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  • LazarBeam

    this game is actually really fun but normal videos should be starting soon... not been my best mental months :)

    • Monish Thalapaneni
      Monish Thalapaneni

      @drown he probably won’t but if he does, it’ll be during the caves and cliffs update

    • Fishy Army Rule
      Fishy Army Rule

      Lazarbeam don't worry I'm 10 I got bulled for 5 years It got so bad we had to move house Don't read the hate comments your a good man member the scuffed santa you spent 100000 Ausi dollars to charity I'm Irish I love your content I would watch it all day I get bulled a lot and I am autistic so it makes it harder to communicate and make friends I'll stop this comment by saying I Love your content

    • Acor

      @Jose gaming channel yo

    • Jose gaming channel
      Jose gaming channel

      @Acor m

    • Lee Is pog
      Lee Is pog

      This game is already dead like morgz

  • YTSitAB918

    Your a wizard Lannan

  • Trixie 2wd
    Trixie 2wd

    Playing on controller is much easier

  • JJB

    The lightning gauntlet is shit. Fresh lied to him

  • Baked potato
    Baked potato

    This feels like the wizard game from meta runner

  • Local Dev
    Local Dev

    I won my first win when I started playing.

  • Areej Hussain
    Areej Hussain

    Me who got a win in my first game ITS A CONTROLER PLAYERRR

  • Cole Romero
    Cole Romero

    Lannan: says he does every battle royale that comes out Me: ok, so where’s warzone

  • King Maze
    King Maze

    what is the game called

  • Alam Yang
    Alam Yang

    I thought it was old fortnite for a second

  • CosmicFlamingo

    Your killing sims video has more views

  • Sfxy gecko
    Sfxy gecko

    It took him hours to get a win and I get a win first try

  • Tyler Hayes
    Tyler Hayes

  • GamingDragon222

    0:48 Song name?

    • Drugs Bunny
      Drugs Bunny

      Last March Of Heroes

  • Carter for president
    Carter for president

    Why did he not use the ice gauntlet it’s the best

  • Brenda Pyle
    Brenda Pyle

    lazarbeam can you help me with a win:)

  • Justin Robards
    Justin Robards


  • Justin Robards
    Justin Robards


  • Ohga Bohga
    Ohga Bohga

    Isn’t this the game they used in meta runner?

  • angelo broyan
    angelo broyan


  • Jackson Ballard
    Jackson Ballard

    Jesus is coming back soon;)

  • Krazydoomdude 3
    Krazydoomdude 3

    I like how I thought this game was hard but when I tried earlier I won first game

  • Bruhh

    could have metioned that its free tho

  • landon scherer
    landon scherer

    I got my fist win my first game

  • Riley Nixon
    Riley Nixon

    BTW electric kinda sucks

  • Jyquai _
    Jyquai _

    His character kinda looks like Hawk-eye Mihawk

  • Theunkownone

    has he won mincraft survival games?

  • GM TacoDogg910
    GM TacoDogg910

    1:26 Raiden Lazarbeam!?!

  • ozzy firlinkns
    ozzy firlinkns

    This is late but I won on my first match

  • rdbrown1988

    me first win letss goo lazarbeam f harry potter letssssss goooooooo dude me what dose harry potter have to do with anything

  • MFR Playz
    MFR Playz

    fire is the best

  • GamingWithJordan

    dude now lazerbeam can lazerbeam people with magic

  • Tisha Gallop
    Tisha Gallop

    I won my first game when I played this

  • Tai.

    "I have fallen to ninjanut" Lazarbeam 2021

    • Tai.


  • Jedi

    Plot twist: they’re all bots

  • venomous-obliterator

    I won my first game with 6 kills

  • Michael

    merge the flame one and the toxic one together it op as hell

  • Giovanni Martinez
    Giovanni Martinez

    I have fallen to ninja nut 1:49

  • S3b4

    I won my first ever match

  • Aspect

    I think he could actually beat Harry Potter

  • GD karma
    GD karma

    LITTERALY everysingle player who got a win first game: 😐

  • EarlierTitan19

    Mmmmm meta runner game irl

  • H1ghSt1nger

    "I have died to Ninjanut"


    Oooooo my god i cant bleave it


    I am in lazarbeams vid


    Oooooo my goddd

  • SuperNaturalシ

    Here’s a tip for y’all to sub to meh, so If u have uptime to on Xbox go to Xbox game pass app on your console then go to perks and new spell brake season pass free. Pls auto me

  • philip fan
    philip fan

    Spellbreak ain't new i love this game

  • X__Jayden__YT


  • Logamez

    I remember getting this game 3 hours after release on console and getting like 20 wins because it was filmed with bots

  • Fortnite_ Gamer_1
    Fortnite_ Gamer_1

    This game is actually good

  • Trajectory 13
    Trajectory 13

    I got my first win on my first game 😂

  • Bigdaftjamie

    It is kind of funny because I got my first win in my first game.

