SEASON 5 MEMES (best season ever)
this season is very fun fortnite woo

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  • LazarBeam

    I seem to be having some random render issues. Please ignore. SAND!

    • Fyedka Martinez
      Fyedka Martinez


    • Daisy Gomez
      Daisy Gomez


    • Billy Gets Bored Lol
      Billy Gets Bored Lol


    • Supermario K12
      Supermario K12

      It’s not leveosa it’s LEVEOSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    • Supermario K12
      Supermario K12

      Say leviosa

  • Jake Richie
    Jake Richie

    Star Wars should be taken down, they took the guy from fortnite (note: this is a joke)

  • Max Ortiz
    Max Ortiz

    The fact that he got baby yoda at a toy store

  • Rod Harris
    Rod Harris

    I have a baby yody

  • Troy Castillo
    Troy Castillo

    8:05 Jason is so proud of you

    • Lukastace NovaSword
      Lukastace NovaSword

      Yoooo, a 2018 Fortnite fan!

  • Raising Star
    Raising Star

    Every time there is a New Season LazerBeam: *”lt’s free real estate”*

  • RexF

    I Am, Iron Sand

  • Sprogula TV
    Sprogula TV

    Epic in two weeks into season 5 due to a Issue we disabled sandtunneling for the rest of the season

  • Dominic YooooMariscal
    Dominic YooooMariscal

    Baby Yoda is the shit of cuteness

  • Anza Boi
    Anza Boi

    Sandels on hyvää

  • Johnny Lawrence
    Johnny Lawrence

    At least he did it with out fresh

  • minecraftbros1000

    My name is sand

  • Dee Weller
    Dee Weller

    He finally got a start of season win without fresh

  • cadus maximus
    cadus maximus

    The fact that he took A G R E Y P I S T O Over a green smg....

  • cadus maximus
    cadus maximus

    Alternative title: lazarbeam screaming about being sand for eleven minutes

  • TheOnly Celt
    TheOnly Celt

    Alt title: Breaking season 5 (as per usual)

  • TheOnly Celt
    TheOnly Celt

    fortnite basically has become Minecraft

  • rityn shah
    rityn shah

    Collect a crystal

  • PhoenixGamer YT
    PhoenixGamer YT

    why was this reccomended when we are almost in season 7?



  • La boi
    La boi

    Use code Laser

    • CRAIG


  • atrix ツ
    atrix ツ

    Never once have a seen a man die in fortnite and throw a tantrum about being sand

  • Jennifer Corey
    Jennifer Corey

    It is the best season ever lol

  • lộc trần
    lộc trần

    that laugh 7:29

  • Jake Babs
    Jake Babs

    Whats the better season lazar 3 or 5

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    I love HIM

  • Bob Cat
    Bob Cat

    First time you didn't need flash

  • Lisa & Alex Chen
    Lisa & Alex Chen

    If is red that means someone is close to you

  • Somnivex

    I like how every season he says “best season ever”

  • Tom 2k5
    Tom 2k5

    That baby yoda statue scary asf

  • Pramod Deshpande
    Pramod Deshpande

    1:23 MARKI MOO MOO!!!!

  • Jdawg

    Who else was a god which a tac and pump

  • Littlewolf 1102
    Littlewolf 1102

    the best place in all of the fortnite map changes is the Butter Barn

  • Devyn Martinez
    Devyn Martinez

    How you got that pickaxe

    • HA - 07KJ 763685 Roberta Bondar PS
      HA - 07KJ 763685 Roberta Bondar PS

      R e y Picaxe

  • Henry Wallace
    Henry Wallace

    I want sand to be back

  • John Violette
    John Violette


  • Divine Zer0
    Divine Zer0

    1:24 markiplier??

  • Finley Reddish
    Finley Reddish

    this season was terrible

  • Shota Aizawa
    Shota Aizawa

    Fortnite exist: Lazerbeam: L E T S B R E A K A N D M E M E I T

  • Damy Boogaard
    Damy Boogaard

    lannan be like: only the sand!

  • Michael Bekkel
    Michael Bekkel

    When you are going to Upload a Video with willeh

  • JFT Ashy
    JFT Ashy

    Season 5 was so dead

  • Noah Rashad
    Noah Rashad

    Hey lazarbeam why don’t you upload a video where you get 5 grapple bows. Lara Croft stealthy Stronghold

  • Tabby Cat
    Tabby Cat

    Sadly no more sand :(

  • Daylan Fozzy
    Daylan Fozzy

    00:07 me when this season came out

  • Shahanshah gaming
    Shahanshah gaming

    The best seen ever 0:14

  • Dream

    Chapter 2 season 3 LazerBeam: today this title of this vid will be season 3 (Best season ever) Chapter 2 season 5 LazerBeam: the Title of this vid will be season 5 (best season ever) Me: so you think every season is the best

  • Jitse T.
    Jitse T.

