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  • LazarBeam

    GIVEAWAY winners have been drawn. Everyone has been contacted via your email. Here are the game ids of winners just to confirm winners (can’t leak personal info) iPHONE 11 PRO winners: 774844813 774514817 774665863 774967944 774681489 774745750 774551448 774836125 774767780 774513582 500,000 V-BUCKS winner:774511036 Switch winners: 774825069 774606531 774497865 774747999 774518587 774503973 775336043 774507262 774557285 775031471 PS4 PRO winners: 774502479 774595189 774822747 774520507 774518244 774818345 774796484 774643907 774598060 774553438 Thank you everyone and sorry for delay!!

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      Lukas Ignas

      Arjukengiftmiaskimaineiis pro_lukas_geimer infornat plis

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      6.9 likes nice!

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      Heres to lazar he's true blue he's a passport through and through

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    Charles Cole

    I want 100050 books

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    Josean Blanco

    Rip frenzy farm

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    Jett Winstead

    Me who lives with a sibling in a bunk bed: umm bro what you doin down there

  • Mita Doshi
    Mita Doshi

    I’m a big fan

  • Mita Doshi
    Mita Doshi

    I love you how you kill the people

  • Ryan

    Is this what people call an air strike?

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    jeremy buthol

    What a threat worse than any spider... my cell under bed!

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    Panther Man

    I downloaded the game

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    Dean Rush

    Muselk can’t be under my bed because my mattress is directly on the floor

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    Sadettin Akbas

    I whant VB

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    Ben Mackenzie

    I am scared I don’t like muselk

  • Bro Stive
    Bro Stive

    And this ladies and gentle men, is how epic got the idea to add in a meteor

  • Otto Volt
    Otto Volt

    lazar: DINOSAURS GET READY me: p mac is totally there

  • jann

    Lazarbeam is the king of memes

  • Henis the hen
    Henis the hen

    Like the comment if you liked immediately when he said the muselk thing

  • Hungrydiamond80

    Me who can’t even rocket ride my friend

  • gddvyt

    Under my bed is taken by a clown

  • Callus and tiko fan Plus ninja
    Callus and tiko fan Plus ninja

    Omg the renegade raider deserves it all never missed a rocket ride wtf

  • dream in a nutshell
    dream in a nutshell

    how to kill dinosaurs: Step 1. Grab rocket launcher Step 2. Let someone launch rocket and you ride it Final Step. SHOOT THEM

  • Anabel Plascencia
    Anabel Plascencia

    I love air strikes and rpgs

  • Lerissa Caberto
    Lerissa Caberto

    Lazar pls ps4 iphone eleven and swich

  • G M O N E Y 26
    G M O N E Y 26

    Love me


    Now u have ur skin dude

  • Yoyo Thingz
    Yoyo Thingz

    Imagine being in a game of high explosives with friends, having fun and then 15 rockets fall from the sky and wipe your squad

    • koby hamilton
      koby hamilton


  • eXon noX
    eXon noX

    Lazar: lands perfectly fine in water. Also Lazar: HoW aM i AlIvE?

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    Leith Nga

    I please have Nintendo

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      The BlackFang

      look at the date this was released

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    Cooper Hall

    O so this is how the Dino killed

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    Awais Munir

    you are calling air strikes

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    cute mini cyan

    wtffffffff is thissssssss epicccccc and fireeeeeeee

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    Aden Belisle

    My username is Elfime03

  • Aden Belisle
    Aden Belisle

    Can I get a I phone

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    Eamon Norris

    Dinosaurs: *exist* some meteor for no reason: 3:16

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    Target man Bob 95


  • Fade Studios
    Fade Studios

    Did you knew that chapter 2 season 1 was 2 years ago

  • professional idiot
    professional idiot

    New movie "whats going on guys"

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    thats me

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    The Rat Kid

    Is the give away still on? Probably cus I'm just like a year late.

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    Adrian Graham

    Laserbeam please play with me a room and play with you

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    Luke Oliver

    Did they win 7:50?

  • Ze German pan
    Ze German pan

    When YOU are the AC-130

  • Shaggys RightNut
    Shaggys RightNut

    We need a part 2 this was so satisfying

    • Doutho ?
      Doutho ?

      I need it too but i think rocketriding is impossible now

  • Caleb Ogradysmith
    Caleb Ogradysmith

    Good thing I liked the video, now muselk won’t end up under my bef

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    Deborah Castillo

    I use code lazer

  • Deborah Castillo
    Deborah Castillo

    Lazer could u friend me on fortnite my epic username is Triple_v

  • GamingCherries

    One guy he killed name was some Aussie mum

  • H Gullu Khan
    H Gullu Khan

    Rocket riding was a glitch but the fortnite cominntiy love it so much so epic made it a feature

  • Minipotato Playz
    Minipotato Playz

    0:43 Me: what muselk no... anyone but muselk will say whats going on guys in a momen...

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    dabguy 379

    ahh NOT ELIOT!!!!

