Bryce Lobban
    Bryce Lobban

    no agensy biche you midas

  • Ultra Saber
    Ultra Saber

    6:18 well yes and no to be exact it’s a loop

  • MidShadowYT

    This was a TSUNAMI

  • Qt yond3r
    Qt yond3r

    Who misses this season 😢😢😢

  • Qt yond3r
    Qt yond3r

    Who is whatching a year later

  • nakai mm
    nakai mm


    • seb sant
      seb sant

      Well yeah

  • Lightning Lynx Gaming
    Lightning Lynx Gaming

    The old agency zero point

  • Anime kid
    Anime kid

    The agency is goin super sayin from dragon ball ha I’m ganna find them dragon balls

  • Breakable Beam
    Breakable Beam

    no the shark is Terrence

  • alexis l
    alexis l


  • Igor Vladislavic
    Igor Vladislavic

    wtf birds above the tsunami