SEASON 5 MEMES (best season ever)
this season is very fun fortnite woo
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  • LazarBeam

    I seem to be having some random render issues. Please ignore. SAND!

    • Igor Prychidko
      Igor Prychidko

      Baby yoda is the best


      That not a knife that a knife

    • Ami Perciavalle
      Ami Perciavalle

      So fucking cute

    • Jayden BRUGEL
      Jayden BRUGEL

      Mandolorion on the out side default on the inside

    • SkeppyFan14





    U said season3 was best

  • Germex Flash
    Germex Flash

    evey bady subscrieb

  • YToxiciTY Ryno
    YToxiciTY Ryno

    6:40 the crap is that rock doing?

  • Vaughncat Fortnite
    Vaughncat Fortnite

    Freak the NERDS

  • wilbyterrier

    If fortnite bring a anakin into the game that’s bad cause he don’t like sand

  • Anakin Sky walker
    Anakin Sky walker

    Worst season ever too much sand. 0/10

  • Daniel SS
    Daniel SS

    You always say best season ever because they add good er stuff

  • Lashia Eyelash Design
    Lashia Eyelash Design


  • Zachary Worika
    Zachary Worika


  • Nasir Hussain
    Nasir Hussain

    Lazars using mods

  • Harrison Douglass
    Harrison Douglass

    Plzzzzzzzz bring back one more .io game vid

    • hamster meme
      hamster meme


  • Jeff Hagar
    Jeff Hagar

    My username is LiamAllen1979

    • Jeff Hagar
      Jeff Hagar


  • Jeff Hagar
    Jeff Hagar

    Can you send me a friend request

  • CoolNoahB 2012
    CoolNoahB 2012

    In the jungle

  • CoolNoahB 2012
    CoolNoahB 2012

    Laserbeam there is two bosses one of them are the predator




    dang 6 likes

  • talullah sim
    talullah sim

    i actually don't really like season 5 very much, i prefer season 2 and 3 aha!!

  • dataw_ Gamer
    dataw_ Gamer

    You kill by youtuber?

  • Mr,sunwarrior1902

    How do you get the mando pickax

  • Magnus Henley
    Magnus Henley

    He didnt show crystals

  • Tyler mershon
    Tyler mershon

    Why say fucking and crap

  • ash Spiers
    ash Spiers

    Do u miss all fortnight I was crying when I remember it

    • *-REDACTED-* _exe
      *-REDACTED-* _exe

      Shut up

  • Ibrahim Elbashir 2
    Ibrahim Elbashir 2


  • Jayden Hernandez
    Jayden Hernandez

    You kill ISnets

  • Ilya Yastrebenetsky
    Ilya Yastrebenetsky

    Go into the zero point

  • Dylan Kubiak
    Dylan Kubiak

    i love season 5 because i play it

  • Greeny beeny
    Greeny beeny

    The funny thing is that each season Lazarbeam always says its the best.

  • ShotZ Clan
    ShotZ Clan


  • Chris SuarezTv
    Chris SuarezTv

    Laser can i Fired you

  • Chris SuarezTv
    Chris SuarezTv


  • Chris Compton
    Chris Compton

    lanan: becomes sand * lanan: becomes a kid in a toy store when he realizes he can move in the sand *

    • Chris Compton
      Chris Compton

      its so wholesome

  • fifo pro
    fifo pro

    Rukus is boss to

  • Llamafied

    “How does the jet pack work, oh it just works like a jet pack I guess.”

  • Farhana Sumra
    Farhana Sumra

    lazarbeam the ball is called zero point and it gives you shield

  • Hunne Amnatkeo
    Hunne Amnatkeo

    Aww yoda

  • D Eekelen
    D Eekelen

    Epic is eindhoven83

  • D Eekelen
    D Eekelen

    Lets 1 v 1 pls im your bigist fan

  • Emily :0 :/
    Emily :0 :/

    1:36 I like sand

  • Sebastian Sharkboy
    Sebastian Sharkboy

    at 6:41 dont mind the crystal

  • Jacoxbz Games and animations
    Jacoxbz Games and animations

    Lazar beam, the zero point if you didn't know was in the volcano event if you didn't know it was the first appearance of the zero point oh yeah dont scope in you can tazeeee somoneeee.