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    Miner boy 1

    muselk is under my bed

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    ChefZack X

    0:41 HAHA Jokes on you Lannan! I don't even have a bedframe so there is nowhere for him to hide under my bed!!! HAHAHAHA >:P

  • Penguin Gamez
    Penguin Gamez

    the funny thing is that the person that lazar killed was named t-rex

  • icedragon24

    prepare for Dedede destrution

  • jimmy diaz
    jimmy diaz

    I didn't like bc I want to meet mulselk

  • elle green
    elle green

    hi name is elle

  • Talha Kutlubay
    Talha Kutlubay

    6:01 favorite part

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  • The Expert
    The Expert

    Reminds me of Bo3

  • Elíseo Flores
    Elíseo Flores

    Imagine the link will not work me sad

  • Pearl Marshall
    Pearl Marshall

    The married sneeze habitually unfasten because zinc connolly arrive by a loud glider. overjoyed, flowery learning

  • Beck Bauer
    Beck Bauer

    This video is when Thanos said rain fire

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres


  • A Derp That Does Stuff
    A Derp That Does Stuff

    I can't sleep because of my guinea pigs so this is what I'm doing instead

  • Glytch

    Lazar: "We got Mau, Lazarbeam, Fresh, and Mccreamy Me: Uh no, thats not mccreamy that mongraal

  • Isaac Kroeker
    Isaac Kroeker

    0:41 simps: dosent like the video

  • Jamir Smith
    Jamir Smith

    Laser beam you can rock it right with banded zugas

  • Damion Tellier
    Damion Tellier

    I downloaded subed with the bell and oll notifycations and liked

  • Zachary Perrine
    Zachary Perrine

    8:09 look at the nok user name, no sir i think your so bad you got killed by lazar

  • Easton Sedivec
    Easton Sedivec

    I'm watching this shit in a heated blanket lol

  • Antonio Gilbert
    Antonio Gilbert

    ijnnnhu8y7g6t8f67rc5f7tyuhimok,;llllkmojnihbugvydrx6e5szzzxdrctfvbyuimo,p[.;,lkmojinhubgyvftcdrxe5szxdcrftvyhuimo,plkmjnhbgvftcdrftvgybhnjkmhbgvftcdrfvgbhjnhubgtfrdcxsedrcftvgybhuji9hygtfrdceerftvgybhunbygtfrcdxes5dtrcfvugybihnbgyvftcdrxessdcfgvbftrdesdrctfvgybhnjubgytfrrrrtvgybhunjbygtfrrrrrrvgybhunjimnhuygtfvcdrftvgbhnjmhubgyvtfcvghjnimhuytfr7uvgybhjnkminhugyvftcdryfgvhbkjnmljinhbgyvbhunjimko,pl.[;[.lp,kmojinhujim,l;.'/.l,kmjnhbguvtybihnjmknjhubygtfrvugbhjnkm;ijhuyygihunjokml,;pkijuhyjikmo,l;.''l,komjinhunijo,lpoihubgyvtfgyhiujok,lpkjmnhubygbihunjomk,lmijnhubgvihnjokml,omijnhubynjim,l;p.koijhuyijomp,l;k[ojihgyhunjom,l;pkoijhuy9[;.['plkoijhyuijkml,;koijhuygibnjokm;lijhuyyyynjkmijhuy7huinjohuy79uijnkkkk8huujkmloi9pokpl;;po00000ppppppppppi098ijokmlij8uuuuuuuuiju9888888iokppppi098u9ikoppi098uuuuyhujinhuy76ttyhuy76huuuuuuu888ijoooooo8u99ijooooo8u9ijjjjj8u9ijokkkk099999ko,lli90okloiiiiiiiiiiii98uijkihuy7hujnki8uy67tttgyhujnkmloiju8hy7gt6ybhjnkl,;pkoihuygfvtghjnkmo,,,oijhuygtfvccc vbnm,l;;,kmjinhubgyvft hbnjmkjihuytfcvghb jnkml,;;.okijuhytfvrccc bvnm,llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly tio ttttttttvgu;bhnjoi,;l'./.[pko0i-9ju8hygt76fr5tvugbh jknlm,;l '/////////

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    Zaevansious YT


  • x11 Oran
    x11 Oran

    Has any one realizised that at 7:50 the RPG says Xxoxo

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    fortnite clips


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    kuba michal

    kto 2021

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    YEET code lazar

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    good old days

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    i live in 2020 hickory street

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    Tru Gil

    i want nintendo switch

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    This guy has more than 500K likes

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    chobby ninja gaming

    Gingy-130 above!!!

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    Punkin launcher

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    kind of crazy kian

    7:43 this was my like 2 to 3 win

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  • Noah Long
    Noah Long


  • Robert Hill
    Robert Hill

    Nobody not even a single soul:laser IAM FIREEN MA LAZER BAAAAAaAaSdHJhFdSdFFhGyhtdSrxHdgNyfgdRgcgHFhtdFtf(5__^~th5(^_^¥&fhthchfc&*=hgf*(&(*

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    Kieron Hunt

    I download the game

  • Kieron Hunt
    Kieron Hunt

    Me me me me me kieron

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    Maddie Hatchett

    Me: hears Lazar Beam say that he would give v-bucks and a Nintendo switch Also me: oh this was a year ago

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      Khalish Iftikhar Norazmi


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      yeah yout right

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    lol the ps5 is out

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    This should be called the ac130 meme

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