  • mitchell grant
    mitchell grant

    i wish this game was on mobile

  • Not Steve
    Not Steve

    Me getting 15 exiles be like

  • Teagan Garcia
    Teagan Garcia

    Ice is the best

  • Little Aleks's Adventures
    Little Aleks's Adventures

    The first ever match I played of this game was a win for me

  • Deti the Yeti
    Deti the Yeti

    Fresh is wrong Fire is the best

  • wolf gamerr
    wolf gamerr

    play apex

  • fortnite God 999
    fortnite God 999

    Lazarbeam look at 5.28 you exiled a ttv


    I got my first wwwwwwwiiinnnnnnnnnn

  • Max Well
    Max Well

    Did you no that when you use rock when you smash the ground It gives you armour that's why I like rock

  • Chase

    We need more

  • Golden Emperor
    Golden Emperor

    LaserBeam: "I make voldimort look like a hamster" Me: YES

  • Ian Bowling
    Ian Bowling

    LazarBeam-2021 "I make Voldemort look like a hamster

  • Jeffy Nelmes
    Jeffy Nelmes

    Add me

  • Some Noob
    Some Noob

    my first day on spellbreak i got a win it was pretty easy ngl

  • Jordan Sopala
    Jordan Sopala

    Just saying that flight rune is the best

  • Kermit the hermit
    Kermit the hermit

    But what about warzone

  • William Brightman
    William Brightman

    It’s a rip off of fortnight

  • Mhelai Verutiao
    Mhelai Verutiao

    Fuck i thought he's gonna play somethin

  • Mhelai Verutiao
    Mhelai Verutiao

    Codm is fun in br and what is that first game that he played?

  • Wilnaldo 7
    Wilnaldo 7


  • Mason Andrews
    Mason Andrews

    lannan:first match: i am using lighting! Me: first match eh then why is the frost gaunlet level 2 STRAIGHT AWAY!? lannan:... dont mind me

  • Apple 3.14
    Apple 3.14

    Macro explains it way better

  • Pira

    cRaCkEd aT sPeLlBrEaK mY gUy

  • Etel Preto
    Etel Preto

    code Lazer

    • Etel Preto
      Etel Preto


  • PRIME Slim FN
    PRIME Slim FN

    The fact I won first game on spellbreak and got 11 kills

    • Maestrom

      Cuz the first match is just bots

  • Ari Bell
    Ari Bell

    spell break is fire

  • Fx McTommy
    Fx McTommy

    lololol i played spellbreak when it first came out get on my level kid lololol

  • Luka H
    Luka H

    mybe study the runes more it will be worthed

  • Kellan Isaacson
    Kellan Isaacson

    There always more games for every game lazarbeam plays that why he has great content

  • ccc

    nwhen i saw the thumbnail i knew it was spellbreak

  • Dumb Central
    Dumb Central

    “Everytime a new battle royal gets released I tend to make it my mission to achieve the highest honour, my first win” You should play Rec Royal from the game RecRoom it’s my favourite battle royal

  • R4YB0X

    i won my second match. You are nothing to me lazar.

  • 【 VLADDII 】
    【 VLADDII 】

    i played my first match in this game and got a victory!

  • Olatunji Babatunde
    Olatunji Babatunde

    Every time a new battle royale game comes out I want my 1st win or u can just say spellbreak sponsored your vid and wanted u to play

  • Erkan Aktas
    Erkan Aktas

    He's become the yeetzard

  • Rishi Sankar
    Rishi Sankar

    i remember playing this so much after I saw this vid. and then i just got bored and deleted it

  • dragon King
    dragon King

    Wind is the element lazarbeam

  • Carol Hays
    Carol Hays

    Before I saw this video I already had spellbreak


    Wait he’s good at this no 🧢

  • Ridge Fu
    Ridge Fu

    I love spellbreak

  • Aussie9795

    I loved the rdr2 reference

  • Avatar Aang
    Avatar Aang

    This game reminds me of me the avatar

  • Wyatt Fillman
    Wyatt Fillman

    Tempest is the best unless you have the skill to level up your offhand,if you have the skill ground is the best.

  • Mr Guyyy
    Mr Guyyy

    Play bullet force

  • bob

    My set is fire and lightning and flight rune

  • Lazar Rex
    Lazar Rex

    Lazarbeam: youre nothing to me!!! Me: won my first match

  • R2 Randuci
    R2 Randuci

    2:17 In any game he's a bush camper