  • Jeanne Zaper
    Jeanne Zaper

    How do you get the minnows pickax

  • Linda Ryan
    Linda Ryan

    Sub to Lazar beam or you stay in a box for one year

  • Trina Pissos
    Trina Pissos

    Name on fortnite is doogie812

  • Trina Pissos
    Trina Pissos

    Freind me

  • Domantas Budrikis
    Domantas Budrikis

    the zero point was the thing that unvalted the drum gun and the thing that was in the vault

  • fortnite gamer
    fortnite gamer

    Laser beam pls can you type clumsy-duck1 on Fornite so you can be my friend because I love you're videos and I like you're videos and sub and use you're code

  • JeffYouHarder

    Where did baby Yoda go? 3:08

  • 69 KING
    69 KING

    We need old Lazar beam memes pls anyting just post fortnite videos plz

  • mistplay god
    mistplay god

    Lannan should play the new cave update in minecraft on baby mode and see if he can set a new record

  • LDude3366

    Dude lazarbeam sounds high when he figures out about sand.

  • GamingLegendAlex !
    GamingLegendAlex !

    For no reason

  • CoolSam




  • Erik Rydberg
    Erik Rydberg

    S A N D

  • Lars Christensen
    Lars Christensen

    You Said that to season 3 chapter 2

  • Shrek

    dUe tO aN iSsUe wE hAvE tEmPoRiLlY dIsAbLeD dAmAgE

  • Christa Schultz
    Christa Schultz


  • Grissom Clermont
    Grissom Clermont

    Somebody tell me how many times he says sand

  • G3 Universe
    G3 Universe

    Baby yoda: *eats ball* Mando: shit

  • Jake Byrne
    Jake Byrne

    Do apex

  • Blake Elliott
    Blake Elliott

    The new shotgon is bad

  • Sona’sPetGuff

    Gameplay-10/10 Skins-1/10 Baby Yoda-10000000/10

  • Jordan Bique
    Jordan Bique

    Zero point gives you health

  • Travis Summers
    Travis Summers

    That was the wrong message my fortnight user name is among us 2 to 4 so if you could add me that be great

  • Travis Summers
    Travis Summers

    I’m on my dads phone but my phone my fortnight use your name is among us busy for sale can you add me as your friend

  • Pug Gaming on YT
    Pug Gaming on YT

    I’m a fan of Lannan and lannan is a fan of sand

  • Big Jacko
    Big Jacko

    And you have to respect me because I’m an aussie true blue

  • Kirsty Briggs
    Kirsty Briggs


  • Eli Cramer
    Eli Cramer

    Next video tittle : I stream sniped fresh with sand

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart

    Didnt you say " best season ever" last season... and the one before that... and th- ... you know what I mean

  • Emir Pradana
    Emir Pradana

    I love he likes no mythics but he created a new mythic THE MYTHIC SAND XD

  • Zaid Bharoochi
    Zaid Bharoochi

    Baby Yoda nobody can say he is not cute 😍😍😍😍

  • vader

    I don't like sand

  • Ryder Frantz
    Ryder Frantz

    This season is fire

  • E-Y-E_FOUND_U—

    Lannan: I WANNA BE SAND AGAIN!!!!! Also Lannan: what happens when you fly into the ball?

  • Grape King
    Grape King

    Vilageer Gangnam style

  • Tia Hassan
    Tia Hassan


  • The Sun Family
    The Sun Family

    sand!!!!! lazarbeam is super good


    Me in season 5 and watching star wars and saw baby Yoda be like: oh may Ghod it's the guys from fortnite

  • ImExtra

    Ppl still play this game?

  • Charlie Fraser
    Charlie Fraser

    I done you a u rich house in my fort nite hub it’s all yours I know you love memes you and fresh mite like this

  • Gianni Limoli
    Gianni Limoli

    Laserbeam with a laser gun

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson

    Fortnite kids be like Fortnite created fishing

  • Jesse Hamil
    Jesse Hamil


  • ツDylanNotFound

    i havent seen fresh in a while

  • Bobthebe3t Adventures
    Bobthebe3t Adventures

    Everyone at the start of the season: BEST SEASON EVER. Everyone at the end: This has been the worst season ever

  • Iwan White
    Iwan White

    He is the sandalorion

  • Tyler Burckhard
    Tyler Burckhard

    It's gro goo

  • Sarah Mitsui
    Sarah Mitsui


  • essa khan
    essa khan

    where di u get the baby yoda?????

  • Broden Johnson
    Broden Johnson

    Just go back to sweaty beam

  • Pigeon Meatball
    Pigeon Meatball


  • maryssa morland
    maryssa morland

    Where is Joogie

  • D. Bleger
    D. Bleger

    What if fortnite did not make baby yoda or madolorian

  • Ash’s Pikachu
    Ash’s Pikachu

    I love being sand Lazarbeam-2020

  • Sean Jennings
    Sean Jennings

    this is lowkey deppresing look at his recent thumbnails now hes some little shit's childhood hero

    • Sean Jennings
      Sean Jennings

      @Emmett Doyle 11 year old lol

    • Emmett Doyle
      Emmett Doyle


  • Sean Jennings
    Sean Jennings

    R.I.P Lazarbeam