    Now I know... To be monkey you first have to become sand

  • Sohan Naidoo
    Sohan Naidoo

    (Screams in sand)

  • Javier Plata
    Javier Plata

    ¿Alguien es español?

  • anthony brennan
    anthony brennan

    Lazer: omg sand. Some Random Gem: Gargle noises

  • FoxxaDew

    Bro my cat is brown brown hair

  • Nick Bocek
    Nick Bocek


  • Pal Blu9
    Pal Blu9

    Pls give me a shout out (pal blu9)

  • EVANJSELL Gaming
    EVANJSELL Gaming

    Lazarbeam: *Equips jetpack* BabyYoda: Ádios

  • Heidi McElheny
    Heidi McElheny

    Lazarbeam can you see if you can make a challenge for yourself

  • Rebecca Wilkins
    Rebecca Wilkins

    wiv the jetpac

  • Rebecca Wilkins
    Rebecca Wilkins

    and you can Di fom flat damij

  • Janet Edwards
    Janet Edwards

    lazarbeam youar the best

  • maidenly_knight 7
    maidenly_knight 7

    He literally said same thing in the title for season three

  • Camyboy 10833 Ide
    Camyboy 10833 Ide

    0:21 kids when they see lazarbeam

  • Andres Spencer
    Andres Spencer

    Can I got me some thing

  • angela

    Reject humanity return to sand

  • Gaming _SK
    Gaming _SK

    Sand: exists Lazar: I´lL TaKE ur EnTIrE stOCK

  • Fws Click
    Fws Click

    When he said I JUST WANNA BE SAND I said just call fresh to protect you while you meme

  • Mike Dansereau
    Mike Dansereau

    I love sand to

  • aden 3j
    aden 3j


  • Janet Davies
    Janet Davies

    In the show his jet pack can go on forever

  • Mr Gamer SHEILD
    Mr Gamer SHEILD

    Im watching really late in season 6 and I think last season was horrible

  • Zhongli’s mcdonalds
    Zhongli’s mcdonalds

    Sad im on ipad

  • YoutubeTankaPla

    Your baby yoda looks photoshopped

  • Eypxle girl
    Eypxle girl

    true i only give a shit about baby yoda

  • Cedog

    Can you do a vlog again pls


    When Lazar Beam goes to the beach Lazar: Hello old friend.

  • Duran Clan6
    Duran Clan6

    That was me

  • ghostly_gaming

    Were the fuck 9s anakin

  • ImJules

    Mythic Sand

  • Caleb Ogradysmith
    Caleb Ogradysmith


  • Maricar Valdez
    Maricar Valdez

    I like your new pffice lannan

    • Maricar Valdez
      Maricar Valdez


  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson


  • Theint Yee
    Theint Yee

    Lazarbeam:SHOUT OUT TO SAND sand:"cries with joy and happiness"

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who

    M8 i have 199727 baby yoda tops

  • Kitara Kitara
    Kitara Kitara

    It's a good game free fire is a very good game

  • Kitara Kitara
    Kitara Kitara

    Laser laser you should play free fire

  • avatar diluc dancing on ozai IN mcdonalds
    avatar diluc dancing on ozai IN mcdonalds

    today i got a victory royal in around 30 mins

  • Anna Hovland
    Anna Hovland

    R.I.P helicopters

  • Hxn _berry
    Hxn _berry

    You have 10 bounce pad and he’s scared of storm lol

  • KennedyBaskierJr

    Hey Lazarbeam thanks for being here and posting videos so that my anxiety isn’t as bad

  • Nathan Hand
    Nathan Hand

    LAZAR the Best!!!!1

  • Ryan Paschall
    Ryan Paschall

    Season five we need money

  • Bulbamon

    next best seson:)

  • omid seyedi
    omid seyedi

    The sandalorian

  • REX

    Omg It’s the guy from fortnite!!!!!!!!

  • jordan

    rip mythic sand

  • TXZ ColtN
    TXZ ColtN

    1:23 he went full markiplier voice

  • Demonic PG3D
    Demonic PG3D


  • Joe Johnston
    Joe Johnston

    U got a skin in the game in season 5

  • Ben Vollmer
    Ben Vollmer

    Poor lazarbeam his sand only lasted 1 season

  • ZANYIN Gaming
    ZANYIN Gaming

    POV your age is 8 9 or 10

  • LeCarro_Goku Reynolds
    LeCarro_Goku Reynolds